Monday, 26 November 2012

Janma Barshiki of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur, 2012, in Mumbai

The city was grim when the news of one of the greatest Marathi leader Balasaheb Thackeray spread like wild fire at around 4 pm on 17th November, Saturday. The decorator left the venue half done, the caterer denied to supply food, roads became deserted, shutters were down and even the organizers were stuck behind these shutters. In this situation, Team Mumbai  unanimously decided to offer puja  for Janma Barshiki of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur on 18th November in a humble way as it was not possible to postpone the puja at this juncture.  The message was sent to one and all about the puja and requested all to attend.

On 18th November, 2012, with God’s blessings, and blessings from Shri Shri Sadhubaba, and lots best wishes from seniors and friends far and wide, Puja for the Janma Barshiki started on time. As a part of Puja there were Moorti Sthapan, Puja, Puja Arti, Harinam Kirtan, Puspanjali, Gita Path by Hari Kumar Sinha, Prasad Bitoron, Boishnav Bhojan. This was followed by the delicious Bhog Prasad prepared by Aiga Bipul Sharma and his team.

Post meal, the Mondoli, decorated by Kalpanil Sinha, Biju Sinha and Ramananda Sinha was ready for our traditional cultural programmes. It started with Radha Krishna Dance, with Kinkini Sinha as Krishna and Roselyn Sinha as Radha. It was one of the most graceful dance to be seen. Next beautiful programme was, Khupa echei, a dance by a team comprising of Indrani Sarma, Kapalkundala Sinha, Nirmala Sinha, Bonti Sinha and Roselyn Sinha. This was followed by Dkakor Chalon by Kamdev Sinha and Santosh Sinha (both invited from Guwahati).  

Finally it was the turn of Gopal Krishna Lila (a short of  Rakhuwal) performed by Ankit Sinha, Prince Sinha, Rahen Sinha, Binayak Sarma, Jaselyn Sinha, Junmani Sinha, Rina Sinha, Janagati Sinha, Indrani Sarma, Banti Sinha, Roselyn Sinha, Kamal Sinha, Ramananda Sinha, Kapalkundala Sinha, Santosh Sinha, Kamdev Sinha.

One month’s rehearsals for our very own cultural programmes paid off. All programmes were very beautifully presented, that, it reminded us to our very own cultural roots, to Mumbaikars there was Wow effect. At the end of the programmes, the participants were beaming with feeling of accomplishment and Team Mumbai was delighted to have such an excellent Janmaththi  this year. Team Mumbai owes a lot to Bipul Sarma and Indrani Sarma, who took immense pain to accommodate all the participants during rehearsals and also for their overall support.  There were constant coercion and guidance from Indrani Sarma, Kapalkundala Sinha and Janagati Sinha to make the cultural part of the programme a successful one. This was supplemented by meticulous planning and its execution by Gautom Sinha and Sujit Sinha.

In between the cultural programmes, Rebati Mohon Sinha briefed about the life of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur. He elaborated the role of Bishnupriya Manipuri Kalyan Samittee (BMKS), Mumbai, for the social cause; inauguration of portrait of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur at Assam Bhawan; assurance of the Resident Commissioner for helping BM students stay at Assam Bhawan Mumbai when the building expansion job is over. Manabendra Sinha (Bobby) released CDs Monchora by Indrani Sharma, Rasmanjuri by Aaroti Sinha, Sadhubabar Bhajanamrita by Bibhul Sinha and two books by Nani Gopal Sinha namely Phoolor Sangsar and Khatol Pakok. He explained role of BMKS in supporting the literary and cultural initiatives. Ajanta and Bibhulal Sinha sponsored a scholarship of Rs 1000 pm to Abinash Sinha (son of Anupam Sinha), an IIT Student.

The Janmabarshiki Puja had a beautiful ending with Sandhya Aroti and Khichuri Bitoron.
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