Sunday, 17 April 2011

Viral Copy

A statistical figure which has not been ever given priority, so never published here in this blog is — content leaving from this blog. Here it is, on an average in a month, over 60 articles are copied. Where these articles goes? It ends up in Microsoft word [so that the articles could be printed and distributed], in social platforms like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc.

With good intention, there is nothing to worry about it. At least these articles are going viral to some extent, to reach a section of the people who are interested and who find it useful.

There are lot of words [search engine results] that bring traffic to this blog. However, the top word that takes visitors out from this blog is non other than "krishankant sinha"! Readers are interested to read more, so they google it by copying it. No problem, they drop again at this blog.

Before concluding this write up, here is a piece of advice: Visitors from Guwahati, please change your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer version 6, upgrade it or start using other browser —  chrome, mozilla, internet explorer 8 etc. With Internet Explorer version 6, you will not be able to enjoy modern web applications.

This version of Internet Explorer is widely derided for its security issues and lack of support for modern web standards, making frequent appearances in "worst tech products of all time" lists, with some publications labeling it as the "least secure software on the planet.

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