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The momentous day

Today, the 16th of September 2008 is a very special day for all those who are involved with the Bishnupriya Manipuri Blog, because, on this very day, exactly one year back it came into its existence with the sole vision of making a mark of the Bishnupriya Manipuri brand in the oceanic world of internet and also endowing a platform to the community people all over the world to participate and express themselves.

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Being associated with this blog from the day of its emergence, it holds a special place in my life. The initial involvement later transformed into an emotional attachment and now it has become a necessary part of my life. Like earlier to start the day without a glimpse of the newspaper created a vacuum in the whole day's activity, now the blog has taken its place. To start the day with a quick peep into the blog gives a refreshing feeling for the whole day and to find a new post or a comment is an additional bonus.

Earlier internet meant only mailing, chatting and orkuting, to me. But taking initiative in the blog gave me an opportunity to utilize my energy and knowledge in a positive and productive way. It introduced me to my inner self. Never ever in my wild dreams I dreamt that I will be able to write whatever little I try to jot down which again gained acclamation (both good and bad) from many.

The Blog is like a baby to me, whose growth I have witnessed right from day one till date. Its growth provides me immense pleasure and simultaneously anybody's accusation creates restlessness within me. In short a sense of possessiveness has developed, which I am sure is same with many who are involved with the blog. Its growth has been steady in this one year and gained popularity at a very short span. It started with a very few number of viewers and contributors but within one year both the numbers have grown extensively.

When I look back it reminds me of many good and bad experiences of mine. It reminds me of the fear that was within me when my first post 'Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur' was published, the positive response gained by the articles 'khuttei' and the Rag Picker, the controversy I got involved with the article of Amar Sinha, my endless efforts to try to write on 'Khuttei' and 'Chakam' and many more.

On this special day it will be unfair on my part if I do not thank Rini, BN, RK Harilal Sinha, Suroshree and Rebati kaku who have contributed so many valuable writings in the initial days and are still contributing. Than our family started extending with the works of Tridiv, Sonika, Jyotirmoy, Surajit, Henry, Sanju, Rajesh and the final appreciation goes to the head of this family, Rishi.

Behind the success story of the Blog lies, ample hard work and positive strategy of the owner of this blog, Rishikesh, who has provided us an opportunity to share our bit with our community people. He is always very focused and never confused with what he is going to do with the blog. Whatever little I get to know from him, I learnt that it requires a lot of effort and patience and it is his selfless dedication that amidst his busy schedule he never neglected the blog, which he says is not his property but his community's. According to him if the blog gets neglected he will be accountable for it to all the viewers and contributors.

Once again on this memorable day I wish that the blog grows more and more in the days to come. There is much more to achieve and a long, long way to go. May this day come year after year and wish that more and more people come and contribute and help to make it BIG.

RK Rishikesh Sinha: Sorry, I can’t say ‘Thanks’ to her. It is a mutual decision between us not to say this word to each other. Very early morning getting this write-up from her made my heart swelled with emotions. When this blog went live late night on this day, she is the first person whom I shared it first. Since then she has been associated with it.

Deep inside I feel happy that she has progressed, she is looking the world, our Bishnupriya Manipuri community, in a different perspective. Managing the two world one that of her family along with the blog, is tough and demanding. I am very much demanding from her. But she has been managing it wonderfully.

I am waiting for the day when her daughter Nanaai will grow up and have the privilege to read all her article and say “That’s my mom”. I will very happy for that day to come.

Interestingly, we have not met with each other minus one glimpse of her when I went to her home in Guwahati to meet her younger sister Namita on the very day when the Assam Tribune carried a write-up on me.

At last, I am grateful to non-Bishnupriya Manipuri readers who drop at this blog and take something from it. They have read, commented and even subscribed to it. The coming days will see lot of people dropping at this blog, I hope they learn from it.


  1. Indeed a great day for all the BM and the people who are associated with this blog. Though there is an unavoidable love and hate relationship with this blog, but it has been enjoyed by all. That is my true believe if I am not wrong.
    The information technology has come a long way from an out going call Rs 24 for one minute to paper less communication and so many things which we can do sitting right there at home. I remember I used to write letter to my parents back home in the later half of 90’s and subsequently receiving the same. We all must agree that the emotion and depth in a surface mail is no comparison to an email. Now we have more remote than our fingers e.g. TV, fridge, DTH, Music System, DVD player, Microwave, Air Condition and if you count the mobiles then I am sure it will cross the number ten. Just imagine your life without this gadget one day. 15 years back we used to wait for 2030 hrs to make a STD call. Now, whenever we forget to carry our mobile, we become very restless and thru out that time we feel like there is something we are missing. We give excuses that what if there is an urgent call. Why we are forgetting those 2030 hrs STD call.
    Though ours is small drop of water in the ocean but the fierce exchange words in the blog put us in the league of cyber war. I know this is nothing compared to America’s original cyber war or James Bond movie, but for a starter like us it is not less than that.

  2. let's celebrate...let's post one blog each, no matter how small or unimportant it is...

    to mark our anniversary, let's just write...

  3. Kheltame aar leifet nadok,

    Loktak amaar singleiye aar na kadok,

    Aaami nongsha, aami bozro, aami bou, aami boron,

    Forder, forder, chei oure ammar

    haarour firaalhan,

    Laaspaar chei oure, ammar

    hinor tengara,

    Aho, aho roheik aami ,

    jinganir moipong.

    Aho aho kaarik ammi

    hunaar kakei.

  4. Happy birth day to you!happy birthday to Bishnupriya Manipuri blog!happy birthday to you.Let the Blog`s single birthday candle enlighten the entire B.M community.
    You have got a very good care taker
    who will take you to the top most celebrity-rungs within no time.Compare to others,you are quite younger;but don`t worry,'main
    hoo na!'(jokingly).
    I would like to thank Suroshree for introducing me to internet world in general,Bishnupriya Maniputi blog in particular.On this day,I also would like to
    congratulate Risi for his untiring
    devotion to the blog

  5. I congratulate all the writers and readers of this blog on the completion of a year and thankful to Rishi for being focused.. It was always a sense of belongingness for me to write an article and post comment in this blog...

    Lets keep up the good work together...i found the captain trustworthy and dexterous...

    Love to all....

  6. Thanks to everybody ( readers & writers).It is indeed a great day for all BM across the globe.

    Specially I liked the poem by Henryy.Let our language get enriched by your creations.


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