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Sau Seva Samiti celebrates Silver Jubilee on Feb 14

Sau Seva Samiti, a Kailashahar (Tripura)-based NGO is going to celebrate silver jubilee (Rajat Jayanti) celebration on February 14, 2010 (Sunday). The programme will start at 09:00 am and the venue of the programme will be at Goldharpur (Rudra Sinha Dwadash Shreni Vidyalaya), Kailashahar, North Tripura.

Since 25 years Sau Seva Samiti has been supporting Bishnupriya Manipuri students to pursue higher studies in various fields of general and professional education by providing them financial assistance.

The Sau Seva Samiti committee has appealed to all Bishnupriya Manipuri people around the world to make this Silver Jubilee celebration an historic day by their participation and support.

Chief Guests of the day will be Tapan Chakraborty, Education and Health Minister, Government of Tripura and among other invited guests will be Birajit Sinha, MLA, Kailashahar; Bonomali Sinha, Principal Secretary, Government of Tripura; Deben Sinha, President, Mahasabha Central Committee; Kartik Sena Sinha, MLA, Patherkandi (Assam) and many others.

For details, please see the programme and list of invited guests:

A Brief History of Sau Seva Samiti

Sau Seva Samiti was founded by late Prasanna Kumar Sinha in 1984 to assist financially Bishnupriya Manipuri students who failed to pursue their education due to economic backwardness.

The NGO supports students in pursuing general as usual as professional courses. Students availing the benefit return the cost of their education when they get job which is again pumped into the cycle so that the same benefit could be availed by aspiring students.

The NGO is functioning successfully and brought to the present position with the dedicated service and contribution of late Prasanna Kumar Sinha, late Haribal Sinha, late Gauri Kishore Sinha, late Gokul Sena Sinha, Bhairav Sinha, Krishnadas Sinha, Gauri Kishore Chattarjee, Gopi Mohan Sinha, late Sarbabhaum Sina, late Krishna Kumar Sinha, Ramapad Sinha, Sukumar Sinha.

The present Executive Committee of the Sau Seva Samiti as formed on December 21, 2008 are:

President: Bhairab Sinha (Ph:03824-223493)
Secretary: Bishnupada Sinha (Ph:03824-223596)
Assistant Secretary: Malay Sinha (Mob: 09436537126)
Cashier: Bihash Sinha (Mob: 09436916682)
Member: Tarunkumar Sinha (Mob:09436503935)
Member: Prasenjit Sinha (Mob:09862603217)
Member: Niharika Sinha
(Audit Committee consists of another 12 members)

The NGO was helped with financial contribution from the following persons of the society (from India and abroad) :

Donations from the following persons of the society (from India and abroad)

Dr. Deben Sinha, Silchar
Shri Abhay Patil, America
Shri Phulbabu Sinha, America (Engineer)
Shri Navakumar Sinha, Kailashahar
Smt. Ratna Sinha, Kailashahar
Smt. Bijoya Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Bireshwar Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Hiramanta Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Ranjan Kumar Sinha, Baligaon, Bangladesh
Shri Padmasan Sinha, Bangladesh
Shri Kartiksena Sinha, Pipala, - MLA
Shri Bhairab Sinha, Kailashahar
Smt. Chandralekha Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Krishnadas Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Ajit Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Pulin Sinha, Baromuni
Shri Gokulsena Sinha, Manipur
Shri Krishna Kumar Sinha, Goldharpur, Kailashahar
Shri Banbir Sinha, Silchar
Shri Devdas Sinha, Patharkandi (now at Bangalore)
Shri Haripada Sinha, Patiala
Shri Nidul Sinha, Kailashahar
Shri Biswajit Sinha, Fatikrai
Shri Nirmal Sinha, Baligaon, Bangladesh
Shri Benimadhab Sinha, Uttar Goldharpur
Shri Sefali Sinha, Goldharpur

The following are the Names & Addresses of the beneficiaries(students) who have got financial assistance from the society as on 21-11-2009

Name & Father's Name
(1)Biswajit Sinha, MBBS;

