Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Diwali means rejoice in Atman

Diwali Greetings
Diwali has always been my favourite festival since my childhood. It has always made me excited with its sparkling lights, decorated homes, noisy fire crackers and varieties of sweets. The whole illuminated environment makes me happy. My mother says I was born on Choti Diwali. So, I make the connection easily with it.

I remember how my mother used to make different sweets by her own hands and how my father used to bring firecrackers especially for me. How I used to blast bombs, rockets and fire crackers, I was least fearful being a girl… At night, we used to distribute sweets to all our neighbours, some of whom we never talked with, but there was a feeling of fellow being. It was so much fun, so much warmth, so much togetherness.

Today, those days have passed and life has changed but the festival still comes with its light, brightness and noise. Now when I see kids along with their friends filled with happiness and all their spirit blast firecrackers and make noise in jest, I feel like joining them and do all kinds of excitement, jumping, shouting with joy. This festival makes elderly people rejoice like kids. Yes, it is true, in every man there is a child.

We all know the story behind Diwali and the essence of its celebration but we never realize its essence, never tried to live it, never rejoice in our inner self, never tried to understand the Atman inside all of us. Every festival like Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja teaches us to eliminate the evil inside us, remove our vices and inculcate the virtues, and that should be the ultimate aim of human life. We humans have created a world of darkness, a world of lies, a world of hatred but the legends behind all these festivals show us the victory over evil and celebration of goodness and all pervading truth.

Diwali comes once in a year but we can make our lives a daily celebration by making it blissful, by celebrating every moment of it in love, compassion and liveliness.

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