Friday, 15 April 2011

Of writer and writing

By Ranjit Sinha, Arunachal Pradesh

For last few days, my mind was hovering upon the agility of writers and reasoning of their writings.

Writer's Block (52 Weeks, Week 17)

Why do the writers write, is it for name or fame, or is it self-imposed responsibility towards society? In fact the diminutive article thrown by RK Rishikesh Sinha, (The art of life) has forced readers like me to ponder upon.

“Writing is not at all for readers to read. One writes for oneself,” — the conclusion drawn by Rishi itself unveiled the brazen truth and it also carried a message to all upcoming writers in our society.

I could say that there are two categories of writers — stimulated writers and professional writers. Large number of the stimulated writers bid adieu to writing at their prime time of life, only few of them survive and run the show in our society. On the other hand there are a few numbers of professional writers who are undecided to embrace writing as profession in the long run as it can not help them to earn bread and butter.

Most of the writers in our society who make the pen their bosom friends even in old age are inspired writers not professional writers. They are inspired to write, (may be they are inspired by readers, their friend circle, or inspired by some happenings in their social or personal life) and we are grateful to them — at least they are writing and publishing books with their hard earned money for the cause of society.

It is a fact that we are going to lose many writers like Rishi in years to come due to dearth of (genuine) readers who inspire the writers to be in motion. Time has come to encourage professionalism in writing for more creative activities from the writers.

Image courtesy: Adam Lyon  
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