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Happy New Year

Hello Bishnupriya Manipuri breathen in India, USA, Bangladesh, .......and living in any part of the world. We are silently stepping into the new year. On this eve, I pray, may God brings to you all happiness and all your wishes get fulfilled.

Hot potatoes in winter

It was getting dark. So, the game was stopped and every one was served with hot and spicy allur baja on banana leaf. I got astonished when I tasted the dish. It was so different in taste from the one that is prepared at home. By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata Here comes the month of December and January, which reminds me of an incident I experienced during one of my visits to my parental village. To visit a village during the winter season, I suppose to be an ideal time. Because of this time harvesting is complete and all the houses are filled with paddy, grains, potatoes etc, more or less for the whole year. Moreover, looking at the faces of the people it gives an impression as if a mysterious contentment is crossing their faces. There is no sign of poverty. The surrounding seems full of life and activity. During one of my visits to the village in the winter season, one day, my cousins told me that they would show me something, which, I had never seen before. They asked me to get ready to

Bengali and Muslim communities bashed up three Bishnupriya Manipuri publicly

Source: The Sangai Express Imphal, September 12: Tension continues to grip Borobekra area of Jiribam sub division bordering Assam after people belonging to Bengali and Muslim communities allegedly bashed up three Bishnupriyas publicly in the presence of Army personnel on September 7. Denouncing the assault, the minority Meiteis and Bishnupriyas had been imposing indefinite general strike at the area inhabited by about 3000 people and brining to a screeching halt normal activities. PRO of Assam Rifles, Colonel Rajesh Mishra when contacted dismissed the allegations as totally baseless and concocted saying “it was an attempt to malign the image and reputation of the Army. “Giving his side of the story, Mishra said that the three men were manhandled by a mob of about 2000 drawn from different communities, other than the one to which they belong. “The three then ran towards the Army post at Sotobekra, where they were given shelter and later dropped at their respective places. “If it was not

Where are the Bishnupriya Manipuri people of Myanmar?

In the radar of those location where Bishnupriya Manipuri people are residing, the country Myanmar does not show? Reason? Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi In the post Statistics of Bishnupriya Manipuri , we have literally come to know the hidden skeleton about this blog. The data collated shows many facts about the Bishnupriya Manipuri community as a whole. In India, if Delhi secured the highest number of hits, the blog received lesser hits from Silchar, Tripura, and Guwahati where there is a big sizeable population of Bishnupriya Manipuri. Furthermore, the blog got second highest hits from United States, if one goes deep into the statistics, though not made public, one could see the cities and the places in US, Bangladesh and Australia where our Bishnupriya Manipuri people are placed. It shows almost in every important corner of the world we have got our people located. From the arithmetics of numbers, many inferences can be drawn. And among the inferences something that came shocking, full

List of posts

A Quick look of all the posts published in this blog. You have read, here again with one click you can read, comment and share the post of your choice. 1. [Ranita Sinha] 2. 3. [Rishikesh Sinha] 4. [Rini Sinha] 5. [Ranita Sinha] 6. [Rishikesh Sinha] 7. [Rishikesh Sinha] 8.

A short history of the Bishnupriya Manipuri and their religio-cultural consciousness

Undoubtedly, the accurate period of the emergence or the development of religious consciousness of the Bishnupriya Manipuri is difficult to ascertain, but it is an old one that is undoubted, writes Rini Sinha , Guwahati . Religious beliefs are found virtually in every human society. Religious beliefs usually relates to the existence and worship of a deity or deities and divine involvement in the universe and human life. Religious knowledge according to religious practitioners may be gained from religious leaders, sacred texts or personal revelation. The development of religion has taken many forms in various cultural communities. The accurate period of emergence or development of religious consciousness of the Bishnupriya Manipuries is difficult to ascertain, but it is an old one that is undoubted. However, on the basis of the views of different scholars, pre-historic and historical remain whatsoever is available and from the logic of personal observations, we may put forward some view

