Friday, 30 March 2012

Free Yourself from Digital Cage

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

The Times of India, Delhi Edition, carried a very interesting news piece yesterday that Indian netizens remain online for over 8 hours a day! The news item prompted me to take a self-manthan of my online activities.

To begin with, I delved into my last year browsing activity. I found in 2011, except from 2 a.m to 6 a.m, I was plugged to internet 24x7! In 24 hours, I spent 20 hours online daily, more than the report put : 8 hours a day! I have done the highest 1583 searches in June. 

The news report also doled out another interesting figure that Indians spent 9.7 hours in social networking sites. My relation with social networking sites from Orkut days to the present Facebook and Google + era, is strictly limited. I find my initial interest on social sites fizzle out very soon after experimenting the new platform for few months. It happened with Orkut, and now with Facebook and Google +. Of the three, my relationship with Facebook does not go well. As a company, Facebook doesn’t enchant me, its policies doesn’t go down my throat. I found I am socially unapproachable in social sites. 

Norton’s take on email that we Indians spent 6.1 hours on email every week came as a surprise. I am a devoted user of Gmail. I try to use the services to its limit as such that Google could confer on me the accolade of "Gmail Ninja"! Well, Google do confer "Gmail Ninja" status to its users. But wait a minute, as I went through my 29 February 2012 – 27 March 2012 Gmail report, out of 4132 emails received, I have responded to only 64 email!

In this hectic time, when we are receiving torrent of communication, it is very necessary to be selective in communication. So in 2012, I took a New Year Resolution to adopt zero digital communication (I am still trying), keeping my social sites activity to zero update and my Gmail slim and trim.

The Internet is meant to support our life. But gradually we are enclosed in a digital cage. I am trying to use the Internet as a tool with discipline rather than getting digitally entangled in it. If you have not watched your online activities till, better do it now. 
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