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Gokulananda Utsav held at Guwahati on Nov 30

By Rebati Mohan Sinha

Gokulananda Geetiswami Birth Anniversary Celebration Committee of Greater Guwahati extended an invitation in the month of last may in Delhi, where I was leading a delegation of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha. I could not say 'Yes or 'No' to them. 

Again in the month of November representatives came to my house and renewed the request on invitation to attend the celebration on 30th November, 2008. Meantime, we - the Bishnupriya Manipuri people of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Pune have already decided to contribute some money to bomb blast victims at Guwahati, at this backdrop I agreed to attend the celebration, thinking that I could also be able to hand over the money to needy victims. And prior to departure for Guwahati I tried to contact few people who are known to me so that they can guide me on the way we could in the best way distribute the money.
Blast victim (extreme left)

Our outward journey commenced on 26th November2008 by Tilaknagar Guwahati Express. I had never traveled by this train, it took me to Guwahati after 53 hrs i.e on 28th November at 1 o’clock. Representatives of organizers received me at the station to leave me at Hotel Prag Continental at Pan baazar and in the evening a group of youngster, lead by Shri Shankar Sinha met me in the hotel room and discussed about the Bishnupriya Manipuri bomb blast victims and other organizational matters'. 

And after their departure another group of people lead by Shri Rabi visited me to inquire about our well being and discussed about the impending program. Next day, as per discussion, I requested Mr Sunil Sinha to arrange for a News Conference.

On 29th November we could not visit the victims; Mr. Sunil Sinha had picked me up in the evening from the hotel and took me to a reporters house for a discussion. It was decided that we would be visiting the worst effected area, Hengrabari and hand over the money-enclosed envelops to the affected people and the reporters would be accompanying us.

Next day, on the 30th November, the D day of Gokulananda Utsav, in the morning my wife and along I went to the designated place at Hengrabari, where the reporters were waiting for us.

We visited the number of houses of deceased families till 11.45 a.m, and then left for the celebration at Shilpogram, Panjabari, where the Auditorium is situated.

We were given a warm welcome. The President and General Secretary led us to the sofas kept for the purpose. After the customary leichandan, it was announced that I would be presiding the Alochana Sabha.Really it was a great pleasure to accept the offer. I was led by the President, Abhyarthana Committee to the dais and occupied the chair.

After the Pradeep prajjalon, followed by pushpanjjoli to Geetiswami, formally as a President, I had thrown opened the house for discussion. The auditorium was jam packed. After the thank-giving deliberation I declared to close the meeting.

The cultural program started and I took leave from the organizers for the hotel.

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  1. Rebati Girok!!!!!!!!!

    Enough is Enough!!!! I respect you. But think for a while can a Bangladeshi would love to read this post since the post is of use. He will read something related to the community and NOT your whole journey. Just tell me what was your primary motive when you wrote this.

    RK Rishikesh Sinha, please note it is OK to read personal thing but something between social, political personal. It is very pesky.

  2. I came to read Gokulananda Utsav held at Guwahati on Nov 30, but now here it was elaborately mentioned.

    very soorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. I do agree with Mr. girokgo over here. The emphasis in this article is given more on the journey of somebody accompanied by his wife. How they got the reception,who came to meet them, all these sorts of things are given more importance.The intension behind the way of writing this article and publishing it in this blog portrays self oriented.Initially no intension was there to make this comment, but understanding the importance of this blog and the issues,this comment is made.We should emphasise on Bishnupriya Manipuri community related issues rather than including personal things in articles.It dilutes the quality of this blog.Let us utilise this blog not to get the popularity or fame but for BM community seva.

    Lastly,no intention is there to hurt anybody's sentiments. I beg pardon if i did so.

    Tolede pakoredik habbiye:

    1. STATEMENT: "in Delhi, where I was leading a delegation of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha. I could not say 'Yes or 'No' to them."
    ACTUAL MEANING HAN: Mi lead korlu. Mi leadergo.

    2. STATEMENT:"I agreed to attend the celebration, thinking that I could also be able to hand over the money to needy victims"

    ACTUAL MEANING HAN: Tumi chei MI koti hoba manugo, koti dangor manugo. Tumi chei MOR networking.

    3. STATEMENT: "I had never traveled by this train, it took me to Guwahati after 53 hrs i.e on 28th November at 1 o’clock".

    ACTUAL MEANING HAN: Chei mi koti dangor hi-flyer go! High flyergo oiyau chei koti shomajorka, tumarka koti kaam korouri.Mi te naturally tumar LEADER aago nai.

    4. STATEMENT: "I went to the designated place at Hengrabari, where the reporters were waiting for us."

    ACTUAL MEANING HAN:Deklai mi Assame gesuka buliya Asshamhan hulustul laageseta. Mi asshame jaana uhaan te National News ahaan nai. Mi LEADER go tumar. Mi haabita.

    5. STATEMENT: "After the thank-giving deliberation I declared to close the meeting."

    ACTUAL MEANING HAN: Mi shorbo shreshtha go. Morka manu haan bibula osi.

    To show all of you idiots that look here, I am the leader. Chei more. More chei tumi. Bishnupriya Manipuri jaat ehanor chei mi koti dangor leader aago.Mi he chaleiya thosu jaat haan nai ehan.