Tanu Babu Sinha: A Bishnupriya Manipuri visioner

Sri Tanu Babu Sinha, besides being the disciple of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur, he was an educator, a social reformer, a philanthropist; and above all this he was a man of vision, writes Ranita Sinha. Sri Tanu Babu Sinha, the renowned disciple of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur , was born on the 3rd day of Poush 1285 (Bengali Calendar Year). He was born in Kanaibazar village of Karimganj subdivision under Sri Hatta district- before the partition of Bengal in a Bishnupriya Manipuri family. From his childhood, Sri Tanu Sinha was a meritorious student. He studied at a renowned government English Medium School at Sri Hatta Town. He passed the entrance examination under Calcutta University, attaining 1st position in the state of Assam and 3rd position in Calcutta University. Later, he took admission in graduation with English and Sanskrit as the main subjects in the Presidency College. He passed out with English honors in the year 1902 securing the 1st position in the whole univers

Three Bishnupriaya Manipuri souls caught in border

How we Bishnupriya Manipuri people meet with an another Bishnupriya Manipuri person, I suppose could not be as interesting and full of suspense than that had taken place few years ago with one of my friends, Dija Moni Sinha. How he met and rescued a daughter and her mother is full of drama, emotions and humanity! Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi Dija Moni Sinha, a Bishnupriya Manipuri friend of mine, supposedly one year junior to me, like his father joined Border Security Force at an early age after making many unsuccessful attempts to pass the class 12 exam. He is tall and handsome with stick like straight thinking. Before he joined the force, he was a street smart boy of Shillong, Meghalaya always been found with a gang of friends who were always eager to fight. The street fight has made him an end-no-worry person. The consequences of any action absolutely doesn’t matter to him. If someone ask him why he has chosen to join the armed forces – his answer is simple, away from the complexity o

Statistics of

Friends, today I am happy that at last the in a very short period has added 50 the most enriched articles. Here in this post I am sharing my personalised thought and, perhaps, the statistics that were only known to me. Hereby I am sharing with all of you. In this initiative I must thank Ranita Sinha who has been continually writing brilliantly from the day one to till today. She has been the source of this initiative, without her selfless endeavor the blog wouldn’t have enjoyed the status what it has been getting from the people. You all would suffice from the fact that whatever she has written in this blog were eye-opener posts, throwing light on all possible shades of our community. Who can forget her write-up on Amar Sinha, Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Thakur, Kunjo Sinha and on rag picker, they were marvelous, and brilliant in reading? Besides her, we all have read BN Sinha’s article, giving an altogether taste of Bishnupriya Manipuri community as a whole.

Importance of Being a Bishnupriya Manipuri

This is one aspect of my personality that I have EARNED earnestly being a Bishnupriya Manipuri by birth. By Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi Being a Bishnupriya Manipuri is of earnest importance. That what I have found and I believe you all share the same view – that their lies an innumerable importance of being a Bishnupriya Manipuri, especially in a country like India which is a cauldron of innumerable religions, caste, dialects and languages, same with the physical characteristics of the people. The physical characteristics of the people are as diverse, unique and abundant than compared to people of the whole world combined. We have got people who shares a similar physical characteristics that of Chinese – the northeastern, of West Asian countries – north India and of western countries – the Kashmiris. I have found that I create more confusion than what I am in the minds of the opposite person. The best part of the complexity by default is that it changes with the point of contact. If I

To ma'am with love

By Rishikesh Sinha , New Delhi Friends, I am taking the status of being the owner of this blog to write on myself, describing a period of my life, which holds a special place for not other than good reason, misconception and remorse. Good reason – something had happened with me which I always aspired for; misconception – there is something whenever it is mentioned, I had to bite the bullet; remorse – yes, I feel remorse in that period. I never wished her, a blunder on my part, but I cant put the clock back to that period which had taken seven years ago while I was in college. It is due to the remorse part I am jotting down my feelings. Since childhood, I had a dream becoming a scientist. Names like Newton, Einstein, Madam Curie, Heisenberg…the list goes on were my idols. I always revered them, dreamt of them. For this to materialise, I must come come up with something new, something innovative. My journey to keep my dream intact, un-corrorod ed from the uncreative, money and status

