Friday, 30 July 2010

Weekly paper 'Kaakai' goes online

Here is a piece of good news for the readers of Kaakai, a weekly newspaper in Bishnupriya Manipuri and Bengali published from Tripura. They can read their favourite newspaper now online. The web address is

The first issue of registered newspaper was published on 23rd February, 1986 and was printed at " PC Press "Dharmanagar and from the year 1990 the paper started printing at Star Press, Dharmanagar, North Tripura, India.

The newspaper came out fortnightly and later became a weekly newspaper in 1998. It is circulated to all over India and abroad in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, US.

The publisher, owner and Editor of the newspaper is Anita Sinha.

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  1. I am 4m silchar but have spent few years in tripura 0 a really a good news. i am happy to hear this good news. I am reading kaakai.


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