Saturday, 26 February 2011

An Unified Dream

By Parivita Sinha

All flavor fades away with time. Is it with her only or with everybody? She is pondering why nothing gives her any desire? She is yet to reach her mid-thirty but life seems to her fulfilled dream.

Gopa had a rising career but she never chased ambitions. She sees her world in her husband. She always wished to be with him and now when they are married, nothing has left for her to gain. But he is unrest. He has big dreams that makes him unrest and sometimes annoyed.

Those were the days when they would spend hours together in the class, canteen and in the bus stand. He would do flirting silently, subtly with no friend to ever understand his intention. He was so romantic in those days and it all started then.

Time has changed the mood and restrained the endurance. It could be the reason why romance ends when love begins. Time has brought them a new phase of conjugal life and it has its own demands, needs and off course adjustments. Nemesh still loves her but his world is much bigger than her. He has dreams to follow, friends to talk and a market to cater. He has lot more engagements to meet with.

Gopa gropes for the mobile in dark. It is quarter to two. There is still long time for dawn to show its light. It happens to her often when many thoughts consume her and makes sleep her estranged friend. Tomorrow will be hectic for her as Nemesh will go early morning for an urgent meeting with his new client. She has also a bucket full of clothes to wash. Sweeping, swabbing, and cooking as usual. Gopa closes her eyes and hopes for the successful deal and a good day to come. 
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