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The Legacy Of Gakulananda Geetiswami

By Kumkum Sinha, Guwahati When society faces a great turmoil or social degradation, God sends some social reformers to save society from plunging into an abyss of darkness. This happened in the last century when the Bishnupriya Manipuri Society became vulnerable and morally unstable. The life of younger folk was that of a ship without a rudder. Some of the bewildered youths started to ape others blindly. The society was moving without any aim or in proper direction. It became necessary to guide the society to a worthwhile goal, to have a guide to streamline the society. At this critical time emerged a great reformer Sri Gakulananda, an extremely intelligent man who knew that reformation in that age through lectures and sermons would prove futile. So he innovated techniques to bring about a change in the mindset of the people. The Bishnupriya Manipuri Society is a Vaishnavite society with a very strong cultural background. Sri Gakulananda tried to utilize this cultural bent of mind of t

Insurrection turning into Revolution

By Karunamay Sinha Unpredictable Northeasterners Bhanubil is a place in the Sylhet Division of present-day Bangladesh. Wave upon wave of Manipuri migrants began to settle down here two-and-a-half centuries ago making it one of the most remarkable Manipuri strongholds outside Manipur. The Division was then part of Asom. Barring one or two Meitei villages, almost all the villages of the area belong to the Bishnupriya Manipuris. There are some Manipuri Muslim villages on the outskirts of the compact settlement. By the second decade of the preceding century, there occurred an unseemly problem. The British-backed Zaminder there began to impose heavier burdens of taxes. Resentment began to build up among the otherwise happy-go-lucky Manipuris. Then, one day the dissidence came to a head and the Manipuris rose to the occasion, of course, in their own mettlesome way. The insurrectionary move was later given a revolutionary face by the Indian National Congress leaders and also leaders of other

Role of feasts and festivals in Bishnupriya Manipuri culture

News & Views//By DILS Lakshmindra Sinha: The Manipuri culture has its own identity. That this is a blend of Aryan and Mongoloid cultures has been backed by scholars like E Nilakanta Singh. Though the Manipuri culture has its origin in the Aryan culture, influence of the Mongoloid culture on it in attaining its distinct and own identity and development cannot be ruled out. The Bishnupriya Manipuris are from the Aryan group. Till the Colonial Rule, both the Meiteis and Bishnupriyas were called Manipuris. Dr GA Grierson laid stress on this fact. Barring their languages, the cultures of these two communities are almost alike. In the post-independence era, the Bishnupriyas have been making efforts for their separate identity on the question of their mother tongue. When viewed from its origin, Bishnupriya Manipuri culture is the Aryan part of Manipuri culture. The cultures of Austric, Mongoloid and other ethnic communities had their influence for thousands of years on the development of

Simplicity and Talent Discovered

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi There are some developments that you can’t stop – it has a universal appeal. Music is one. In recent times if there has been a development ( the word “development” is not correct), call it “sensation”, a “phenomenon” the world over, it is the discovery of a 47-year-old unemployed lady Susan Boyle, in the Britain’s Got Talent . “I am so thrilled because I know everybody was against you I honestly think that we were all being very cynical and it was a wake up call…” said Amanda Holden after hearing Susan Boyle, who like anyone in audience went by her unattractive look. "I'm going to rock that audience", she said before her performance. She didn't imagine in her wildest dream that after her first introductory song “I Dreamed a Dream” it would be the whole world. Audiences, who were skeptical about her before the act, later stood up, cried, and were happy to the marrow, Susan being given three “Yes” by the judges. You Tube – the rendezvous

The comeback of Tushar Sinha

High Fliers By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi His life catapulted suddenly from being a faceless and nameless boy to a heartthrob of millions after he participated in the Zee TV Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa singing programme. Viewers across the world were hooked to their television sets to watch him singing the hit numbers of Hindi songs. What was his life before appearing in the Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa programme which has the rare distinction of producing singers like Shreya Ghosal, Kunal Ganjawala, and like many talented singers to the movie-crooning nation? He said, “During those days I was singing in local orchestras and someone informed me that Himesh Sir is coming to Guwahati, Assam and will be taking auditions from contestants for the programme”. He went on saying that he had never expected that he would be selected among the thousands of contestants, competing first in Guwahati and then in Kolkata, West Bengal. Explaining what are the steps or hurdles that he had to cross to appear fi

