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Every man is a confused living being

Yes. Every man is a confused soul; he is grappled by one confusion after another. And it goes on till he is in death bed. The true meaning of Life still remains a mirage, confused, away from truth. But what is truth…

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

When a child gets his senses, he takes a first step towards fulfilling his destiny – ‘Filling his parent’s life with worries’. He starts complaining about the untidy clothes he’s made to wear, which are spoiled by him. He excretes into his clothes and starts crying, complaining about the dress or clothes. He is not satisfied with the healthy and hygienic food provided to him and goes on to chew or taste anything that is prohibited for his own good. He plays with soil and prefers to stay on it.

A bit older and he starts to question about everything – what, why, how. Parents do like their kid being curious, but this also creates a great problem whether to tell the truth in everything or no. The parents create some imaginary monsters and heroes in the kids mind to frighten him and to control his unwanted activities. This solves the problem for the time being but creates a greater pit from which the child might never come out. One can not explain the exact reasons behind everything to a child, but creating imaginary stories confuses the child in his growing years. Sometimes, he finds everything which is told to be false and his beliefs shattered by the reality of life.

A friend is an important part of one’s life. I haven’t used the term good friends, because a friend is always good for you whereas the others are not worth your friendship. Teenagers sometimes make the mistake of choosing friends and pay the price dearly. Once again, he can not decide what is right and what is wrong. The person who is blessed with friends, no matter how few, is one lucky guy and a rich person.

One of the critical periods in a man’s life is the adolescence. His career and his values and perceptions build up at this point. He starts losing his faith in honesty and goodness due to practical exposure to the world.

The kid goes to school and is tortured by bullies or acts as a bully. The suffered weak kid who is called nerd or geek by others can not figure out why or how he deserved such a treatment from the bullies. A strong feeling of vengeance builds up inside him which leads to the development of the negative characters of that person. As far as the bully is concerned, he might enjoy the moments but later realizes the injustice to the weak kids he tortured. He might regret his actions at later stages of time when his own kid suffers bullies in school.

When you ask a kid about his future ambitions, he might come up with the answer like Doctor or Engineer. This is a prejudice created in their minds by parents. No child wants to become a teacher or a journalist, because they are not highly appreciated by their parents due to lack of huge money. The child grows on believing that he will be a doctor or engineer someday, his dreams are shattered when he realizes that it takes a lot to become one. The bottom-line is that parents are responsible by imposing their dreams on their kids.

When a student completes his 10th exams, he is admitted into the stream he fits in rather than the one he likes to pursue. In case of a poor student he has no option as to which stream to follow, but a brighter student have many. By brighter student in normal terms, we mean the one with higher percentage. Even if the student scores higher marks in humanities group than in science stream, his parents would prefer him to choose science as it is more illustrious one. This happens in majority of cases, if not in all the cases. The student keeps wondering why his parents choose the subjects which he didn’t liked much.

This period also brings another golden time with it – Romance. Some follow the beautiful ones, some the intellectual ones and others follow their closest friends of opposite sex. Romance at such an early period is induced by the influence of media of all types. Majority of these relationships fail and the girls or boys keep wondering what went wrong with them.

Even after people get matured, they have confusions in choosing their partners. The confusion being whether to choose the one you like most or the one who cares you the most. There’s a quote I heard recently which refers to this dilemma – “Don’t marry a person you can live with, marry a person you can’t live without”. One can use the same in the above confusion – don’t marry the person you like, marry one who likes you. Here is confusion. If you marry the one who cares about you but you do not reciprocate the same feelings, will you be happy? The opposite may be applicable to the other situation.

At middle stages of life, a person gathers wealth and fortune for his children. He may use some unfair means to gain wealth which he thinks is for the best of his family, his future generations to come. There is shortsightedness in his vision of securing a good future. He might have given a good boost for his next generation, but the later generations will have to suffer for his deeds. His actions as a corrupt person may affect a few people, which in turn become potential corrupt persons. The chain might go exponentially, which is what happening these days. Due to a few corrupt persons long way back, today’s world is filled with corrupt people where no one can trust each other. We are making it worse by adding little drops of corruption to it. One day we will suffer a flood from where no one can escape. So, are we doing any good by securing good fortunes for our children by sacrificing honesty? Later generations may curse us for our ignorance. We are creating a hell on earth for them. This does not only include corruption, pollution of environment also counts. Think again.

One thing that bothers a person is that he might not consider himself ready to face a situation or responsibility. The reality is that a man is not ready to do something until he does the job. It’s only after he faces the situation, he realizes that he was ready.

