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Winds of Change!

By Henry Sinha, New Delhi

General Meeting of Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti - Delhi NCR,

24th of August 2008, C R Park, New Delhi.


Perceptive Plan to drive membership for all Bishnupriya Manipuris residing in the Delhi NCR region in the Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti. ( BMNS, Delhi-NCR)

Blueprint for Shri Shri Shri Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur Utsav

Members present:

  • Dr. Nirmalya Sinha (President) Mr. CM Sinha ( Vice President)
  • Mr. Shashikant Sinha ( General Secretary), Mr. Harilal Rajkumar ( Treasurer),
  • Mr. Jishnu Sinha (Secretary), Mr. Nirmalendu Mukherjee ( Joint Secretary),
  • Mr. Vikram Sinha ( Block Officer), Mr. Henryy Sinha ( Additional Secretary)
The next 60 – 65 days present some tough but exciting possibilities for the Samity to slice the apple in the way it should be, sort out serious issues, take up new challenges and chart the way forward for the community residing in the Delhi NCR region. Take out from the meeting, to summarize it.

For a change it was great to see the members being handed out neat and clean, printed copies by the President himself. Big deal? Oh yeah it is. We are getting the basic hygiene factors in place to begin with! It was great to see people coming to the meeting, even when they do not have their names or designations on the list. That’s called drive, passion. For a change it was great to discuss what to do and what NOT to do being polite, but firm. For a change it was great to see the young blood being encouraged to speak and take up the gauntlet. For a change it was great to decide to not let anyone self trumpet personal achievements during sacred occasions like Shri Shri Shri Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur Utsav as it a community platform and not an autobiography mouthpiece. For a change it was great to see people fuming over a responsibility fugitive. The sparks to mean business can be seen. For a change it was great to see issues discussed one by one, hunting for solutions, finding solutions. Amicably. Unanimously. Lastly, for a change it was great to see members laying the emphasis on the three holy words which would be our redemption, hope so – Planning. Timelines. Accountability. Winds of change, I believe.

Now as mentioned above lets brisk touch the agendas for your understanding.

  • The Samity through its Perceptive Plan would be rolling out a campaign to trigger membership of Bishnupriya Manipuris residing in the Delhi NCR region. It intends to register each and every member of the community, working, non working, young, old - to be a part of the Samity. This membership drive will be done with the objective to create manpower, resources and funds, which would be used for the welfare of the community – cultural, social.
  • The Samity has documented a blueprint to organize the next big event, the Shri Shri Shri Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur Utsav. In other words, the effort here is to induce proper planning, execution and professionalism into the event. More than the scale, the Samity would be focusing on the quality of the Utsav from now on.

On all the above objectives, teams have been delegated for specific jobs and allotted timelines with benchmarks.

I request all those residing in the Delhi NCR region to step ahead and take the baton forward. The Samity alone cannot do much unless we all unite as a force and make things happen for our community. Please come forward and extend your hands. Its your right, my right to be successful.

Thanks to Mr. Ravikant Sinha and family for the venue and the superb snacks!

Watch this space for more on this topic. Do come up with questions as well as suggestions. Innovative ideas are welcome.

Your time starts now. Get ready to register yourself.

Lets win!

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  1. August summer noon...soldiers sitting...for....listens to the ..winds of change.....

  2. kuno kitao change nao oitoi tumar ta. apei kunoger nei jegoi change ane partaita. tumi haabi imme houta na. apei eme time passor ka lekha lekhi, comment kororaita na.

    teinta teinta...kitha dheinta

  3. I love to hear such sentences. “kuno kitao change nao oitoi tumar ta. apei kunoger nei jegoi change ane partaita. tumi haabi imme houta na. apei eme time passor ka lekha lekhi, comment kororaita na.”

    Define: Change? Obai itao

    apei kunoger nei jegoi change ane partaita – u are challenging the spirit of the masses. Hahahhahahhaha

    tumi haabi imme houta na. apei eme time passor ka lekha lekhi, comment kororaita na-thank you don’t waste time coming here. Better utilize for urself. Best of luck,.