ITBP is recruiting Constable, for northeastern states the last date is Nov 3

NEWS//Jobs & Career: Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force is recruting male Indian citizens for the post of Constable (General Duty) Group 'C'. The last date of receipt of application from Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Ladakh Division of Chamba District of HP, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep for which last date is November 03, 2009 . It was mentioned in an advertisement in the Indian Express, New Delhi edition, on September 21, 2009. Total number of vacancies from Assam is 102 and from Tripura 12. Applicants from Assam and Tripura should addressed their application to DIG, SHQ (Itanagar), ITB Police, PO- Sinkiview Dist.-Papumpare Itanagar Arunchal Pradesh - 791111 Today is Imsha Imsha (Wednesday) What next? Get Email Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get SMS Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get Email Alert (E - World)

Ghazal singer Sushanta Sinha performs in Guwahati on Sep 29

//NEWS// Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati// Bhajan and Ghazal singer Sushanta Sinha is going to present a solo performance in Guwahati in the programme called Bhajan Sandhya on September 29, 2009. It is organized by Suhhrid Sangha. The venue of the programme is near the precincts of Ram Mandir, Police Reserve, Guwahati , Assam . Read more: Know Sushant Sinha, Bishnupriya Manipuri Classical Bhajan and Ghazal singer Today is Imsha Imsha (Wednesday) What next? Get Email Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get SMS Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get Email Alert (E - World)

Alert Assam:Earthquake Emergency Survival Guide

Assam has been rocked by the earthquake for the fifth time. It was reported that intensity was 6.3 in the Richter Scale. The consecutive quakes have arisen a sense of panic and impending danger of life among the people. The haphazardly growing city and unorganised concrete buildings one after another has further made the city more earthquake risk prone. It is important to spread awareness about the safety measures and dos and don'ts among the people. We have given a slideshow presentation about the preparation and necessary steps to be taken for the earthquake prone areas. Click Alert Assam:Earthquake Emergency Survival Guide Please click on the rectangular tab on the right side of the slide menu. Or Click Alert Assam:Earthquake Emergency Survival Guide Today is Ninthoapa (Monday) What next? Get Email Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get SMS Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get Email Alert (E - World)

GANCHAL SHAHAR, a poem by Sanjib Sinha

Sanjib Sinha Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Belihan nukultei Dhap dhap koria dapditai, Dinhan oitei tor pothe, Garh garh koria rohitoi koto gari, Tor buke ghum ghum koria Choltoi koto je machine. Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Tor podo-pothe koto je kadani, Koto je aat patani. Tor pothe VIPr bajer sairon, Koto manur hai-hai, kotilo kandon. Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Boronor dine tor pothe Swimmingpool hangkortai, Manu, gari-ghura Habbiye haturtai, Tor naghe kotilo gunguneitai. Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Roithan ditoi tor galgo fateya, Kortai tor sito-tap niyontron, Koto je kolpona, koto je jolpona, Kortai tor bukgot, koto je niyontron. Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Shendai aarti, butole borti, Jaleitai koto je kita, Rang birongor ghari choltoi, Beltai tor pothe bikharir deho, Chaltoi koto honon-kando, Oitoi habbi londo-bhando. Hey Shahar ti osot koti goigo. Ratir Jonake oitai bibhor, Kheltai Nidra-Immar buke, jitaiga konake. Ahante harne

Lousy Critics: Please stand up!

