Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Return road rough for expelled Assam BJP MLAs

SILCHAR: The four BJP MLAs, who were expelled from the party for supporting the Congress in the last Rajya Sabha polls, are eager to get re-entry to the party. They have already "applied" for the same at different levels of the party. But sources said the BJP leadership is in no mood to get the "corrupt" and "politicians with dubious character" back to the party fold. 

The four MLAs included: Rumi Nath (Borkhola), Sambhu Singh Mallah (Ratabari), Kartik Sena Sinha (Patharkandi) and Abhijit Hazarika (Rangapara).

The sources said the MLAs led by Rumi Nath from Borkhola constituency in Cachar met senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley last month during his visit to Silchar. They requested him to withdraw the expulsion and treat them as regular party members. They even are ready to beg pardon for the role they played during the Upper House elections. The sources said the legislators cited the examples of some other expelled party leaders who were brought back to the BJP after an interval. 

The MLAs not only got in touch with president Nitin Gadkari and urged him to get them back, but also they have been continuing with their requests over the months. The four MLAs Rumi Nath (Borkhola), Sambhu Singh Mallah (Ratabari), Kartik Sena Sinha (Patharkandi) and Abhijit Hazarika (Rangapara) had instead of voting for the opposition's combined candidate Jayanta Baruah whom the BJP was supporting, voted for Congress candidate Silvius Condopan. The BJP soon suspended the four and later Gadkari expelled them for their "unpardonable indiscipline and anti-party activities". The sources said the four MLAs started believing that the Congress leadership would nominate them as party candidates during next assembly elections on the basis of reported "promise" made by the leaders after cross-voting. 

But now it became clear to them that Congress leadership is not ready to consider them as candidates. This made the expelled legislators eager to come back. 

Political observers understand that even if the four go on with contesting the next assembly elections as independents, it will prove to be a doom for their political career, as the people are fuming against them for defying party discipline. 

Courtesy: The Times of India (August 9, 2010)
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