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Read 101 article from RK Rishikesh Sinha

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

This is my 101 article here in this blog. I am sure many of you didn’t know my first article. The article was based on a Bishnupriya Manipuri marriage that I attended in Delhi. Call it my fate it is still my first and the last marriage I have attended yet.

Here is the first paragraph of the article – Bishnupriya Manipuri Knot

Bride and bridegroom were both anonymous and so were their parents; not because they have any reservation about their marriage itinerary would be made public, visible from any part of the world. The truth is: I don’t know the either party. Despite not knowing the actors, who were object of cynosure for all the visitors present on the fateful day, I could confidently declare that they both belongs to Bishnupriya Manipuri (BM) community.

So, how was it?

Have you read the comments?
“Hi...I'm a BM...” – Tridiv Sinha
“You have just penned down what exactly your heart felt” – Ranita Sinha

Writing the first article to this article, three long years have passed.
Do you remember what you were doing exactly three years back?
In these three years many of you might have got married, shifted couple of jobs, and have faced many challenges in your health and in your profession. But I can say one thing - What you were doing three years back, you don’t do the same things, now.

There has been a beautiful progression, isn’t?

Same here, I shifted couple of jobs, many times got bed-ridden. But the flow of articles did not stop in the blog. So, here I am writing the 101 article.

Those who have recently joined to this blog and to the online Bishnupriya Manipuri world, to them let me remind how internet world was three years back and what had taken place in this period.

First, we were orkut-centric. People were scrapping and commenting on forums. That was the life.
Second, if there was a serious debate, it was the inter-caste marriage.
Third, there were no productions of enriching articles from India.
Fourth, the concept of archiving was not there in India, though India constitutes 70 per cent of the Bishnupriya Manipuri population.
Fifth, there was a big, impenetrable digital divide. People in villages were oblivious of the activity taking place in metro. Now they receive SMS from this blog.
Sixth, fetching comments from your brethren was easy. You write and you get comments. It is different now.
Seventh, the comments used to start with something like Tridiv has done in the above article.
Eighth, feeling of camaraderie was high and new. Example: Ranita Sinha comments.
Ninth, the concept of Bishnupriya Manipuri news and views was not there.
Tenth, there was no active music and video sharing and production.

Now, you can measure the distance we have traversed in these three years. Isn’t beautiful? Yes, it has been beautiful. I say.

The new entrant recently in one article released names of people who have contributed a lot to our community. Well, my name is there. I humbly accept the respect given to me. I can’t carry a high nose without dropping thanks! Thanks Henryy, Jyoti and BN Sinha.

Here, I say – there is a long way to go. Lot more things to be added more. Personally, in the journey to 101 articles I didn’t feel anything. Neither I am tired nor content with the success of the blog.

In this article you have come to know my first article. Imagine reading this article after three years. Where we will be, where this blog will be? What we all will be doing?

So, can I expect comments in this article? (I will not feel bad if you don’t comment…I am comment averse!) This is called – change, I have to ask for comments. Anyway, bye, bye.. Happy reading the next 102 article.

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  1. i must say the achievement is great...lots of things happened during this three years.we've got a language code for our language and an online encyclopedia( ) which will certainly influence government & international agencies in right threads to our language policy...your blog also contributed a lot,maintaining a community blog in a regular basis is surely a tough kudos.


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