Sunday, 6 June 2010

Proposal to form Anchalik Committee of Parichalan Samiti at Pune

A meeting was held at Vishrant Wadi, Pune on 3rd June 2010 to finalize the formation of a first Anchalik Committee of Shri Shri Radhamadhavjiu Mandir Seva Parichalan Samiti at Pune. The attendees also had discussion upon various issues pertaining to administration of the Mandir.

The Mandir administration is not following proper maintenance of inventories, account books, etc.

The meeting was chaired by Dilip Sinha form Tripura, the Organizing Secretary of Radhamadhavjiu Mandir Seva Parichalan Samiti. People present in the meeting from Mumbai are : Rebati Mohan Sinha, Parimal Sinha, Ranju Sinha, Bibhulal Sinha, Mohitosh Sinha, Bobby Sinha, Bhanumati Sinha; and from Pune : Ramsena Sinha, Col. Nani Kumar Sinha, Pradip Kumar Sinha, Benu Sinha, Suchitra Sinha, Kanti Sinha, Mala Sinha. Paritosh Sinha from Kailashahar, Tripura was the special invitee.

Ramsena Sinha, the convener of the meeting and the senior most member from Pune expressed that within few months the committee would be formed and would intimate the authority accordingly. In the meeting Rebati Mohan Sinha (Mumbai) briefed about the present situation of Yatri Nivas at the premises of Radhamadhav Mandir, Radhakunda, Mathura. The construction of Yatri Nivas has been stalled due to changing of Sevait, he said.

The meeting was continued next day, the 4th June, although most of Mumbai people could not stay back. Paritosh Sinha suggested formation of Central Committee and other related matters of mass interest.
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