Sunday, 10 June 2012

Assam Search Engine Bisarok

Anyone who seeks to find information related to Assam, with the launch of Assam Search Engine Bisarok, now would get a new online experience. They would get the queries of their search from the web entities of Assam only; all in a clutter-free environment.

Now they could fetch any information from the list of websites maintained by the Government of Assam (it is too big), media houses (be it is print or television) of Assam, or it is from educational institutes (schools, colleges, universities) of Assam. In simple words, Bisarok would be one-stop search solution for the people to get any information from the Assam-based websites.    

Bisarok would be made more robust and intelligent with the inclusion of websites from business and other sectors of the state. 

You can share your experience. You can even submit websites to the Assam Search Engine Bisarok.
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