Friday, 16 November 2012

The necessity of the Brand “Sadhu Thakur”

By BN Sinha

The time of celebration has arrived again; we all are geared up for the event. This time also it is expected to have an euphoric time with fun, food, music and dance.  Yes the Sadhu Thakur Utsav is round the corner.

Today in every part of the country, wherever Bishnupriya Manipuri people reside, there is a presence of Sri Sri Sadhuthakur, likewise if there are Bengalis there must be a Kalibari.  This particular phenomenon is not very old and started only in last five six years back.  However there were only five persons from the villages Bhakatpur and Singari who were instrumental to get a land of six bigha for Saduthakur Ashram in Silchar in the year 1965 from the then Revenue minister of Assam Mohendra Mohan Choudhury. The group were headed by Late Shri  Setobahon  Rajkumar (Kalasena eiga) with  Late Pt Matilal sinha (Bhakatpur), Sh Mani Kanta Sinha (Bhakatpur), Sh Ramani Mohan Sinha (W Singari) and Late Abanti Sinha (W Singari).

Despite many obstacles from the other communities around, but with the help of all the villagers of Meherpur pargana they had been able to build the ashram.  It took nearly fifty long years to reach to the present state where there is a sense of enthusiasm for the Sadhuthakur can be noted in the people.  However, the stark reality that mongers upon us, that even today only a limited people sweat out to make the event  successful where as many are needed a very cordial and  repeated request  to have their million dollar presence at the occasion.  But gradually may be by seeing other communities and their activities our people also started finding it necessary to build up a brand icon at Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur  to preserve and showcase its culture and creed.

It is often seen in certain class of people who claim themselves realist or socialist to be precise that for everything they accept and believe must have some proof on that.  They often raise questions about Sadhuthakur’s contribution towards the community and its betterment.  Or whether the community should revere and preach Sadhuthakur and propagate him as the Brand ambassador of the community which Sri Sri Sadhuthakur has gradually turned into.

Now it’s a request to all whoever wants to  know what this Saint has said and done for the community , they must come out of the pseudo modernity and socialism go through Sadhuthakurs life  and his deeds.  Nabadweep is supposed to be the capital of Vaishnavites and Vaishnavism. We the community. It was Sadhuthakur who is instrumental to get our community connected with the place who also was responsible to rename it as Nabadweep Dham. He made a compilation for us Govindarchchon  Churamoni and Harinam Mangal for the God believing people to facilitate the methods of preaching reverence.  No one in Bengali community had asked what Ramkrishna has done for their community and also they never compared him with people like Mukunda Das.  But with their devotion and zeal they made Sri Ramkrishna nothing less than God and the best part is the followers even dared to say Ramkrishna as “Jei Ram Sei Krishna”. Not to mention there already numerous Educational institutions and hospitals under Ramkrishna Mission.

So let us not create a negative scenario to oppose the social assemblage and cultural showcasing in the name of Sadhu Thakur utsav.  The best part is , at least the people of the BM diasporas find an excuse to meet each other at least once in year . This will only help for the betterment of the social causes.

It is an undeniable fact that we still suffer from the identity crisis in India, since there are always questions about the belongingness of the customs and culture we propagate to be ours. So by making Sadhuthakur a Brand ambassador for the community and its acceptance we might be able to preserved our traditional vaishnavite values and customs and also by regular showcasing our cultures we could be able to imbibe our values to the modern next generation who are detached from the core social customs and norms.

We should not ask childish question like “Tell me what Sadhu Thakur has done for the community?” Then, on a sarcastic note, I would reply the answer as “ Dear, unfortunately there was no BMDC or NBMM in Sadhu thakur’s time , so he could not do any good for the community .”
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