Saturday, 21 February 2009

Do we have“Aar More Nigsing Nais” music another?

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

Are you listening to the music here in the blog? If not, hold your headphone onto your ears and start listening to the 8 ever-green songs. Plus, if you want to carry it offline, download it. No problem! 

Well, since the day the songs went live here. I see, an activity has added in my daily working. I start my office daily-chore putting off headphone and clicking on the track number 8. I find the song soothing and very near to me. It is only because I have heard people crooning this song since my early days. (It is not that other songs are not musical.)

While listening to these songs, I give a cunning smile to myself asking – Rishi you’ve changed, things have changed, see what are you doing that was not in your daily activity: listening music and that is in O-F-F-I-C-E! Yeah! Things have indeed gone transformation. I am writing this article with headphone plugged to my ears. It seems music is slowly and steadily sipping into my veins. 

Love for these songs has become so infectious that I called singer Meena Sinha not once but twice in Guwahati. Imagine, just to ask her – how is she, and how is life going on? And yes, to listen her sweet voice. I didn’t know her earlier! 

While talking to her that enveloped topics on Bishnupriya Manipuri music scenario in Guwahati or elsewhere, it came crystal clear to me that the music industry is not matured enough. It is due to lack of availability of talented people in various departments of music making business and absence of market for the musical stuff. Very serious! Very rueful!

However, something that had leased a new life in her was the news of the release of the musical album online here in the blog. The musical stuff that would have gone unnoticed for thousands of people, they can now plug in to these songs. This is what I am presently doing: headphone still stick to my ears. This definitely gives a boost in her confidence and recognition of her talent and also for the other people who are in the music fraternity. 

Now the very core question – what we can do to assuage the pain of the singers, music directors? They are talented but due to lack of enthusiasm and rock-support they are dying and sooner or later they will be added in the history (if it is recorded!). 

How can we extract their creative juice? Is “H-E-L-P” from all of us comes as the only recourse that is in our arsenal? If so, we must. And if not, then…? 

I am still listening to “Aar More Nigsing Nais music”. Do we have another one…

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  1. I loved the track 'aaji mor ridhi baagil...........'........thanks for uploading the tracks as it enabled us to know about these tracks and enjoying it........JAGO BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI......KOTI NIYAM GUMJIYA THAITANGAAIGO......BIYAAN OIL....ROID NIKULIL.....AAHO HAABBIGI EK OIK


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