Wednesday, 28 July 2010

In the name of matrimony

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

A year back I wrote an article on Lohong – the one and only Bishnupriya Manipuri matrimonial site. Again I am hitting on this site since with the passage of time my appreciation towards it is increasing manifold. I have great regards with the whole concept behind the development of the site. Also there is a sweet pain seeing the web environment that is around it.

I expect few of the matrimonial sites might have popped up around this post. These sites depending upon your geographical location would have thrown upon you many known and unknown matrimonial sites. If you are in India you might see images and links associated with sites like,,,,, etc.

To be noted that is a venture of Info Edge (I) Ltd – India’s first Internet-based company which went public. Here, for the sake of an example, has been taken for consideration. You can visit any site.

What you have seen visiting the site(s)? You would notice there is:

Community-based categorization: Assamese Matrimonials, Bihari Matrimonials, Bengali Matrimonials, Oriya Matrimonials, Gujarati Matrimonials, Marathi Matrimonials, South
Kannada Matrimonials, Kerala Matrimonial, Tamil Matrimonials, Telugu Matrimonials,
Marwari Matrimonials, Parsi Matrimonials.

Caste matrimonial: Baniya, Bhandari, Bhavsar, Billava, Brahmin, Bhumihar and lot more.

Here, the point I would try to make is that with so much money flowing around these sites, nobody heed to the Bishnupriya Manipuri community, and doesn’t see it is as a money-spinning business around it. However, these sites see money in the Parsi community, which I suppose would be numerically small community in comparison to the Bishnupriya Manipuri community.

And here, our small (well in comparison to this big sites) site doing the same for a small community – matching alliances in one corner of the World Wide Web.

I find a beautiful site. Beauty coming from its being small, catering to a small community, with a small URL ‘’.

I wish the to grow and become one of the favourite destinations for all the Bishnupriya Manipuris worldwide. Alas! Here, something is missing – we don’t have enough web traffic.

In some other post, I will discuss whether we have constant Bishnupriya Manipuri web traffic or we have to generate it.
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