Friday, 23 March 2012

My dragon friend

By Ritwick Sinha, Class-V,
Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Guwahati

One night, I had a dream that I was walking through a dense forest when suddenly, I saw a dragon coming towards me. I felt scared but the dragon did not try to attack me. Instead, he offered me his hand and grunted, “Will you be my friend?” I was surprised to see that he was a talking dragon who wanted to be friends with me. I immediately accepted his offer, and shaking hands with him, I said, “Yes, I will be your friend.” From that day onwards, we became friends. Then he asked me to sit down on his back to take me for a ride. Together, we went to many different places around the world. He also introduced me to his family and friends. I was very happy to meet them. He again gave me a ride on his back. On the way we found many enemies trying to attack us but my friend fought with them and won. He also showed me how he could breathe fire. We went to many other places and even there we found even more ferocious and frightening enemies. My friend fought with them hard and at last defeated them. We enjoyed ourselves a lot during our adventures together. When I told him that I also had my own family, he felt sad as he could not stay with me forever. So he dropped me in front of my house and went away sadly. I also felt very sad and bidding him goodbye, I realized that our exciting adventures had come to an end. Suddenly, I woke up and I was sad because it was not real and only a dream. I wish this dream would become true. Really it was an unforgettable dream.

Courtesy: The Assam Tribune [22 March 2012]
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