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How To Get MTNL Telephone Connection In Delhi

How to 
Getting an MTNL Telephone connection with other facilities like Broadband / Internet might seem simple and an easy walk-through in Delhi. But it is not so, if you don’t take care of few things especially for those who are staying temporarily in Delhi or are very new to the city or they don’t have their own residence. However, the article will also help those who have their residence.

With ubiquitous mobile connectivity, still there are people who for personal and professional reason prefer an MTNL connection (telephone or internet), thus adding value to the communication channel.

Steps to get MTNL telephone  / internet / broadband connection in Delhi:

Step 1. In your home-search spree, enquire whether MTNL connection is available or not to your property dealer or the person known to you. It might happen that MTNL connection is not available in that particular area.

Step 2. Once you are confirmed that MTNL connection is available. Inform the property dealer AND also the owner of the house and emphasise them that:
(a)You need Rent agreement
(b) Photocopies of Paid Electricity Bill / Water Bill. Please note that you have to take photocopies of recent Bills (minimum 3 months) and that should be PAID.
(c)  Confirm, confirm to the fact that whether the name in the Rent Agreement AND the name in the Electricity Bill / Water Bill is same or not. Tell this fact to the Property Dealer and the owner whether the name in these two documents will be same or not. If it is not. Try another home.

Since many times, it has been seen that the present owner has not changed the name in these crucial documents from the previous owner from whom he or she has bought the property.

If you miss these points, you will be paying a heavy price since it wouldn’t be easy to change home once you get in.

(3) Once you are satisfied with the two necessary points given above, visit your nearby MTNL Sanchar Haat.

(4) Fill up the Forms that would be available for new connection (You can find the MTNL Application Forms online) by visiting your nearest Sanchar Haat. 

(5) Submit (a) Identity Proof (photocopy) that may include PAN, Driving License, Voter ID etc., with (b) photocopy of the Rent Agreement; and (c) Photocopy of the Paid Electricity or Water Bill.
And don’t forget to take the originals.

(6) After submission of the documents, wait for atleast a week to get the connection.  

Hurray! You are done with it.

Problem with many government offices is that they don’t display appropriately Citizen’s Charter which is visible enough to any walk-through customers.  If it is done with, half of the harassment could be mitigated.

Hope the article has helped you. 
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