Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Aar More Nigsing Nais music album debuts online

Music doesn’t have any boundary! In this effort to make music truly borderless and ubiquitous to all, with the 8- power packed Bishnupriya Manipuri songs the blog is introducing (see above this post and Music link on the left panel), hence it is venturing into the musical reservoir of the community. Thanks to Ananta Sinha who shared these songs to you all. Hope more musical songs will be added and make music a true universal entity. 

The 8 – mellifluous, ever-green songs are from the "Aar More Nigsing Nais” CD album, produced by Kartik Sena Sinha, MLA, music by Anup Sharma and directed by Hiren Sinha.


Track # 01 - Meena Sinha
Track # 02 - Meena Sinha
Track # 03 - Bithi Sinha
Track # 04 - Menna & Nirmal Sinha
Track # 05 - Meena Sinha
Track # 06 - Nirmal Sinha
Track # 07 - Bithi Sinha
Track # 08 - Meena & Nirmal Sinha

About Meena Sinha, she is a very popular Bishnupriya Manipuri singer of the 90’s married with Jayanta Sinha, ex-Cine actor who had played role in Hindi / Tamil / Telugu/ Malayalam films. Meena Sinha is originally from Rengti, Silchar, Assam.

Unfortunately, a brief profile of Bithi Sinha and Nirmal Sinha are not available. 

Note: the songs take time in rendering, at the worst if you’re not able to enjoy the music, do tell me at The song will be sent to you. 

So, enjoy the songs and download!

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