Tuesday, 2 October 2007

You Tube Bishnupriya Manipuri Dance

Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Not to mention Bishnupriya Manipuri Status in Google is big ZERO. So, one cannot expect Bishnupriya Manipuri video to appear in You Tube or in Google video.

But thanks to somanymustaches who has uploaded the Manipuri dance in the You Tube.

Meanwhile let us enjoy his uploaded video.

Let us hope next time we have our own Bishnupriya Manipuri video content!!


  1. Good or bad there are few sites on Bishnupriya Manipuri with average PR,so cant get what you mean by status to be a 'Big Zero'.We do have some web resources though we don't have any active Portal but try searching stuffs on other tribes of northeast,its almost 'Nil'.Only meiteis got something bcz of few NRM.Search Engines work on own algorithms,so having a low/high ranking is relative thing.

  2. I uploaded 2 more Bishnupriya Manipuri Videos. please visit:

  3. Very much appreciate to Rajkumar Rishikesh Sinha for uploading the videos of Bishnupriya shows that makes the pride of Manipur. From all the corner of world now knows "what talent that manipur has.
    Knowing Uttam singha interest in the field appreciate him.. Sorry if i could not upload any. But, i appreciate to all interest to bring up the manipuri talents in the world.
    Let me know if there any latest upload:


  4. Awesome guys. Good shot Uttam and Rishi!


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