Bishnupriya Manipuri politics: Dola-doli

At this time when the whole world, India in particular, is marching ahead what is the role of petty, disgraceful, insipid and pot-holed "Dola-doli" politics has to play with the future of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community? By BN Sinha Our country India is regarded as the largest democracy in the world, to be precise it is a “Secular Socialist Democratic Republic”. We are witnessing an ocean of change taking place in every sphere of mankind that includes social, economical, environmental etc. We are also making a significant mark on the sectors of IT, ITES, R&D and very recently in the manufacturing sector, we have registered a record growth of 12.3% much above the international growth average. India is definitely on the road to progress and prosperity as the per capita income has also risen phenomenally as it is already been predicted by the experts that India can expect one of the highest pay hike in the world @ 14.1% nearly 10% above local inflation, where as global sa

Videos of the Maha Ras-Lila held at Bangladesh

A photo speaks of 1000 words, and a video speaks of millions of words! Watch out. By Rishikesh Sinha Ashim Singha, a Bishnupriya Manipuri of Bangladesh, has uploaded in the Google's You Tube the event of 165th Maha Ras-Lila held at Bangladesh. For all Bishnupriya Manipuri people living all across the world, the uploaded-videos shows the magnitude at which the event was organised and celebrated. Moreover, the videos shows our own people in different world, in different environ, in different country and in different shades. The uploaded - videos truly works as a bridge between Bishnupriya Manipuri people scattered all over the world. Click here . In this video one will see the football of Bishnupriya Manipuri who have come out with full dress rehearsal wearing our cultural dress. The environ is oozing out with activities. Click here . In this video, one will see bunch of boys and girls performing Rakhual dance in an electrifying environment. Click here . In this video there is "

Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur's 137 Birth Celebration in Pune and Mumbai

Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in Pune and Mumbai, like in other parts of the country, celebrated Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur's Janmo Mahotsav with devotion and with religiosity. By Rebati Mohan Sinha The 1st celebration of Akhil Bharitiya Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur's Janmo Mahotsav (137th Birth Aniversary) was solemnized in Pune at Range Hill, Anand Bhavan on 10th, 11th of November 2007. Bishnupriya Manipuri people from all over India specially from Delhi, Mumbai, Assam, Tripura, Ahmedabad and Kolkata participated in the celebration with great enthusiasm. The celebration marked devoted men and women in traditional attires In Mumbai , the same was held at New Airport Colony, Santacruz Mumbai. Related stories: Delhi Bishupriya Manipuri celebrated Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur's Abhirbhab Tithi Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur Mileau of the Sadhu Thakur Abhirbab Tithee Kolkata Bishnupriya Manipuri celebrated Bhubaneshwar Sadhu ThakurAbhirbhab Tithi PLEASE SUBSCR

Raasleela: The Grand Bishnupriya Manipuri Festival

The Bishnupriya Manipuri people celebrates Durga Puja, and other festivals like Janmastami, Holi, and Sankranti with much fanfare and excitement. On the line of it, the community has its own festivals like Raasleela, Rathyatra, Merameri and door-to-door-begging as a part of Dolyatra. By BN Sinha, New Delhi Sri Krishna Raasleela is observed with great fanfare and enthusiasm in almost every Bishnupriya Manipuri village in Assam and Tripura. BM community is known to be the worshiper of Lord Krishna. Rathyatra is one of the major festivals that BM community observes. Every BM individual is well acquainted with the terms like Raasdhari, Sutradhari, Duar, Mathang etc. which are the integral characters of Raasyatra apart from Krishna, Radha and Gopis . Raasyatra generally falls on the fullmoon of the Kartik month of Saka calender which is better known as Raaspurnima . This year it falls on the Saturday 24th Nov. In order to perform Raasleela , the rehearsals generally take place much b

