Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Bishnupriya Manipuri Culture

RKHL Sinha, New Delhi

We, Bishnupriya Manipuri community people are Vaisnavities, our heart is soft, and it is so soft that the religious lyrics of Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mohaprabhu bring tears in our eyes. That is what we witness in the plays of Raslila, Bhagavad Gita, in the recitation of the Ramayana and in the Mahabharata as well as in other religious functions of the community.

Every community has their own rule and conducts, so we have. The unique sitting arrangement and the components that are involved in any social gathering as well as in the other cultural gathering are as follows:

Kirtanmapu: He is person wearing a pagri is authorised to allot respective sit for Brahmins, Rajkumar, Kshatriyas, women folks, Sainyasis and Sadhus. One of the sit is permanently reserved for the Goddiswar, the respected Brahmin empowered by the community. The special sit is followed by a Gaddi covered with white bed sheet and pillow. Nobody is allowed to occupy the Gaddi except the designated pious Brahmin.The Kirtanmapu preferred to sit in the front.

Panasaberi: The function of Panaseberi is to take care of the devotees by offering them with Leichandan and pan supari from time to time.

Kholpumfum: A pious elder person who offers water on legs of pious elder devotees and Sadhus.

Bhandari: A designated righteous person is responsible for preparing food stuffs. Nobody is allowed to disturb his professional work.

I feel proud that the level of grandeur that is being followed religiously in any social gathering is unparalleled to any other communities. Efforts must be there to keep it intact before it becomes one of the extinct practices.

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  1. During my father's Shradh ceremony I have heard the names of all the persons like the Kirtanmapu,Panasaberi,Kholpumfum,
    Bhandari etc. but never knew their assigned job and the necessity....after reading this article it became clear....thanks for such a nice article as it will gv a clear picture to all who does nt know the social rules followed by our community....

  2. good article....i have seen the dance in one of the 'sri sri bhuvaneshwar sadhu thakur utshab' held in Tinsukia some seven years ago....the drum dance sequence really drifted me to another world!!!



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