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Good-Evil, Light-Dark, Heaven-Hell: What are these?

Good-Evil, Light-Dark, Heaven-Hell, Positive-Negative, Yin-Yang, Male-Female, Matter-Antimatter, Electron-Proton and so on. What are these? These point out to one single phenomenon existing in our lives – The Great Duality. From time unknown, we are discovering everything with it’s opposite as well.

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

May be the nemesis is discovered a bit late, but it comes out much stronger than it’s original. After introduction of electricity and artificial light, man thought that now he had conquered the dark. But the bitter truth is that we are killing natural light in the process and so the darkness is growing even more.

We all experience dualities in day to day life in different forms. Earth’s past was dominated by dualities, but with increasing time another front is born which is developing faster than a wildfire. It’s killing the boundary between the opposites and trying to establish a compromising or common path between the two. We can’t say whether it’s for better or worse, but it’s happening for sure. Many phenomenons which were dormant earlier are coming out stronger than ever.

One such can be experienced in workplaces, especially in business. If I am not wrong, people in earlier decades had two images in their minds – an honest person or a dishonest one. But in modern times an honest is often considered a fool and the later smart. In addition to that, a man who compromises his honesty for individual profits defend himself by saying that he’s doing it for a better career living. He’s neither honest nor dishonest, just trying to make a good living. He chooses the middle path and thus many follow the same and do no feel guilty.

The bridge between good and evil is declining and only one remains which plays an important part in human civilization – Power. If you have power, you are the good one and the one threatening you is the evil.

What I’m putting here are trifles, but they did occur to me and so I wanted to share. Take the example of telephone. When a call comes, what options do you have? Either to take the call or suffer the irritating ring. Now, we have cell phones. When a call comes, you can cancel the call if you don’t want to attend. Ringing any bells? Yes, third front is at play. Nature is getting us to our evolution and in the process, we are developing things which takes the middle way between two extremes. In other words, we are trying to escape. It’s for good or bad, I don’t want to argue. It’s for the readers to think over.

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  1. Jobor hoba kore ikoresot Tridib.

    Chei, anok laile, photo lagile je article ahan hoba oitoi uhaan nagoi.

    Eta nai article te. Terrific.

  2. Nice article Tridiv..........expect many more such articles from you in the future.........nice thoughts

  3. I wish the article had carried more sentences.. Lovely read..Profound...
    A desperately needed break from all those pretended stuffs....

    Good one Tridiv...

  4. I read the article and would like to admire the writer's effort to describe something profound about life. Well, life consists of dualism and that's why it is beautiful. We can't escape its dualism until we are enlightened and have the integrity inside us. Principle of monolism does exist as Source or (in more perfect words Divine) is one. Hope to read more such articles from your side.

  5. Thank you all...
    BN da, i was waiting for some good feedbacks... i would add second part to it, with more details...

  6. Fantastic brother. Well peeped into the site after a long time. There is no doubt that you have written a nice one, but I thoght I will scroll the the mouse lil more. Anyways I love to read more like this from future. And one more thing is tat may be for the first time everybody *unanamiously* appreciated it.


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