    Failure. Embarassment.

  5. rebati girok,
    i read your article no where i have seen any displeasure item for getting such comment .
    hope you don't mind as this is our culture to which is carry forward by youngstars like girokgo, santosh, obaiitao .tks to them at least they have read and comment.

    i look forward for the details of the occasion as i have already read the article written about Gokulananda gitishami before and could have thank than for the article.

    hope the youngsters are related to the famous Gokulananda gitishami due to which they are upset and i also agree to them as you had attended the occasion and the victims .
    they are not aware that silchar people used to go by flt from kolkata provided if they effort.

    those who does not have the courage to give their name they should not allowed to comment anything to anybody .it is my humble request to mr. rishikesh.

    tks and regards to all .hope for the rest article about the the occasion.


  6. Mr. Bipul has made the comment,"hope you don't mind as this is our culture to which is carry forward by youngstars like girokgo, santosh, obaiitao", i would here like clarify that we youngsters of today can never accept a person writing something about our community using the word'I,I,I,I' many times. Even a layman can undestand the motive of a person using the word 'I' many times in a article. It was nothing but self declaration.May be he wants to declare what Obai Itao has commented. Our community is molested by many such self centred people involved with MAHASABHA about whom it has already been discussed many times in articles in this blog. We youngsters want leaders who will not look for name, fame or any other self centred motive but will serve the community without any selfishness and to whom majority of the people will support. We, youngsters of today, can never allow a self declared man. We need a Bishnupriya Manipuri sevak as a leader but not a person who uses 'I' many times in his speeches.

  7. These protests could never be happened if the article were written in such a way that we could get the information about the occassion. Rather using the word 'I' many times in the article has spoiled the whole effort of the author of the article. Frankly, it is tough for us to digest an article written in such way using 'I' many times.

  8. Article ehaan sesei. It is an embarassment in itself.

    Baro Bipul Girok, tite cerebrally, intellactually challneged manugo.

    Thank God, comment aro Komhe kore matasi! Ti tor loyalty maintain kor, Maha-celebrity Rebati Girokorang. Ammi te comment kortangai jebakai esade niloijo article nikultoi. Amare atkani nuartai. Rishiye amare bondo korlouu aami oinopeit matangai.

  9. Reading all the comments on this article were not very pleasant though... The only thing i would like to tel is that in today's world the most foolish and disgraceful thing is taking people granted... I only can say after following this blog regularly from the beginning that it has attracted a legitimate erudite coterie..There may be many flaws in write ups and comments.. But both the writers and the connoisseurs must not take the gentry granted.. Its said " Ye jo publik hai ye sab janti hai"..

    I can easily claim that the present generation Indian youths ( also includes BM )are much focused and result oriented... and we all have seen the public outcry post Mumbai attack... against the politico system... Gone are the days when mass used to follow their leaders blindly... The present era is of RTI...Its better that we accept the reality...

    Though I m also associated with Mahasabha in Delhi, i too agree upto an extent with Mr Santosh that many of its leaders did not discharge their duties with honesty and dedication contrary, few examples of activities can be found out which misleaded and misguided its own people...

    But things are gradually on a changing note.. as its already been said by many that there is an urgent need of change of guards and the agenda is on the cards..
    Its inevitable as their is a dearth of clemency in the present day youths....

    Despite... Let Peace Prevail....

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Such foolish acts bring not just the Mahasabha but any organization to shame.
    Man atleast know how to manipulate publicity if that is what you want.

    By the way Brahmananda, though now I reside abroad, but having known the Mahasabha for the last few decades let me tell you,we never had any true, selfless Bishnupriya Manipuri leaders. Not just Mahasabha, Sahita Parishad, Sanskriti Parishad or any damn Bishnupriya Manipuri organization always lacked true selfless leaders. Also we must also acknowledge if some good work is done. Which team, which President of which year of Mahasabha has done any exceptional work? Somebody tell me. Let us go back 25years back and ask ourselves.
    Name me one team which was selfless. Name me one leader who was selfless. We cannot.
    We had only one true leader.
    That was Mr. Bimal Sinha.We need to overcome ego, Loya politics, publicity hunger, gagara chenkuri mentality, gaang mindsets to come up with such true leaders.

  12. Leaders are neither born nor trained;but"momemnt maketh the man"
    The person who rises to the occasion is a leader.We need to channel our energy positively, so that something good and enduring comes out of it.Stop asking others for what they did and did not.
    Once US president JFK said
    "Ask not what your country did for you;but what did you do for the country. The time has come to stop moaning and to take charge of our common destiny.

  13. Very well put Rebati Pisha.
    But I would love to put it across this way. True a leader is somebody who rises to the occasion. But after that what?
    Agree individually we should be motivated. But now I strongly feel the time has come to ask questions with a monitoring objective.
    Time to ask what Mahasabha has done?What Sahitya Sabha Sabha has done?
    What Sanskriti Parishad has done?What Students Union has done? What Dr. DK Sinha has done? What Mr. Jagat Mohan has done? What Mr. Monoranjan has done? What Mr. Gopen Sinha has done? What Lakhindra Sinha has done? What you have done? The people should have the right to question and should be encouraged to question.

    As Brahmananda has put, we have the Right To Information.

    In the right spirit of course.


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