Friday, 2 November 2007

Amar Ela: Bishnupriya Manipuri songs and music

By BN Sinha,New Delhi

We all are grown up with a belief that we Bishnupriya Manipuri community are quite enriched with art, culture and dogmas. Though its still a debate on who actually possess the great Manipuri Dance, we or the Meiteis of Manipur. Every community has their own literature , so also its music and compositions.

Even the Bishnupriya Manipuri diaspora, who are out of touch with the core society activities for more than decades like me are still having a great sense of euphoric feel for the implausible mellow compositions by the legendary personalities like SJ Motilal Sinha, DR. K.P Sinha, Suronath Sinha and many more. It can be termed as the golden era for the Bishnupriya Manipuri music and literature when the evolution of great compositions took place.

We can never forget few songs like “ Punnyo tirtho manipur maati , monimoyee mor ema” by Sj Golap Babu Sinha and “ Janam janame more diya petheis hunar monipure, janam laloileo dhuligo koredis more loktakor pare” by Pt. Motilal Sinha. Lots of other evergreen Bishnupriya Manipuri songs like “ Bulouri mi maanu bisareiya”, Suror bhubane tore mi denar moto nei, aaji tor janar dine”, Aar more ti ningsing naish, aji ti pahure jaga mor purana kotha” etc. also had been created on that golden era. It was in the eighties when our Bhasha Andolan was at its pinnacle.

Many poets came up with detesting and rebellious poems so also poems which are profound, sublime and also melancholic. I still can remember a monthly magazine named “ Nua Ela” by Mr Shivendra Sinha . Other literary activities also had been noticed in “ Tripua Che”.

It was definitely a revolution of Bishnupriya Manipuri literature. I can still remember the “Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahalaya” by Sh Suronath Sinha and “Bishnupriya Manipuri Rakhuwal”. We also cannot forget the contribution of Kujolata who once considered as The Lata of our community.

Days went on…and after the martyrdom of the great Sudeshna the momentum started losing its pace and all kind of cultural activities also got inhibited. However, the corollary was so strong that non Bishnupriya Manipuri community people also started showing interest in Bishnupriya Manipuri music. It is always nostalgic to remember the musical album by the then great Rising Orchestra of Silchar which had rocked the whole community in the ninties. It would be injustice to forget the contribution of Mr. Bidhan Laskar S/o Bhanu Laskar and Mr. Mriganko Goswami.

I still remember the then hit BM song “ Taar yaari eta jebakao mone aaher” by Mriganko Goswami and “Dhukkhor asar boithahan” by Bidhan Laskar. It can be considered as the aftermath of the revolution in the ninties. People were quite sincere about the community culture and literature. People like Sh Biresh Sinha, M K Sinha, Lakhindra Sinha, Meena Kumari Sinha, Usha Sinha, Adhir Sinha also have added contribution to enrich the Bishnupriya Manipuri music.

As we moved towards the GSM and Orkut era….a long pause has been felt until recently a band with a young group of talents have come up with the album “Mingal”. All the compositions of the particular album are terrific especially the songs “ Monor Malati” and “ Tor ahir ma mi houpon dehesu”.

It seemed like a professional band. Hats off to the guys for their great work despite all hurdles….especially in the days when all are engrossed with remixes and copycats…

A new virgin composition is really commendable. These boys has definitely made an effort to carry on the Bishnupriya Manipuri musical legacy …. They deserve a high recognition and appreciation and more as I strongly believe they are highly influenced and motivated by the great composition of Elton Jhon

Candle In The Wind”….


  1. Mr BM,

    After reading ur article i just cannot find words to thank u for whatever u hv written. I m in a loss , m nt getting proper words to jot down. What i m feeling cannot be expressed in words. thanks once again. Looking up for more inputs from ur side. Wishing u good luck....


  2. dear bn singha,thanks for sharing your knowledge on bishnupriya manipuri songs and music.
    yes there are lots let say we can see bollywood influence in bishnupriya manipuri songs and as result we are losing our popular tunes or 'raga's which are the soul of our traditional music...this thief mentality & pathetic trend of being copycat indians is growing like a cancer in our 'modern song' industry.

  3. "Aar more ti ningsing naish, aji ti pahure jaga mor purana kotha"

    since childhood i have been listening to this song from my mom's mouth.she used to croon very often. i suppose it was my mom's fav song. i had a believe that this song was written by my mom or picked up from somewhere, since i nver heard in any gathering, or in electronic form.

    but thanks to BN for bringing out from the myth that the song was written and composed by my mom.

    a great piece of wrting on BM music. i was anxiously waiting to read psot like this. GREAT GOING!



  4. if manipuri songs uploaded in this site, so it reach to every home and listener. please upload all the latest manipuri songs

  5. any thing new..........???


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