S/o Sonachand Sinha
Gobindapur, Kailashahar
Presently, a Medical Officer working under Government of Tripura
(2)Uttam Sinha, B.Sc (Hons),

S/o Lt. Babudhan Sinha

Chirakuti, Kailashahar
Presently, a Bank Employee (Tripura Gramin Bank)
(3)Fulbabu Sinha, B.E,

S/o Lt. Krishnamani Sinha

Fultali, Kailashahar
Presently working in USA. He has helped the society with a donation.
(4)Subhadra Sinha, M.A,

S/o Surjyakanti Sinha

Goldharpur, Kailashahar
Presently a clerk under SDM, Kailashahar
(5)Pankaj Sinha, CA,

S/o Kartik Sinha

Goldharpur, Kailashahar
Presently working as a Chartered Accountant in Delhi
(6)Smt. Debaloxmi Sinha,

D/o Gopimohan Sinha

Gobindapur, Kailashahar
(7)Ashok Sinha, M.A,

S/o Lt. Parimal Sinha

Chirakuti, Kailashahar
Presently working in Bimal Singha Academy as a Teacher
(8)Tapas Sinha, MA,

S/o Lt.Tulsiram Sinha

Goldharpur, Kailashahar
Presently Panchayat Officer under Government of Tripura
(9)Bimal Sinha

S/o Khagendra Sinha

Presently working as a Technician under Govt. of Tripura
(10)Manjushree Sinha

D/o Senachauba Sinha

(11)Uttam Sinha

S/o Makhanbabu Sinha

(12)Debdas Sinha, BE

S/o Mahendra Sinha

Presently, working as a Engineer in Bengaluru. He has helped the Society with a big donation.
(13)Dilip Kumar Sinha, B.Sc

S/o Gunadhar Sinha

Presently, a Teacher in Sainik School
(14)Amarjit Sinha, B.Sc

S/o Khirogopal Sinha

(15)Amit Kumar Sinha

S/o Laxmi Kumar Sinha

Newly appointed as LDC in PWD under Govt. of Tripura
(16)Kabita Sinha, MA

D/o Tara Sinha

Presently, a post Graduate Teacher working under Education Department, Govt. of Tripura
(17)Tarasankar Sinha

S/o Tambak Sinha

Presently working as LIC Agent
(18)Nanikmar Sinha

S/o Lt. Churachand Sinha

(19)Bihash Sinha, BA

S/o Birendra Sinha

(20)Chanchal Sinha

Mother- Bina Sinha

(21)Prasenjit Sinha, M.Sc.

S/o Prasanna Sinha

(22)Dhruba Sinha, M.Sc

S/o Lt. Joydhan Sinha

Presently, a post Graduate Teacher under Education Department, Govt. of Tripura
(23)Srikamal Sinha,

S/o Manibhushan Sinha

(24)Rupali Sinha

D/o Chitta Sinha

Presently, a School Teacher
(25)Namita Sinha, MBBS;

D/o Chandramohan Sinha

Kalairbil, Maulabibazar, Bangladesh
Presently a Medical Officer under Bangladesh Govt.
(26)Sharmila Sinha

D/o Madhu Sinha

A Blind Girl to whom Society Finance for Musical Instrument
(27)Aparna Sinha

D/o Lt. Radhamohan Sinha

(28)Nanda Sinha

D/o Lt. Bijay Sinha

Presently a Teacher under Education Department, Govt. of Tripura
(29)Prabhat Sinha, M.Sc

S/o Gopimohan Sinha

Presently a Post Graduate Teacher under Education Department, Govt. of Tripura
(30)Tapan Sinha

S/o Gourmohan Sinha

(31)Kishan Sinha

S/o Lt.Chandrakanta Sinha

(32)Rajib Sinha

S/o Jaharlal Sinha

(33)Avishek Sinha

S/o Dilip Sinha


Two beneficiaries Kalpana Sinha of Vidyanagar and Pratap Sinha of Kanchanbari helped financially by the Society have died. The Society prays their souls rest in peace.

Invitation Letter on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration

Invitation letter 1

Invitation letter 2


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