KALEIDOSCOPE By Prabal Atreya, Bangalore Austerity. Rahul Gandhi. Shatabdi Express. SM Krishna. Shashi Tharoor. Five-Star facilities closed. Pranab Mukherjee. Shashi Tharoor again. Twitter. Cattle class. Jayanthi Natarajan. Ashok Gehlok. Media. Blogs. Most of us reading this piece would have gone through at least a few of the above mentioned in some way or the other, in the last couple of days. The austerity drive by the government that’s been labeled by the media, so-called intelligentsia, and the learned bloggers all around the country. Can’t blame them, it’s this country which has such a tarnished image about the politicians. Such has been a polit-bureau’s image that the common man does not want to distinguish between the age-old practices and good practices that are on the process. As if Rahul Gandhi and his invisible army of advisers were not aware of the fact that he cannot board a Shatabdi Express every now and then; that this drive could only aggravate his image as a lausy e

One step forward

Views RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi Vision is the foundation of progress and progress is the motivation and reason to live. Often I ponder what would be the future of the site? The mere thinking, that the site could become dead (which is the hard reality in the on-line world) due to some unforeseen reasons, personal or otherwise, jerks me from inside. I think about the online and offline readers, who have been associated with the site for years, what would be their primary mode of communication if the site goes down. There will be looming silence all over again. But when I take into consideration the thousands of the viewers of the site, and the enormous opportunities that they bring with their association, I find there is a ray of hope to institutionalize it. It doesn’t matter whether I will be there or not, it will be alive on the Internet. What the site could do in the near future? One could probably think! Well, possibilities are many. It could provide employment, nurture talent, a

Series of Condradictions

Views By Rebati Mohan Sinha, Mumbai If one analyses the news that are being carried out in the newspapers of Guwahati and which are republished here in the site, one can make out that the stance and statements made by the so-called decision making bodies relating to Bishnupriya Manipuri community are contradictory in nature. On one hand, news appeared in The Sentinel reported from New Delhi on 4th september 2009 that the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni told Silchar MP Shri Kabindra Purkayastha that a separate section of Bishnupriya Manipuri programs in All India Radio and Doordarshan Kendras of Silchar and Guwahati would be introduced soon. On the other hand, the news reported from Silchar on September 18, 2009, explains that Bishnupriya Manipuris has called off stir temporarily which was in support of the demand for broadcasting and telecast of Bishnupriya Manipuri programs, at the intervention of Governor of Assam. It is worth to note that these two news i

Passionate artist Sunil Kumar Sinha

High-Fliers By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi Sunil Kumar Sinha, a multi-talented artist based in Guwahati has been adding vibrancy and vitality since many decades, to the land of Assam through the power of his creativity. As a former student of Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, Sunil has something to proud about, it is his association with the institute from where many notable personalities of the country had been shaped. Raj Kamble, the first Indian who got nominated in British Design and Art Directors (D&AD) and a first Indian to win prestigious One Show Gold Pencil; Arun Kolatkar, poet; Nana Patekar, Indian actor and filmmaker; Raj Thakare, politician and social worker; Vikas Sabnis, illustrator and caricature artist, are few of the names who passed out from the Institute and made history in their own sphere. Getting into the precincts of J.J. Institute of Applied Art and learning the nuances of art, was a dream came true for Sunil Kumar Sinha, born in a village Katabar

Be visible and viral in MTV Hero Honda Roadies 7

Like many youngsters, Manna Sinha, 27, an aspiring fashion designer, wants to capture the attention of the whole nation through the reality-based shows and programme. This year he applied for the MTV Hero Honda Roadies, a youth-based very popular reality television show on MTV India. [Visit Manna Sinha’s Profile – To vote him type “VOTE 51915 “and send it to 56882] Popularity of the show forced the producers of the show this year to go for online registration of the candidates. A trick to differentiate chaff from the wheat, serious from the unserious candidates! Precisely. He is not alone Bishnupriya Manipuri who has shown keen interest in the programme and had taken a plunge. A quick survey in the MTV MTV Hero Honda Roadies website, selecting the region Guwahati, will dish out 7 aspirants having “Sinha” as their surname, which are probably the Bishnupriya Manipuris. The names are: Sanjit Sinha, Pritam Sinha, Pallav Sinha, Rollee Sinha, Raj Kumar Gopal Sinha, Deep Jyoti Sinha, and Di

