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The Stigma of Womanhood : A Book Portraying plight of widowhood in Bishnupriya Manipuri

Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi Litertature, paintings, art, sculpture, and dance are some of the parameters on which a culture of a community is based. Moreover, it comes as an interface of a community to showcase its richness and depthness. The Stigma of Womanhood written by Mansi Sinha is one more literature that is being added recently in the literature gamut of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community. The book is based on reality which is purely a fictional work. The author remarkably intertwines various facets or say elements that is associated to our society. The setting is a small town in Assam, linked with the capital city. From the point of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community as a whole, the book portrays the plight of widowhood being practised in the community. It is a very common practise that after the death of the husband the wife has to shave their heads just to become jocular showpieces of widowhood. About the Author She completed her schooling and graduation from Assam and the

Who is this Bishnupriya Manipuri guy Kartik Sena Sinha?

Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi At the time he filed his nomination to play in the Assam Legislative election in the ticket of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He was carrying on Cash in hand - Rs 6,00,000 only; his wife Rita Sinha - 3,00,000 only . Who is Kartik Sena Sinha? And from which village he belongs to? These were some questions that aroused in my mind. Not to mention the bugle of Karthik Sinha’s name was in every Bishnupriya Manipuri guy’s mouth that I heard in my previous visit to Mohanpur, my parental village. His animate name “Karthik Sena” was pinching me hard. So hard, I started enquiring meticulously about him from each and every Bishnupriya Manipuri guy I came in contact, be it an elderly, young, toddler, girls, or women. I didn’t leave anybody in my mission – unraveling, discovering him. Now, this mission is complete I suppose. I know his vital statistics – from which village he belongs to, his father’s name, his wife’s name, how many vehicles he possess: their model n

Was it a fish? Or...

RKHL Sinha, New Delhi People living in the area of Mohanpur, which is my home town, knows there is a canal flowing at its periphery. It is a small canal called sorahan in the Bishnupriya Manipuri language, originating from the paddy field. The canal fetch water only in the rainy season and it dried up totally in the winter season. The width of canal would be approx 12 ft and 7 ft depth with horny bushes on its both sides. The canal held a special place in the social life of the neighboring Bishnupriya Manipuri villages, its banks are used for cremating bodies. Besides this, the fish-happy villagers used it for catching fish. And my story relates to this canal and the school of fish in it. The story goes back to the year 1962, it was a hot day and I was standing under the shadow of a big mango tree. Suddenly I noticed frantic movements of the coterie taking place on the bank of the canal. With the fire of curiosity under my belly I proceeded towards the canal. While getting there I fou

A visit to Jiribam, Manipur

New Delhi I forget to mention the quality of air in the area. As far you can see there is greenery, with no slightest patch of pollution. The environment is clear like crystal. Not much like the pollution of Delhi where one suffer from myopic eyesight. People search for greenery and a little space to unwind oneself. Jiribam is absolutely away from the modern human cacophony. Rishikesh Sinha gives his on hand experience of the mystical place. There is one place on this earth which I would love to visit again and again. Don't churn your mind; I am not taking about many run-of-the-mill destinations that pop up in everyone's mind. Drop the proposal and you would be bombarded with known and unknown places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, to Shillong, to Delhi, to Manali and if possible to international hotspots. We all do have such wishes to visit again and if possible to stay there forever. You carry a mythical attachment about the place. You have heard the name of the place ever sinc

Bishnupriya Manipuri Lingo: Mister or Bheyego

Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi There is one big Bishnupriya Manipuri village in the Cachar district of Assam. It is made up of number of small villages - Bekirpar, Kabuganj, Batirgram, Shantipur, Lengti, Panibora and Katakhal. My mom’s village is there. Since my childhood about the village I carried a flabbergasted, confused perspective, and am still carrying it. I did not find any change in my perspective. What it was 20 years ago, today I find it is the same village; there has not been an iota of change. I carry a very “diplomatic relationship” with all the village folk. Diplomacy means the faces are not new for me but I am not in the talking terms with them. And the same funda applies, people over their know me, but they don’t talk with me. There is absolutely aankho ….hi …anakho me ishara ho gaya.. The message that transmits between our eyes is – I know you, but there is no point in talking with you. The deadlock in the communication between us has to be broken. The question is – How?

Bishnupriya Manipuri: We definitely can...

