Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Life: a faithful friend

Today morning a tragic incident happened in my locality; a student took his own life. This tendency is gradually increasing in youths who are constantly under pressure from their own and others' expectations. Life is an asset in itself. It is precious and must not be measured in terms and conditions. It is simple and demands no complexity; only few simple needs are to be fulfilled to lead a satisfied life. But the unbridled desires, aspirations, ambitions drive us to compete, make us restless, judgemental, cynical, pessimist and desperate …

Whatever conditions life brings, one must be rooted in knowledge of reality everything is transient, temporary. In fact, change is the only constant thing. The phases, conditions, opinions, perspectives all are relative, going to be changed with changing time and experiences. Man has to be flexible in perspective, of course not in ideals and ethics. All problems are temporary...People who take their life, they give permanent solution to temporary problems.

At this moment, I remember the movie “Three Idiots” which revolves around the pressure and the challenges of student life. Today all kind of pressure is on students — parental, economic, peer group and self-induced pressure. Nevertheless, the film has depicted a positive and encouraging belief and I would reiterate the same that one should follow excellence and not success for success will come itself if excellence is followed. Success- failure, rich-poverty everything depends on our perspective.

When I see such tragic incidents often I feel man is weak or man is made weak? A man right from his childhood comes under the cling of attachments. Initially, as a child he gets attached to the simple feelings of joy, frolic, enjoyment but this attachment gives him life and the awareness. As he grows old, he gets more attached and less aware to his actions and the results. Finally, he comes far away from his own simple and beautiful life under the burden of desires and expectations. He gets misled and astray in the search of fulfillment through this relative world. But he has to understand that life is the only faithful friend of man and he has to value it.
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