Thursday, 4 July 2013

The importance of place


The importance of a place in one’s life is of utmost importance. Whether it is a place where a person has born or has been brought up, or it is a place where a person has come for livelihood. A person’s relationship with a place is unique and it is a mix of lot of feelings and emotions. A place for a person comes as a fulfillment of his or her security, hope and aspirations, an identity. It is mix of myriad of wishes and desires. 

However, sometimes a decision has to be made. To relocate and leave the city from where a person has been rooted for a long time. A city which has been source of all needs that a person require, suddenly fails to enchant him or her. No more glitzy surrounding of a city, the independence it throws, is successful to hold back a person.

Take a friend of mine (A), he left for Assam, after a long stay in Delhi. He was running an internet café business. Another friend (B) will also leave Delhi by the end of this year; he has got lot of investment stakes in the internet medium.

What is common between them? Both of them have done a reality check on themselves. After all such decisions are not made instantly.

A year back, my friend’s (A) internet café business was running smoothly in a rented premise. A demographic change recently in the area changed the number of footfalls in his café. Civil services aspirants in drove had left the area, now it is being occupied by one-day-exam aspirants preparing for SSC, and other exams. This has impact on the business. Adding to it, my friend cousin who was staying with him got selected in Assam Public Service Commission (APSC), and he left my friend A. Definitely it has an impact on him, since after a day-long work, he is alone at night, creating a voidness in his life.

Months went on, one fine day; he took up the decision to left Delhi and do the same business in Assam. Three things would have forced to leave the city for good. One, the business prospect. It is very hard to expand an internet café. Second, the financial strength of my friend A. Definitely, he would have checked his saving and found ‘not satisfactory’. Third, social. Since he is being business for a long time, the business acumen and perspective of life, is different from a salaried person, he took up the call.

My friend B. Though he lives in Delhi, he lives an American life. He earns in dollar and spends in rupees. With the falling of rupee against dollar, he is making moolah of it. With investment in lot of internet stuff, he has decided to operate it from Assam. And of course, adding a new business.

Definitely, for them going back is not a taboo or a shameful act. It is not going from light to dark. It is restructuring their chosen life for betterment where they will add elements which the city has failed to fulfill.
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