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A brief profile of Bimal Sinha

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

It came as a tragic news for all Bishnupriya Manipuri people in Tripura, as well as in the neighbouring state of Assam, when the then Health and Urban Development Minister Bimal Sinha and his younger brother Bidyut Sinha were gunned down by the militants of the outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT).

His killing immediately created a voidness, a voidness that cannot be filled up in the whatever Bishnupriya Manipuria community political aspiration it has. The Frontline on Apr. 11 - 24, 1998 wrote: "He had apparently been targeted because he was popular among the tribal people of Kamalpur and had organised them to resist the NLFT's campaign of violence."

Of his messiah like stature that Bimal Sinha came to the citadel of Tripura politics not once but five times as a elected member from the Kamalpur tribal belt. He started his political career as a general secretary of a college union that was controlled by the Students Federation of India (SFI).

His political acumen was polished and given shape and groomed when he came in contact with Marxist leader Nripen Chakraborty, a member of the CPI(M) since 1970. He was one of the founders of the Communist movement in Tripura. He along with the late Dasrath Deb, laid the foundations of a strong Communist movement in the State. He died on Dec 26, 2004. [Communist Party of India (Marxist)article on Nripen Chakraborty]

Bimal Sinha became a member of the party's State Committee in 1978. He later became Deputy Speaker and then Speaker of the Assembly. He was not only living a life of a politician, more than that he was a poet and a novelist. He directed a Kokborok-language film, Longthorai. Based on one of his five novels, the film deals with the life of the tribal people in the Longthorai hills.

Moreover, he will be remembered for bringing the TNV to the mainstream politics. TNV participated in elections as an ally of the Congress(I).

After he was shot dead, the Hindu reported: "A 24-hour Statewide bandh was called on April 1 to protest against the killing of Bimal Sinha. It evoked a total response."

The same national daily also added: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, in a message condemning the killing, said violence had no place in a civilised society. In a message to the Tripura Government, West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu condemned the murder and expressed concern over the rise of secessionist and extremist forces in Tripura.

"Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar requested Union Home Minister L.K. Advani to send adequate security forces to Tripura. It was decided that 22 companies of the Central Reserve Police Force, which were withdrawn from the State last month for election duty in Jammu and Kashmir, would be sent back to the State, quoted the paper.

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Courtesy: Frontline

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  1. it is very discouraging fact an article written on a person like Bimal sinha has not been commented. it seems no body gave him the expected obeisance. he has fallen from the bullets of the BM enemies. who doesnot want to see we people grow and prosper.

    thanks to rishikesh sinha wrting this article on Bimal sinha.

    i dont know whether descendents of late Bimal sinha have read this article or not, if htey have read.

    they must be obliged to add somethign on this article. very sorry. well rishi would be knowing how many BM people read from tripura.

    we must start respecting our own people and their deeds. than only we can prosper and together we can progress.

  2. Late Bimal Sinha was probably the only sound political ikon our community has ever produced.Every individual of our community should pay tribute to this Son of the soil...

    Mr.Rakesh is right...It is definitely encouraging for the writer to be commented by the readers.The more are the remarks more is the sense of weightage.

    Rishi has been doing a fantastic job from the day GO...Its all his initiative that we are able to read such beautiful articles and facts about our community..

    Thanks to Rishi...

  3. Bimol Singha was not just a politician,he was a great philosopher,a writer and above all a social reformer.He did the most important work on BPM Literature,that is collecting ancient proverbs popularly known as poureis.
    Ppl used to call him 'Beliraja'.I remember the editorial of ithaak patrika had a title 'Beligo burer thang?'when he died.

    many thanks to rishi for writing abt our Beliraja Bimol.

  4. we had an interview with late Bimol singha when he came to a visit in bangladesh. you'll find this interview and the editorial in the archives of ithaak at

  5. thanks ashim for the link. i will definitely and try to incorporate.

    thanks again,

  6. Well guys,

    I just came across this article today as i am fairly new to this Blogging thing.

    The brutal killing of Sri Bimal Sinha and his brother is something that struck close to home.

    He will always be and remain my " Bimal Mama".


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