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Sree Sree Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur

By Shila Sinha

Sree Sree  Bhubaneshwar Sadhubaba is the one and only enlightened soul of Bishnupriya Manipuri. His gracious appearance has bestowed a lot of blessings  on Bishnupriya Manipuri. Moreover, he is not only a spiritual leader but a social reformer too. His life history inspires everybody poor and rich, young and old, it is so simple and meaningful. His devotion and dedication towards Govindji has made  the mark in spiritual transcendental field, also helped our Bishnupriya Manipuri  community to get the recognition.

His life was really amazing which is beyond our comprehension. Many miracles  happened in His life, so many deceased persons with leprosy and other diseases  got cured just by His touch or by His blessings. These unique incidences  transcend reasoning. Those wonderful occurrences are not apprehensible if they are not perceived.

He was born in a small Bishnupriya Manipuri village of  Cachar district named Baropoya on 26th October in the year 1870. His father Pundit Sanatan Debbarma used to teach Sanskrit Grammar and other devotional books and His mother was Sreemati Malati Devi. From his very early childhood He used to make idols of  Sri Sri Radha-Krishna with clay and worship with flowers and fruits. He took His first lesson of Sanskrit  Grammar from his father only. After his father's death at the age of eighteen he went to Tripura to study Sanskrit Grammar under the guidance of Raj Pundit of Maharaja of Tripura named Mineshwer Sarbabhoum    Bhattacherjee. Seeing his supreme devotion towards worshipping God he was vested the responsibility of worshipping God. 

After taking knowledge of Sanskrit Byakarana and other sastras for one year Sadhubaba went out to visit four pilgrimage centers without a single penny. First he visited vrindavan where he became disciple of Sree  Krishnadas Bairaghya. Within a very short span of time Sadhubaba was awarded with Thakur title by Sree  Krishnadas Bairaghya due to his extreme devotion towards Lord Radha Govindaji and self austerity. During  his stay in Vrindavan he not only earned lot of respect and honor from every braja dwellers for his devotion, generosity, simplicity and honesty but also gave them a lot of pleasure through his Bhazan and Kirtan.

A very significant incidence of his life took place in Vrindavan. Once he crossed eighty four miles of Brajadham without a single support he got very tried and hungry, he could not even move and remained without food for two-three days. Seeing his distress condition Radharani Herself took pity on him and immediately sent Lalita to help him out of this miserable situation providing him all sorts of miracle assistance which is quite unintelligible for any normal human being. Actually Sreemati Radharani was so much touched by Sadhubaba's utmost devotion and total surrender She had bestowed Her full blessings and complete mercy on him. After sometime Sadhudhakur was directed by Sreemati Radharani in his dream to go to Nabadwipdham to extend his service over there. In Nabadwip, Bhubaneshwar Sadhudhakur had set up a temple named Sree Sree Govindajio Temple by the wonderful Lila of  Sree Sree Gouranga Mahaprabhu.  He used to tell his disciples he got hurt very much when initially Bishnupriya Manipuris were neglected, might be due to that reason SreeSree Mahaprabhu Himself took the initiative to direct him to set up this SreeSree Govindajio Temple for the welfare of Manipuri society. He used to go in trance very often during sankirtan   and bhazan same as like Sree Sree Mahaprabhu used to be. 

During his stay in Brindavan once he went to Puri to visit Jaganath Temple. He had strong contemplation of Nandan Darshan (to see Govindji in person) in that temple otherwise he thought he would end his life over there. He was in meditation at a stretch for seven days without taking a drop of water. At the end of seventh day his ultimate desire of Nandan Darshan was fulfilled. He had seen the Lord Supreme Sree Govindajio with His beauty. 

There are numerous similar incidences in his life. His main message to his disciple was to pray God with full  devotion and complete surrender. That is the best way to satisfy God and to unite with Him. This can be done by chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram  Hare Hare. In kaliyoga Nam Sankirtan is the only way to attain Moksha as it is mentioned by Sree Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
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