Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Event of the People, by the People, for the People

Sri Sri Bhubneshwar Sadhu Thakur
RK Rishikesh Sinha

My visit to the celebration of Sri Sri Bhubneshwar Sadhu Thakur birth anniversary in New Delhi on 15 November 2015, I would say was the calling of Him. The celebration took place at Kali Mandir in Tilak Nagar, walking distance from the Tilak Nagar Metro Station. I said, the “calling of Him” the reason being that my little mind understood the very essence of Him in our life, that too of mine. Let me not stretch to that sphere. 

The climate was beautiful since it had no itching of the summer and stiffness of cold. It was a very beautiful sunny day, the most pleasant weather that we in Delhi can wish for. The whole atmosphere at the venue was ‘Bishnupriya Manipuri’, with the chirping and whispering of the language, and the visual appeal of the women attire made everything of the great day.

It was indeed a nice feeling meeting with known people like BN Sinha, Surajit, Ramanuj, Chinglang (he is from Jiribam, once a neighbour at Inderpuri), Bishwajeet, and many more. More than that identifying some faces that I am not acquainted with but know them as being Bishnupriya Manipuri. 

Celebration of Sri Sri Bhubneshwar Sadhu Thakur birth anniversary in New Delhi

Beside all these, a sense how time flew so fast came when I saw many parents carrying their new born babies, and children oblivious of the surrounding made their day running here and there. 

I was utterly surprised to the attendance in comparison to my previous visits. It had the numbers that could be accommodated at anyone’s home backyard. That numbers are nothing in comparison to past celebrations. My marketing head questioned --- in this Facebook era, how this could be possible. The numbers are nothing when everyone with mobile and desktop are showing their presence online. Is it failure of communication? Absolutely Not, came the answer. Then…

What went wrong to the presence of minuscule participation? Is it migration being the reason that many of our people left Delhi altogether. Yes many families left Delhi, but in equal number lot of people would have dropped at New Delhi Railway Station since then. The reason lies somewhere, might be a big population on the same day had to attend their office. Or it might be that population of equal proportion didn’t wake up on time. Or it may be that a population of equal size doesn’t want to waste their precious Sunday with something.

As soon as I came to my sense, I was in front of sumptuous food that includes dal, paneer, khir, brinjal fry. Am I missing an item? Name it, so that next time I don’t miss it. I had a stomach full lunch with lot of people around me. Enjoying it to the hilt with stuff filled till my neck. It was indeed a very well organized event. Everything was in order.
Participants at Sri Sri Bhubneshwar Sadhu Thakur birth anniversary, New Delhi
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