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"Mandir'go miyange nilaaga"

Rebati Mohan Sinha During the period between 2000-2004, there was a rumour spread among Bishnupriya Manipuris of Barak Valley and Bangladesh: "Nabadwipor Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur'r Mandir'go miyange nilaaga". Year 2004, the present Sevait, Mairang Singh Debabarma from Guwahati took charge of administration of Radha Gobindo Mandir at Guntola road, Nabadwip, on the demise of Jogendra Lal Debabarma. The frequent absence of Sevait from mandir premises during his illness, the mandir administration became vulnerable and as a result, a local mandir parichalan committee member became active in collecting money from donation box. There used to be complain from local devotees that they could not do their daily prayer regularly, due to unholy behaviour of the administrative staffs. During the period, Theerth-Yatri from our BM Community also being harassed regularly. Having heard this, 'miyange mandir'go nilaga', I couldn't stay idle there in Mumbai and