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Manipur And Pakistan: A Comparison

When PM Modi mentioned Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan from the Red Fort of Delhi on 15 August 2016; I was amused since I knew Pakistani media and intelligentsia would go berserk. Indeed they were. A thought strike my mind to enquire about the state Manipur. Frankly speaking Manipur is not of any interest to me. Like any other Indian, Manipur reminds me for all wrong reasons! A quick cursory analysis between Pakistan and Manipur, I find that they are not only similar but exactly the same. As an Indian Bishnupriya Manipuri, the histories of both Pakistan and Manipur started rolling in front of my eyes. Like anyone, I can relate very well with both the blocks. To my understanding and knowledge I see Manipur would suffer a lot in the coming decades, and the Meitei Hindu community would be at receiving end. Let’s begin the comparison taking few of the factors. Dominant Community What Punjabis muslims are for Pakistan, Meitei community is for Manipur. Pakistan

Dawn of a new era

Ritwick Sinha I was waiting at the Los Angeles H-Station for the transport pods of the Hyperloop to arrive. They were arriving within five minutes.  After five minutes… So, the pods have finally arrived. I got into the SF6 pod. It was to leave ten minutes later. To kill time, I started playing League of Stars on my virtual gaming iconsole.  After ten minutes… An announcement was made that the pods were leaving in ten seconds. I put my gaming iconsole inside my suitpad. Soon, I was experiencing near to zero gravity as the pods started travelling. Since it would take 35 minutes to reach San Francisco, I decided to take a nap. After 35 minutes… I woke up and yawned and realised that I was in San Francisco. The other passengers had disembarked. I quickly took my suitpad and got out. I booked a taxi pod and set off for the Universal Institute of Technology and Space Research (UITSR). I showed my I-card at the entrance of the towering institute and went in. I had b

How to destroy Bishnupriya Manipuris?

Scared! Here is the backdrop that prompted me to write on this bizarre idea. It’s been 5-6 months back, while conversing with one of our community member who didn’t know me, he asserted that we as a Bishnupriya Manipuri community “are not….., but we are…..”. I am not revealing since to my knowledge and understanding, even the idea to be given space in writing is amounting to prove that his thought do exist.  I was excited to the new revelation and was aghast at the same time. I naively asked him, who told this to you about our identity. He immediately called the person who had told him and in front of me he had a conversation with him about our identity. He said the other person have some new proof for his claim.  I pondered if we have such people at least 1000 in our community to have this thought it is enough to disturb the whole community. Here my interest in the study of Pakistan supported me to understand the psychology behind the thought process of that person. P