Friday, 21 November 2008

Mrs.Padmaja Sinha releases Hakhan Leichondonor Selpakhan online

By Henryy Sinha, New Delhi

Paralysis. It is becoming astonishingly difficult for me to fix the gaze of my mind on words, in the middle of this wide sea of words that seem to be swimming in frenzy, in a haze, in a glimpse right in the middle of my brain. To baptize the imagination of a human brain, that has the capacity to think something as radical as ‘Hakhan Leichondonor Selpakhan’- is a difficult task.

While witnessing a ballet of two marvelous relationships of a mother and a sister in one magnificent human soul through all these years might have killed the vision in me to peep through the incredible thoughts that soar so high with impossible melody, flying like white doves in a trance, flying, merging with the sky and landing in a world beyond, that’s so beautifully Bishnupriya Manipuri in its essence. Pristine. Divine. Beautiful. 

Mrs. Padmaja Sinha - the womb of these thoughts. I take this opportunity to introduce this magnificent poet, lyricist,writer and creative artist. May I also request you to entertain a confession before I finally draw up the curtains on her work. Yes. I confess, I was initially reluctant to write about this ‘thinker’, as I haven’t being groomed or should I say, allowed, to applaud for myself, applaud for my own blood. Applause I was taught has to implode, not explode.

I feared being biased. A ferocious battle between blood and logic was at play within me, the night I read, ‘Ningshing Ume’ .

To write for this poet, I had to kill the brother of this poet – that’s me. Though I agree the brother has not been killed entirely. Cannot be killed. However as I traveled through the pages, I did become a witness to the challenges of a Bishnupriya Manipuri poet – lost words, rarely used words, sometimes dormant words. But through ‘Ningshing Ume’, Mrs. Padmaja Sinha does show us the amazing landscape that this language has to offer, the vastness that can be explored, need to be explored.

‘Ningshing Ume’ through its refined collage of imagination and poetic expression made me immensely proud as a Bishnupriya Manipuri.

And as a brother it made me a bit humble, a bit proud. 

Mrs. Padmaja Sinha resides in Silchar. She is a house maker and happily married with three kids. She has also written several other books in Bishnupriya Manipuri and in Bengali.

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