Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bangla troupe mesmerises Guwahati audience

Ramlal Sinha
Shakuntala, Droupadi, Duhshala and Jona rose like a Phoenix from the ashes at the District Library Auditorium in Guwahati on Sunday night when actress Jyoti Sinha from Bangladesh stormed into the stage at the two-day international Bishnupriya Manipuri Literary and Cultural Festival that concluded on Sunday. The drama of Manipuri Theatre of Bangladesh, based on Michael Madhusudhan Dutt’s Kohe Birangana, was directed by Shuvashis Sinha, an alumnus of Jahangir Nagar University, Dhaka and recipient of Tanushree Padak and Munier Chowdhury Drama Award. The drama has already created a storm in various urban and rural stages in Bangladesh.

The drama highlighted the plight of the woman in the society. Be her Shakuntala, Droupadi, Duhshala or Jona, she had to face the wrath her ‘dear’ male, be him Dushmanta, Arjun, Jayadartha or Neeladwaja. Right from the prehistoric days, it is the woman who has always been at the receiving end in the male-dominated society.
In the role of Shakuntala, Droupadi, Duhshala and Jona; Jyoti Sinha literally thundered on the stage by spewing venom against Dushmanta, Arjun, Jayadartha and Neeladwaja. She ‘fought’ a lost battle, but was successful in sending a message among the womenfolk of the country that feels proud of the cliché – India is a place where women are regarded as mothers – that it is the woman who is always at the receiving end.

The play articulates four verses among 11 from the original text of Dutt.

Other performers who helped Jyoti Sinha in chorus were Smriti Sinha, Shukla Sinha, Sunanda Sinha and Bhagyalokkhi Sinha.

The troupe staged Srikrisha Kirtan of Boro Chandidas on the same stage on Saturday night when Jyoti Sinha was seen in the role of Radha. This drama has also been directed by Shuvashis Sinha.

Courtesy: Seven Sisters Post (www.sevensisterspost.com)
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