Sunday, 12 January 2014

Banking with State Bank of India (SBI)

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

We all have some sweet and sour relationship with banks. With banks offering many services, the complexities to understand and appreciate it has gone above the board. The simple looking saving account brings alongwith it a hell lot of activities for a customer that it sometimes become headache for them. And my association with SBI Bank, Guwahati University is one such. I opened my saving account a decade ago, today I fill the account has come under my complete electronic control. A great relief and yahoo moment!

The biggest problem that I encountered with the SBI bank, was to make ritualistic visit to the home branch every time I visit Guwahati for many simple change like -- change of address, nominee change, new ATM, mobile change, internet banking and mobile banking. This simple looking services being offered by the bank, and to avail them has brought unseen scar in my mind. And of course, it has enriched my approach and understanding about banks particularly SBI.

There were moments, when the clerk in the bank had asked me where to click in the banking software! There were also moments, when the clerk affirmed me that my internet banking is ready to work. But when I go home and try to explore internet banking, I find the clerk has played a ruse to clear his table from countless preying customers. There were days, when I was limited to mobile banking, but the transaction rights in the interent banking were not given by the bank.  I could see two mobile numbers occupying my saving account. One mobile number in which I was running mobile banking and getting updates, and another mobile number in the internet banking transaction page. These problems seem simple and easy, but with time and distance, they become complex.

In my years-long experience with SBI Bank. I came to know some facts that would help customers to have sound relationship with the bank.

First, don’t change your mobile number in the SBI bank records. Being one of the primary records in the bank, a change in it might bring problem in case you use mobile or internet banking.

Don’t just rely upon the clerk that they will do their job well. Double-check it. If possible check while you remain in the bank premise. Take your laptop and mobile. It might happen that the clerk responsible for internet and mobile banking is also learning with you at your valuable time and effort.

If you could access intenet banking, download and print forms that I found work better.

Read bank manuals. It helps you to do lot of things with yourself. At least you don’t have to waste your time and energy to generate MMID No. of your account by visiting your bank.

Nonetheless, I found the SBI bank website cool and clear. Its mobile interface is also I like the most.

Hope in the coming days, I will add more services of the bank to my kitty. 
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