Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bishnupriya Manipuri Womein making their mark in all spheres.

The Bishnupriya Manipuri women are giving tough competition to their male counterpart. This fact reveals the status of women in the community.

By BN Sinha, New Delhi

The social values in India have changed a lot in the last two decades with the change of people’s lifestyle. We are all witnessing a rapid transition of social norms and practices in India, especially in the urban sector. Social values include practicing of the traditional cultures, customs and habits in one hand and adopting the cosmopolitan culture on the other.

The sex ratio in employment, education also in other areas like politics etc have significantly plummeted as the ratio is close to unity. Even in case of home making the modern India couples expect equal contribution. However, the rural sector have not witnessed much change as far as escalation of female ratio in developmental sectors is concerned.

Our Bishnupriya Manipuri community is also not far behind in all the developments that are taking place. Our women strata have always registered a fair number in every sphere. It was a traditional practice in BM community that we always respected and adored womanhood.

The social values of BM community is much stronger than most of their counterparts in India. The community has always respected the woman power, as Martyr Sudeshna will always be remembered as an BM icon of women power.

In BM there is always a stronghold of females in all the homemaking related issues from budgeting to children education. There are a very negligible number of incidents where as BM women are disrespected, instead they are being considered as the torch bearers of the community with respect to culture and tradition.

Traditionally the community as a whole always adopted a liberal attitude towards the equality of male and female. BM parents no longer hesitates to send his daughter away from home for higher education and employment. They are more willing, showing more interest to get them the proper education and financial stability before getting them married.

Not to mention BM women are now much advanced and are significantly doing great in every industry , may it be IT, Medicine, Education, BPOs, Law and order, Media or also in the Army. 21st century BM women are literally making their presence felt in every sector to make their parents as well as community proud.

The urban BM females are now well acquainted with the emerging cosmopolitan culture. They are now not confined to the bula-lehu or ilisha-mukhi cuisine but can distinguish between continental dishes and drinks.

A proper statistical analysis will definitely come out with the fact that the 21st century BM women are far ahead of their counterparts of the nineties. A close view to the community will reveal that the teenage BM girls are more sincere in studies and career in comparison to the boys.

A genuine threat to the next generation BM males?



  1. Indeed, an sightful article on the changing lifestyles of women. Keep up the good informative blitz. - Ravi V. Chhabra

  2. Felt very nice reading this article..I salute ur thinking..Good work BN..and congrats for the above comment..u deserve it..u r a lucky man..Good Luck..

  3. Thanks a ton to Mr. Chhabra and Ms Ranita for their appreciation. More of credit goes to Rishi, its all his initiative and effort to create this virtual platform where in we can share out thoughts. The endeavor becomes more successful when it gets readers like Mr Chhabras stature.


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