Friday, 8 June 2012

Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020

RK Rishikesh Sinha

The first thought that comes after reading Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel Revolution 2020 is: complete filmi. Except the author’s debut novel Five Point Someone which I found it interesting, the other novels have been utter disappointing. And Revolution 2020 has the story plot of zillionth-times oft repeated Hindi movie stories: two childhood friends, one becoming rich and powerful with corrupt practices and the other becoming a crusader of corruption; and not to guess they both love a girl!

Where the destinies of the trios end? Who gets the Gold prize of the girl’s love?

The story of Revolution 2020 is interlaced in and around the life of Gopal who from a humble background become a rich person, and his relationship with Raghav and Aarti. Gopal is unsuccessful; he failed to get through the engineering entrance exam of IIT and AIEEE whereas Raghav is successful; he passed the IIT-JEE entrance exam. A stroke of luck and a chance meeting with local MLA, laws are bent, government officials are greased, and Gopal opens up an engineering college.  In opposite, Raghav doesn’t pursue engineering and starts publishing Revolution 2020 that fails to start off successfully.

Chetan’s characterization of Aarti, the only woman character, is not strong and is not at par with other leading characters. She plays a secondary role; there is no substance in her portrayal. Her story has been kept too simple.

Revolution 2020 is a just-to-read novel. There is nothing which will enchant you. Page-after-page, you will start getting the impression that you are watching a true Hindi movie where heroine appears to sing and dance. The story plot fails to grip the attention of the readers halfway.

To say about the lives of the three; Gopal is left alone with his big business dream; Raghav fetches the Gold prize of Aarti’s love. However, it is not happy ending for the readers.
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