By BN Sinha Every kid irrespective of any community grow up with an objective or ambition in life which gradually diverts and gets distinctive as he grows by… for example in our school days we used tell to our teachers or seniors about our aim in life to become Doctors/ Engineers/Professors/Pilots etc…As we grow up our aim evaporated and we land up in a situation wherein we accept the bread in the way it comes to us. Few are exempted of it and get obsessed with new and innovative field of operation. I also got obsessed and determined to choose electronic media as career…which again vanished away later due to some unknown reasons… I can remember the days when “The World This Week" used to come in Doordarshan on Fridays…Production of Radhika Roy, New Delhi Television later known as NDTV. It was indeed a program to be watched out. Mr. Prannoy Roy has certainly brought a revolution in the electronic media in India like wise the PCO revolution by Sam Pitroda. The legacy is still on and

Flood Apathy in Silchar

Flood has again hit the Bishnupriya Manipuri villages Photos by Rajesh Sinha (Tony), Chenchoorie Road PWD Main Road Mode of Transport Effect of Flood Submerged Bishnupriya Manipuri home Temporary makeshift Inside of the Bishnupriya manipuri house For more interesting stories. CLICK For more Bisnhupriya Manipuri stories Bishnupriya Manipuri Status in Google Bishnupriya Manipuri Juggles Over Inter-Caste Marriage Bishnupriya Manipuri Name Embossed Bishnupriya Manipuri Knot

Down the Memory Lane

By BN Sinha It was typical winter breeze which was blowing from the east. The morning azaan from the Masjid ½ km away was already over. Morning sun was eagerly waiting to kiss the small dews on the top of the grass. Time was 4.30-4.45 in the morning. Yesterday most of the villagers had gone to sleep quite late, because they had to organize and give final touch to the banners. Ladies were busy arranging their tolofuti and inafis . A final check was needed to see those are properly ironed. People were geared up for the occasion. A crowded noise can he heard from … pithir leiki… A knock on my door woke me up, the uncle next to my house asking for the iron which was lying in my room. I just asked, what happened? What this pandemonium is all about? He replied, " tite najiteiga thang misile… ? Torakore istorigo de … diloil…..oh..tortate porikkha na.. heede abo gunjia asot ta… " It was Bishnupriya Manipuri  bhasa andolan rally, I had my school annual exam that day so no question

I am working in a company!!??#%*

New Delhi What do you do for your living? I am doing “ Job ”..? Job!! What type of job you do? And after some chit-chat there persists a eerie silence. And you are left scratching your hair. You are not able to give a satisfactory answer to the asked question as you have been caught off the guard in a do-or-die, swim-or-drown interview session. You have faced a question which you never in your dream thought of, or ever cared to answer. It is indeed a very tizzy situation. Really!! These are some of the “relevant” and “must” queries we all encounter when we visit village or village-of-the visit. Isn’t? The questions come from every possible direction from the elderly person whom you know, to the complete Bishnupriya Manipuri strangers. It is very hard to answer, and you are puzzled with - what to answer, how to answer…? So, you end up without explaining the profile of your job. You can’t escape from the flurry of the dropped-from-heaven questions. You have to face the music with silence

But We Can't...?

New Delhi It is altogether a different story in those areas where Bishnupriya Manipuri community is dominant, it is placed in the sub-sub section of minorities. I suppose we have other breathren communities, not to mention their names, who are enjoying an edge in the social, political and economical say in the areas. Forget media exposure focussing on the community. In my first job in the North East Television (NETV) at the post of News Co-ordiantor, I was witnessing frantic accumulation of news, features and every tit-bit of news. I didn't find any news pertaining to the commumity passing through my hand. Though news were pouring from all over the Assam and the northeast, and were funelled, purified and later packaged. When the North East Television were expanding their sphere of news to other regional languages, our community was sidelined. Again, it was not a new thing to dwell upon, it has been hapenning and it will keep on... If there was anything in the NETV relishing me, tha

Bishnupriya Manipuri village: My village Mohanpur

New Delhi: We all love our village. Not to mention why we all long for the soil and the air of our village. Our forefathers leaved there and were cremated there. We have got layers of relatives, relative’s relatives, relative’s relative’s ka relatives – the chain is long, and very long. Phew!!? We have got neighbours who know us, they know our parental lineage. They carry the graph of genetic make-up. The cobweb of linked and interlinked relatives is very clear to them. So is the case with other neighbours – extend it to the whole village, and you will find the whole village knows you. This is the only place where you don’t have to give introduction (don’t worry if someone fails to recognize you, your friend will give the whole introduction). Another aspect of our village is that the shopkeeper knows you by name. Don’t worry if you don’t carry hard cash and there is no hole-in-wall ATM, he will be considerate towards you. You have to just drop at the shop and will find someone offeri

Peep into the Bishnupriya Manipuri Culture

By Remuna Sinha Kailashar,Tripura Language, culture and literature - these three are the essence to mankind. The co-coordinated developments of these three characteristics are the determinants of progress for any community. It is a truth a community which has lost its culture and civilization exists like a dying or withering entity. Hence, culture and literature both together is like a soul to a community. Language is the carrier of culture and civilization of the men. Language is an inborn acquisition to the men. Language is so natural which seems as autonomous faculty like the movement or respiration. The social temperament sprouted in the primitive men through the language, this temperament or trend expanded in different way in different direction and restored the primitive men rational and reflective. There is a Bishnupriya Manipuri language in India which belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of language. Its structure and grammar follows the system of Sanskrit and Hindi. The initial f