Tuesday, 14 April 2009

MapmyIndia’s elections website helps voters take informed decisions

Interactive maps, information and analysis about the elections helps users vote in the coming elections

New Delhi, April 14, 2009: MapmyIndia has just launched public service website http://elections.mapmyindia.com to help voters in India make an informed choice on issues that matter to them during the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, states in a press release sent to www.bishnupriyamanipuri.com.

Combining the power of MapmyIndia’s detailed and highly accurate India maps with exhaustive data on constituencies, like population, literacy ratio, area amongst others and information on parties, candidates and their track record, the elections website places a wealth of information and analysis for voters to refer to. For example, with the click of a button voters can view constituencies where candidates with cases pending against them are contesting elections on a digital map – red markers showing up against these on the map versus green markers for the others.

With the analysis page, visitors can slice and dice data as they like and bring up statistics like oldest and youngest MPs in the 2004 parliament, number of women candidates elected in the previous polls, public record of candidates, number of constituencies per city, social details about constituencies like working population, area and literate population amongst others. MapmyIndia has joined hands with NoCriminals.org in providing this information on candidates.

MapmyIndia has had earlier links with the election process as well. The highly popular Jaago Re campaign is powered by maps from MapmyIndia for displaying constituencies. For 5 major cities in India, MapmyIndia has also plotted polling booths in constituencies for Jaago Re, so that voters know where they can go to cast their vote.

One notable feature of the site is that of constituency boundaries being marked on the digital maps. Due to the constituency delimitation exercise since the last polls, voters now have a quick reference to see which polling booth they can go to cast their vote.

The site also serves as an effective platform for agencies, parties, party supporters and general citizens to get quick analysis results.

“MapmyIndia has always been a socially conscious organization and has made available access to high quality data like driving directions or location of nearest points like hospitals, ATMs, etc. For the upcoming Indian elections, MapmyIndia wants to play a role in strengthening Indian democracy by providing the electorate a freely available source of information at our portal so that users can cast their vote after analysis of relevant information on their candidates and constituencies,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.

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