An old person is left on his own, abandoned by his kid(s). The man sacrificed countless nights so that his kid may have a sound sleep. He sacrificed his own interests for taking care of his child. What he gets in the end? Abandoned by his kids, the old man might wonder – is it wrong to raise your own child sacrificing your own happiness? Our parents say that the smile on the face of your child makes you forget everything else and that is your happiness. But that does not worth much to an old lonely person. His children are well establishes and does not care to think about you. You feel like cursing them to suffer like you did, but you can’t. It’s not a mother-son or father-son love, but the selfish genes at play. Deep inside one still thinks, was your life worth living?


  1. Tridiv

    Liked ur profound thoughts despite it smelt a bit non exuberant..At least reading an article in blog with no beating of self trumpet....

    Good one though...

  2. I agree with Brahma da full on.
    Cant hear any trumphet, but a nice read.
    Keep it going Tridiv.

  3. Tridiv...very thoughtfull article...
    a new taste of reading...first music adn now life...

    Hello BN and Henry...
    how will u define self it because someone is scribbling down ones activities...

    when someone writes it carries lot of meaning...and motive...the writer recreates the world he has experienced..,

    and please answer the question - is writng a bad habit...

  4. BN and Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BN i have been reading all ur articles ....i thght u know what prmpts peple to write...
    u ahve got a different genre and style...

    but here in this coment has really forced me to coment...
    liking and disliking aare very prsonal...if there is one article whicje other may dosnot love it happens tht the same article is loved my lot of people..

    u r judgement cannt be taken as mark in the stone...

  5. Mr Raj & Phoenix....

    The comment i made was merely what i perceive as a reader ...But as i also have few posts in the blog and may add few more in may be disliked by most of the readers... the comment should be taken with that spirit... There was absolutely no intension to disrespect anyone's write up...The comment was from the reader b n sinha not from the blogger b n sinha...
    I only consider this blog to be used as a platform to intensify and escalate the fraternity among BM brothers and sisters spread across the globe... also to nurture the talents of aspiring writers... a platform to share our thoughts on social and community issues... but as a reader i only want every article to relate with the community and if i read a person's personal achievement , i also become curious to know what contribution they have or intend to provide to the community else i feel it only as an act of image makeover..... which may find weired by few......

    Writing is definitely not a bad habit... any form of writing which is positive to self or many should always be appreciated..and welcomed...
    None of my comment has any intention to hurt anyone's sentiment...if it does so .. i m apologetic...

    Please keep reading and posting....

    Love to all.....

  6. Hey Raj and Phoenix, na sogoiyo he!!
    My comment was on Tridiv's post, the way it was written.
    If written well self trumpet reads good as well. Anyways, apologies if my comments got at you

    Na sogoiyo. Keep writing guys.Raj and Phoenix you too.


  7. Thanx to BN da, Henry da, Raj n Phoenix...Thanx all...

    Comments are always for good...They are meant to minimize errors or limitations in the next ones to, both criticism and admiration help a person...

    Thank u all...

  8. @BN & Henryy

    Can't agree with you more guys but give us some breathing space. As Russell Peters would say "We are brownies, cheapness is in our blood." So accept it and be proud of it.

    I am against lifing of articles though. Come on we ain't Chinese. This is a blog and not a cheap Chinese product that had to be dished out to the community. I literally fell down from my chair reading a Shashi Tharoor article in a BM blog.

  9. @ Pink floyd

    I always wish this blog to be meant for the classes not for the masses..And i too believe that there is a considerable amount of erudite readers who can be considered as connoisseurs who can easily strip off the other... It is the responsibility of the writers to take care of the uniqueness, purity and authenticity of the words... Otherwise it can certainly be considered as cheap Chinese stuff.. as u said....
    However , more of responsibility goes to the moderator to monitor... but here again there are some limitations as there is a question of commerce........

    On a lighter note.... the famous bollywood music composer Annu Malik also has a fan following.....Its all about INSPIRATION.....


  10. @ above

    I agree to your sentiment but no so much about Classes or Masses identities. Anyway, the catchword is "RESPONSIBILITY" and with increased viewership, moderator has a job at hand.

    Please view this web link:

    And decide if a particular blog deserves to be published. Just want to make you aware as this can lead to copyright infringement.


  11. No more comment on this.. I will just say... Its UNFORTUNATE....
    Let the moderator speak.....

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The topic has been erased...It's ok now...

  14. Pink Floyd, read the link. I agree with you.Its blasphemy. I'm stumped beyond words.But anyways, its a lesson for us. Got to be more careful and lets try to be as original as possible. Write bad, but lets be honest.

    Lets overcome the shock and kiss it goodbye forever.

    Happy Independence Day to all of you.
    Ammi habi hoba Oiya thaik.


  15. Hey must add something before I log out.
    We must thank Pink Floyd, for throwing light on something very very important and sensitive. Its something that hit all of us hard. But lets bravely accept and remember this red truth for times to come.

    This indeed can lead to copyright infringement.

    Moderator: Kita ahaan korik !!!




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