Bishnupriya Manipuri Vs Bodo

Using their stratagic location as a bargaining chip, Bodo people got everything that any community in India could demand for. Do we have any such bargaining chip or ...? By BN Sinha, New Delhi We all know that the population of Bishnupriya Manipuri community is sprinkled all across in the northeastern part of India, its concentration is higher in Barak Valley of Assam and in the state of Tripura; the community can also be found in the few districts of Bangladesh like Shyllet etc. Though there is no statistical census mentioning the total population of the community, it is approximated the figure would be 30 Lakh who are based in Cachar , Karimgunj , Hailakandi , Kailasahar, Dharmanagar, Kamalpur etc. Despite having a strong cultural and ethnical background, literacy rate not lesser in comparison to other tribes, and being academically OK ; nevertheless we stand nowhere in the political scenario of India. The reason may be that we are geographically scattered and not strategically lo

Look! a five-battery torch

We looked here and there to find if anybody had left it by mistake. But there was no one. Seeing all this my whole body started shivering, I was not able to utter a single word, of fear or of excitement, I don’t know. By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata Way back in the year 1996 me, my sister and my parents went to visit our relatives  at our parental village, Tinokhal in Patherkandi , Assam . It was in the month of January. Those days there was a saying that Lord Shiva , Durga and Ganesha emerged at a farmer's house at a village called Nuagang . I am not a person, who believes in superstitions or ghosts or such things. I was not able to believe what I heard. But people from far and wide were coming to have a glimpse of the miracle. Curious to know the whole thing, I asked one of my cousin to take me there. He instantly refused saying that it was quite far and we had to walk more than 5 Kms, up and down. But I somehow convinced him. That evening at around 6 o'clock, me, my s

Bishnupriya Manipuri people in Tripura

How correct is Barak valley being connoted as the cultural and political hub of the Bishnupriya Manipuri when Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in Tripura are way ahead in every respect to their counterparts in the Silchar region. It's a big question, an intriquing question. By BN Sinha, New Delhi Being a Silcharite and also a Bishnupriya Manipuri of Barak Valley, it is quite obvious to share the same thread with the fellow BMs of Tripura. From the very childhood days we were quite familiar with the names of the places like Kailasahar, Dharmanagar etc. With the same note every non-Tripurian Bishnupriya Manipuri certainly shares the same thread linked to Tripura. We have also been seeing a sea of talents from Tripura as we see meritorious BM Tripurian topping in various institutions of North East like Cotton College , National Institute of Technology [NIT] – Silchar, Gurucharan Charan [GC] College, Gauhati Medical Colloge [GMC], Sichar Medical College [SMC], and also in other u

First among Equals

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata Our Bishnupriya Manipuri community is gaining momentum steadily. Now, the parents do not think twice or hesitate to spend money to provide their children a better life and better education. Now, both the boy and the girl child is given the same priority. The parents are ever ready to send their children to far off places to gain better education and a better job opportunity. For this reason, now Bishnupriya Manipuri people are seen in every city of India as well as abroad. Most of the students like migratory birds go out for higher studies and in search of better jobs opportunities, because of this they tend to stay away from their cosy home. Everybody do not want to stay away from home, while some voluntarily take the decision to settle outside, but the bottom line is that they have to stay away from home, for a better livelihood. Most of the Bishnupriya Manipuri villages have developed. Most of the houses are well build with all modern amenities. The pare

To be or not to be....

By Suroshree Sinha, New Delhi To a lot of Bishnupriya Manipuri, the fight of being called a "Manipuri" or being denied the same is not uncommon. Everyone remembers the court cases, the fights, the disliking...but very few people know that there was a time when people were ordered to burn down whatever available information and proof that a community named " Bishnupriya Manipuri" ever existed. They demolished our Mandirs and killed our people. It was a fight for existance, a fight to make the world sit up and take notice. In this time of darkness came a person with a ray of hope, Sri Dasharath Deb ( Barman) the first and probably the last Tribal Chief Minister of Tripura, who once said that he has two friends, one a Metei, and another a Bishnupriya Manipuri. The Metei's never called themselves Manipuri at that time. They called themselves " Metei", It was the Bishnupriya Manipuri that proudly called themselves " Manipuri". I cannot deny the e

