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Jadav Payeng, the Karmic Yogi

By RK Rishikesh Sinha Few months back, accidently I read about Jadav Payeng. The story of him simply filled me with joy and amazement. The amazing story of the person who single handedly without any outward support created a forest doesn’t require anyone’s introduction, today.  The forest created by him is called today ‘Molai’ forest, named after his pet name. It is situated in Jorhat, Assam, India. The whole day I spent reading and watching documentaries on Jadav Payeng. It began with a thought that got triggered with Delhi Government decision to follow even-and-odd formula for vehicular movement in the city. My thought on pollution led me to pour again extensively about Jadav Payeng.  Viewers can read about him here (that I found interesting): Jadav Payeng in Wikipedia , The Man who created a forest by Khaleej Times , Jadav Payeng website . View documentaries and movies on him: Forest Man by William D McMaster  The Forest Man Of India   After readin