Bishnupriya Manipuris call off stir temporarily

News : From our Staff Reporter SILCHAR, Sept 18: The proposed public convention of September 21 and the 501-hour road-and-rail blockade from October 21, 2009, in support of the demands for broadcast and telecast of Bishnupriya Manipuri programmes in AIR and Doordarshan respectively has been temporarily withdrawn following the intervention of Governor Sayed Sibte Razi. On September 16, a meeting was held between the Governor and representatives of the community’s 11 organizations, including the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Students’ Union and the Bishnupriya Manipuri Ganasangram Parishad. The decision to temporarily withdraw the proposed agitation was taken at the meeting. The Governor assured the representatives of the community of all assistance in fulfilling their demands. The Governor appealed to the leaders of the community to withdraw the agitational pragrammes. The Governor further assured the leaders of the community that he would inform the Central Government of the community’s

Bishnupriya Manipuri Freshmen Social

News GUWAHATI, Sept 18: The Bishnupriya Manipuri Freshers’ Celebration Committee will organize its eight freshmen meet on September 20 at Shilpgram in the city. The day-long cultural programme will start at 10 am. This was stated in a press release. Courtesy: The Sentinel [September 19, 2009] Today is Thanksha (Saturday) What next? Get Email Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get SMS Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get Email Alert (E - World)

Nagarik Samiti, New Delhi, meets on Sep 20

News The Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti, Delhi and NCR, has called a meeting on September 20, 2009, at Shyam Vihar, New Delhi. The Nagarik Samiti has requested its members and Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in the city to attend the meeting to discuss about the upcoming Shri Shri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur's birth anniversary, tentatively scheduled to be held at October 25, 2009. Today is Erei (Friday) What next? Get Email Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get SMS Alerts (Bishnupriya Manipuri) Get Email Alert (E - World)

Search Tushar Sinha, the Zee TV Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa singer

Views Where is Tushar Sinha, the Zee TV Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa singer who once rocked the television viewers all over the world with his soulful voice? His elimination from the programme seems has taken such a toll that he is no more visible in the tinsel world of television. His absence from the limelight has been so long that people are now actually asking where he is now. “Such a long bye…now come back,” said Micheal Daglous in a website on September 15, 2009. Micheal Daglous comment in the site reads “Where are you lost?” in the memory of the singer who was in the Rock Gharana of Himesh Reshammiya in the Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa musical programme in 2007. A quick Google search with “Tushar Sinha Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa” throws out 3, 430 results in 0.30 seconds; it is an irony beside the article, which was carried out in the and the other in the, there are no relevant materials related to the singer. It is no better in the social networking site Orkut. The singer is dead in

The challenges before the Writers’ Forum

VIEWS By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi In the recent times if there has been a noticeable activity it is the establishment of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers’ Forum in Guwahati, Assam. The Forum since its inception has come out with litany of activities and meetings. So far the Forum has finalized to organize a seminar and to publish a half-yearly journal. It is worth to notice that these decisions have come in such a short period of time which is itself an achievement for the Forum. But speedy decisions don’t mean it is go-starter. Many times, and it has been seen very often, the early frantic activity goes down with the wear and tear of time, and with the pull-and-push of the concerned persons who are in the helm of the affair. It is unfortunate that the Forum had to undergo all the tests that a social body usually goes. At this initial stage of the Forum, it would be premature to presume what will be the course of the Forum in the coming days. However, the ground reality gives a si

The Rising Star

High Fliers Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati, Assam Bithi Sinha She has many cherished moments of her life. Whether it is performing in the Rabindra-Nazrul Birthday Celebration or it is giving her voice in the regional movies. Her one-after-another success hasn’t stopped her to limit herself. Her hard work gave her accomplishments and brought pride not only to her family but also to her village. Bithi Sinha, the rising singer, who hails from Kalinjor (Singari) under Cachar District of Assam represented her team as the Lead Vocalist in All India Chorus Competition 2009 and awarded the title of Best Performing Team 2009 in Bengali Group Songs and the Best Performing Team 2009 in Regional Group Songs. Her team also bagged “Excellence” in the All India Chorus Competition of Patriotic Songs. Born on July 20, 1985 to Birendra Kumar Sinha and Bilasini Sinha, Bithi is emerging as a bright talent in the field of music with a sweet, melodious and quality voice. She had started learning singing