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Jogendra Kumar Sinha compiles lineage of Moirangs and Kshamuls

RK Rishikesh Sinha
Jogendra Kumar Sinha
Author Jogendra Kumar Sinha
In an effort to advance our understanding of Bishnupriya Manipuri history, Jogendra Kumar Sinha, has compiled the descendants of the Moirangs and Kshamuls in his book “Chronology of the Moirangs and the Kshamuls”.

Written in a succinct style, the book has precisely mentioned the Kshamul Aribam clan (the descendants of the King Samurak) till now. On the part of the author, it was indeed a herculean task to build up the lineage of Kshamul Aribam clan alongside Anoubam or Noaraja Clan (the descendants of the King Maimu).

Abindhwaja (Kshamul Aribam) Lineage

Here is an excerpt of the book.
The chronology of the Kshamul Aribam clan is:
(1) Samurak
(2) Athing
(3) Ningphucha
(4) Khuyan Lanthaba
(5) Khomba
(6) Khapak
(7) Kalaraja Ariba Lairik Laisomba
(8) Sana Kharitomba
(9) Samiloiba
(10) Dasaraja
(11) Kirtidhawaja (Kalaraja)

Kirtidhawaja (Kalaraja) had six sons:
1.      Naradhwaja (no record)
2.      Kalamadhav or Radhamadhav
3.      Abindhwaja (Kalaraja)
4.      Bongbitan
5.      Sangai
6.      Talentomba or Kamaldhwaja

Download the Abindhwaja (Kalaraja) lineage. (it mentions the names of upto six generations)
Abindhwaja (Kalaraja) family tree
Abindhwaja (Kalaraja)family tree

(The other family tree will be updated here in this post.)

There is every possibility of lapse of some names in both the clans, the book cites. It is requested, the present readers associated with King’s lineage to add their names if not included in the list.

The book is published by Rajesh Rajkumar, Krishna Kanta Rajkumar (Baromuni), Govinda Rajkumar (Katakhal), Tarun Kumar Rajkumar (Silchar), Jyotsna Rajkumar (Silchar). 

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