  4. Obai Itao if u cannot encourage do not discourage. Atleast they are not sitting idle thinking that nothing will happen. If u r not interested u can happily ignore this blog. I am very happy with what ever this people are doing and like me m sure there will be a lot who are happy with them. because i believe that something is better than nothing and that Rome was not built in a day.

  5. atleast Rome was built after all.
    In this case, eta te hudda lecture na. Time pass na ha hai reeeee

  6. Regret to ask Obai Itao, whether he has found any change in him or in his family?I mean what was his fore fathers nd father and what is he now?I suppose he will get the answer.

  7. You have no idea what have you done Itao. You are sure to face the music now. More to come buddy.....

  8. To sit idle with the fear that nothing is going to change is no one has come to change anything..we are here to share whatever little information or knowledge we have and yes we are doing it at our leisure time..but whoever is writing here is quite busy in his or her life..yet everyone is trying hard to make out a little time and contribute..

    But dear friend obai itao change is bound to come..because life cannot be stagnant..change has to come either anyone likes or is law of nature..but ur comments are welcome..we need people like u and are really thankful to u for devoting a few precious moments of ur busy life for our blog..

    Rebati Kaku has rightly said- my forefather's were also farmers but now no one is a i hope ur query has been answered by him very correctly..

  9. I prop up the comment above...and only say to His Highness Itao... that ur kind of remarks reflects ignorance and cynicism and ur acts paradoxical...

    However, criticism (but healthy) leads to perfection and enhance quality...

    Keep on reading and posting remarks, someday u will also feel the breeze if not the wind... of change....

  10. Dear Obai Itao,

    I can't say about you, but ever since I along with scores of BM people started this blog. We have changed and we are seeing the change. It is not that change was not there, it was NOT visible. Now it is visible, open, believe me - I see in every BM people there is an burning urge to contribute to the (upliftment of the) whole society, little it may be.

    But here we are a strong community, a community that has its tentacles in each and every sphere of life.

    WHen masses moves, direction of the wind changes.

    I know deep inside you have felt the change, there is nobody who is going to buy your belief.

    One more thing, I don't think you have any sort of grudge to the community as such. After all your blood is same of mine, hitherto blood is not transfused. You are here vomitting urs personal grudge towards somebody, it may be me, all those people associated with this blog.

    Better utilise your time. Best of luck.

  11. The campaign to organize the Sadhu Thakur Utsav started off this Sunday, 7/9/08. The beginning, I must say, was BRILLIANT! Just the start we anticipated.
    Geography, personal schedules and the brutal Delhi heat took a back seat as the members religiously attended to trigger a really exciting start. Brahmananda da, Surajit, Rishikesh, Jishnu da, Samarjit da, Babu, Moni, Vikram, Tridib, Prashant, Bappa, Manas da, Sunanda di. (apologies if I had missed any names), take a bow please. Come what may, we are destined to do it. God just confirmed!

  12. By the way, we will also evaporate, demolish , crush all boundaries that exist - with love. No Sagarpur, no Safdurjung, no Palam, no Inderpuri, no Naraina, no Assam, no Tripura, no rich, no poor. We are all one. Just one.

  13. Obai Itao, when I first saw your comment and your id I thought you are guy with lots of funny bone and got good sense of humor. But very next day you proved the world wrong saying that you liked to be ruled by others. In American say you are biggest looser of the century. You tried to bring your friends in confidence, again failure hits you back very badly.
    You have again disappointed us by putting a comment on a non related topic and ended up being targeted by everyone. I want to tell you my friend that you have not done your homework in advance. This is resurgent India and we are also a part of that movement. You have to be very intelligent and clear enough about things which might follow you in future.
    If you need inspiration watch animal planet and see how the tigers, cheetah’s and Lions rule the jungle with their power, plan and strategy. My friend this is a very wild jungle wilder than the wildest jungle of Africa. But to give it a human touch, we let other fellow BM to live the life with dignity and brotherhood. We do not believe in letting others to leave the jungle. We want people from every walk of life to join us. This is possible only when you extend your cooperation. If you can’t then you can leave us or else live with us.


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