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BMDF function turns brainstorming

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GUWAHATI, April 17

The Bishnupriya Manipuri Discussion Forum (BMDF) programme on the occasion of the release of the inaugural issue of its magazine, ‘Firaal’, turned out to be a brainstorming session with active participation by the members of the cyber-savvy yuppie generation in the community. The Generation Y tried their best to gauge the pulse of senior members of the community, some of whom are decision makers when it comes to wellbeing of their fellow members.

Releasing the magazine, Tezpur University professor Dr Smriti Kumar Sinha reflected on the internet and the benefits of its application in all spheres of personal and community life. On the current divisive wave that is delivering a near deathblow to the wellbeing of the community, Dr Sinha said: “It’s emotional illiteracy that always drives a wedge among the community members at a time when they badly need to work and fight unitedly. Emotional literacy is an area that we need to cultivate so as to be able to hammer out consensus on disputes.”

While litterateurs Dils Lakshmindra Sinha, Col (retd) Bijoy Sinha, Sushil Sinha, Sunil Kumar Sinha, Ranjit Sinha and Narendra Sinha talked of literature and literary development, Dr Nalini Sinha, a professor of North Eastern Hill University, rued the failure to use Bishnupriya Manipuri words which, according to him, continue to disappear in the vagaries of linguistic and cultural onslaught of the time.

In his presidential address, Professor Kamini Mohan Sinha brought the attention of the gathering to the basics of survival of the community that is at stake under the present socio-politico and demographic pattern in Assam and some other states in the northeast. Prof. Sinha made it clear in no uncertain terms that the security threat to some of the far-flung and isolated villages of the community under ‘unfavourable’ demographic situation in the Barak Valley in Assam is a serious matter to reckon with.

On behalf of the BMDF, Pratibha Sinha, Mousumi Sinha and others gave a glimpse of their determination and enthusiasm to do something that can rescue the community from its present state.

Courtesy: Seven Sisters Post
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