My Great Grand Father Sri Kirti Chandra Singha

The establishment of a High School for boys in Kailasheher, Tripura has its history related to a family. Suroshree Sinha reveals. Sri Kirti Chandra Singha, a resident of Ichappur, Kailasheher was a lawyer during the regime of Radha Kishore Manikkaya Bahadur. He had an intense urge in him to provide proper education to the Bishnupriya Manipuri boys . So, he approached the Maharaja and requested him to open a High School for Boys in Kailasheher. The Maharaja after hearing his plea, asked Kirti Babu in a ridiculed tone if he wanted the school to provide schooling to his sons. But in return Kirti Babu bowed and replied that he had no sons till date. But since Maharaja uttered the word "son"; Kirti Babu said that he was sure that he would be blessed with a son. Hearing this, the Maharaja got so impressed with the thought that a man who did not have any sons was fighting for a boys school. Thus the boys school was established in Kailasheher. The Maharaja also wished that Kirti Bab

Kolkata Bishnupriya Manipuri celebrated Bhubaneshwar Sadhu ThakurAbhirbhab Tithi

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata The All Kolkata Bishnupriya Manipuri Society celebrated the 137th Abhirbhab Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur in a simple yet traditional way. The Tithi was observed on 10th of Nov 2007(a day in advance due to some unavoidable circumstances). The venue being the premise of Sri Brojo Kishore Sinha, Tegoria, Dum Dum. It was the third consecutive year, the Bishnupriya Manipuri of Kolkata were celebrating the utsab. Though this year the turn out of people were less (most of the families being out of station for some reason or the other), yet it was celebrated with full devotion and enthusiasm. A member from Durgapur also attended the occasion despite the pain he had to take for driving six hours (up and down) all alone. Most of the members, both male and female were in their traditional attire ( Chakchabi and Inafi and Kurta Pyjama ) and not to forget the most sacred ' Nungsha ' on their forehead. And the most important thing is that, all the peo

Mileau of the Sadhu Thakur Abhirbab Tithee

By BN Sinha, New Delhi The area, Palam, is one of the most congested places in Delhi, specially the colonies like Manglapuri and Rajnagar are densely populated. It took me at least one and half hour to locate and reach the place and the venue, the Arya Samaj Temple, Rajnagar – II, Palam, Delhi where in we, all the Bishnupriya Manipuri of Delhi have celebrated the 118th Abhirbab Tithee of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhuthakur . It was a sense of excitement and ecstasy which started rolling over much before the D-day and because of which no body felt the heat of the traffic and the narrow roads, which leads to the venue. It was a typical Bishnupriya Manipuri function. As usual people started gathering an hour late from the time of assembly. At 10-30 AM it seemed like, because of the Indo–Pak ODI at Kanpur the function will witness a low turnout, but as time proceeded, the whole venue was packed up with our Beyapa- Beibunies . As usual there were no formal invitation, as in Delhi very less BM p

Delhi Bishupriya Manipuri celebrated Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur's Abhirbhab Tithi

Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi The Bishnupriya Manipuri people residing in Delhi observed the Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur Abhirbhab Tithi held at Arya Samaj Mandir, Dwarka (Mangla Puri) with full religious faith and gusto. The day witnessed active participation from the members of the community as they attended in full strength to make the Tithi successful and memorable. Photo: Jyotirmoy Sinha For Bishnupriya Manipuri Delhites, the day came as a great relief from the house-office and again home cyclical life, as a Diwali gift; and for many a meeting place with their distant near and dear relatives and acquaintances. Especially for women, since the day coincided with the Bhai Dhuj and the Government of Delhi had made free travel in the state run buses, it came as a double bonus: meeting with their own people that is without bearing any cost plus attending the Tithi. The day started with the oral presentation of life and work of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Thakur and his in