Thursday, 4 August 2011

BMDC completes one year in office!

By Rebati Mohan Sinha

Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council (BMDC) celebrated year’s achievements on July 31st, 2011 at Srilo Bhubaneswar Sadhuthakur sevashram at Tarapur, Silchar. The Chairman could not attend it. The Vice Chairman presided over the meeting. The ADC with his concerned officials took part in the celebration. About 2.5 crore worth items were distributed, including items distributed in Guwahati. The items are : Auto Rickshaws — 65, Sewing machines  214, and cash amount given to some woman groups, individuals(Ishalpa/Dakula) and to some Mandirs. 

Is it a long or short-term planning? Can we presume that it is a rural-based development scheme which Govt. has approved? I think, time is not ripe to think about down-trodden farmers, who are below poverty line. In my earlier article, I have enquired whether these proud owners of the sewing machines have been trained or not? It is known fact that tailoring as an occupation in villages is not profitable, because people mostly go for readymade garments. The fund allocation is from Centre 75%, State 25%, so the state Govt. officials are very much prompt in disbursing.

However, there are few questions that are still unanswered and needed to be attended. 

#1. It has to be agreed that the Govt. of Assam with a suitable legislation was to constitute the council with satellite areas of BM villages with people living there; but so far there is no Gazette Notification, although the adhoc committee has already been constituted with 10+2 members by notification. When will the Govt. notify these villages?
#2. Let people know the development plan submitted by the Council, on which it said that an amount has been allotted.
#3. Let the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed between Govt. and NBMM, be made public so that we shall come to know whether our all long pending demands/aspirations included in it or not.
#4. What is the tenure of the present adhoc committee? What is the preparation going on for the holding of election?
#5. What will be the status of BMDC?
#6. What is the organizational structure?
#7. Will BMDC have control over Govt. officers and staff connected to it?
#8. Where is the Act or bylaw to run the Council, let it be made public?
#9. When will Govt. provide necessary one time financial assistance for development of administration infrastructure in the newly created HQtrs and Sub divisional HQtrs?
#10. What is the present status of land measuring about 3 bighas allotted in Guwahati?
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