Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tripura tables Sinha murder panel finding,report puts onus on

Tripura government today submitted the report of the Yusuf Commission into the assassination of former Health Minister Bimal Sinha in the state assembly today. 

"The Commission finds that neither the state government nor the Tripura police was responsible for the assassination of minister Bimal Sinha. The minister was solely responsible for his assassination...," the report claimed. 

Sinha was shot dead by the ultras on March 31, 1998 at Kamalpur subdivision in Dhalai district. 

The Commission in its purported findings claimed, "minister (Sinha) used to instruct his escorts to remain far away from him whenever he went to meet the collaborators of the militants and he never allowed his security and escort personnel to come nearer to him or to accompany him..." 

The report further claimed, "This he did for the release of his brother Bikram Sinha from the clutches of the militants". 

The slain minister's younger brother had been kidnapped by the insurgents of the banned insurgent outfit, National Liberation Front of Tripura. 

The Yusuf Commission was appointed by the Left Front government in 1998 which submitted it's report on Jan 31, 2000, but the government did not publish the report. 

Following a writ petition filed by an advocate in the Tripura High Court, the court recently ordered the government to immediately publish the report and the government contended before court that the report would be tabled in the budget session of the Assembly.

March 24, 2016
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