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Bishnupriya Manipuri Online Bundle

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22 Dec. 2012 Deepak Singha: The 143rd Abirbhav Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur was solicited at Ningthoukhong in Manipur. This is the first time the Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur was celebrated in the heart soul of Manipur. The celebration was observed on 11th December 2012 with rasakirtan headed by P. Krishna Kumar Singha. A meeting was held under presidentship of Kh. Nabakumar Singha, Ningthoukhong. Notable speakers included state president of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Kh. Nabakumar Singha and centra vice president P. Rakeswar Singha. The meeting was addressed by Sri A.S Gautham President of BMSS and Mrs. Sefali Singha Chairperson of Mingal Mahila Mancha. The meeting attended by Sri Th. Tompak Singha and Sri Rabindra Singha. The young member of BMDC Sri Mrinal Kanti Singha inaugurated the meeting with song of Sadhu Thakur in Bishnupriya language.


B. P. SINHA NEW DELHI   In fact I would like to place certain truth prevailing in the different community people of rural areas and due to lack of unity in them, their position in the politics has become a big zero. Without further explanation on the issue I would  like to come to the points and reality, which will substantiate where the community people stands politically. All of us are aware Members of the Zila Parishad are nominated from Gaon Panchayat area and those elected members form the Zila Parishad. Incidentally, during the last election January in the year 2008, both  the leading political party namely Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party has put up their candidate for Zila Parishad. Member who are belonging to  Municipal Area,  namely  Dhurbajyoti Gupta and Meenakshi Das while Mr. Gupta was a elected member of  Silchar Municipal Board,  Meenakshi is a permanent resident of  Ambicapatty area of word No.26,  to include their name in Voter list o

Ajikar diney...Bishnupriya Manipuri Samajor Unnotir Poth’ego, kumpeit thail’go?

Rebat Mohan Sinha  Mumbai Bahumukhi pratibha somponno, Bishnupriya Manipuri samajor jatiya adorsho Geetiswami Gokulananda girokor116 tomo janma jayanti utsov’e, ebosor nijore yeoukore nuaria jobor anutopto. 9,000 km dureit(Australia) thaya hudda bhogoban’orang prarthana kore parouri je utjaapon committee’e e’bosor alochanar ‘‘mukto moncho’`agor ayujon ahan koresi, ouhanor sofol kamona koria, mor torophetto proshno koto’han sabha`hanor yathang`lo thona monaurita. Dui’doshok’or goje oil andolan koria 2012’t aya matte gelega dabi-daba habi peilang. Imar thaar’han peilaang, bhasha shikshokor niyukti oil. BMDC’go peilang, Assam sarkar’e alada serial’e backward jat’han bulia amar BM naang ehanore lipi`boddha koredilo, Radio/TV’t BM programor sujuk peilang. Bhasha’han mimut onar pothe bulla, ouhanou phara’dosha`han katiya gelga para : 2001 baro 2011’r census’e Bharat Sarkar’e Bishnupriya bhasha’ehanore Bharator 100’han ‘non-scheduled’ bhashar ahan bulia gonyo koria, Gazette’e

Meingal illuminates faces of unsung talents

Post Bureau, Guwahati (Dec 9):  Four luminaries who adorned the dais at the Meingal Exemplary Talent Awards 2012 and Meingal Bishishto Shilpi Puroskar 2012, two from either sex, gave a mixed message to the community members to achieve excellence in various fields at a function that continued till late night on Saturday in Guwahati. Meingal Exemplary Talent 2012 Awardees Meingal is a Guwahati-based NGO that extends scholarships (prizes) and awards to students and artistes. While writer Prabhas Kanti Sinha made a fervent appeal to the youth of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community to opt for competitive examinations under the UPSC and various other civil service examinations in states instead of their stereotyped choice for engineering and medical courses as career options, Tezpur University professor and short-story writer Smriti Kumar Sinha appealed to the youths to accept all odds and hurdles in their progress as challenges if they are to achieve excellence in their respective f

Bishnupriya Manipuri bodies demand dissolution of Development Council

Special Correspondent SILCHAR, June 9: Various Bishnupriya Manipuri bodies in a joint memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister of Assam and submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar have demanded dissolution of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council on grounds of large scale corruption and irregularities in the utilization of government grants-in-aid of Rs 10 crore provided to the Council during 2010-11 by the Government of Assam. They also demanded its reconstitution with the members of the social organizations of repute for welfare of the community and for the sake of fairness and transparency in its functioning. The memorandum alleged that there have been allegations from the people of the community against the Council which has not been constituted properly. The very constitution of the committee for Development Council, it has been pointed out, has not been done in consultation with the executive heads of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha, the p

Janma Barshiki of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur, 2012, in Mumbai

The city was grim when the news of one of the greatest Marathi leader Balasaheb Thackeray spread like wild fire at around 4 pm on 17 th November, Saturday. The decorator left the venue half done, the caterer denied to supply food, roads became deserted, shutters were down and even the organizers were stuck behind these shutters. In this situation, Team Mumbai  unanimously decided to offer puja  for Janma Barshiki of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur on 18 th November in a humble way as it was not possible to postpone the puja at this juncture.  The message was sent to one and all about the puja and requested all to attend. On 18 th November, 2012, with God’s blessings, and blessings from Shri Shri Sadhubaba, and lots best wishes from seniors and friends far and wide, Puja for the Janma Barshiki started on time. As a part of Puja there were Moorti Sthapan, Puja, Puja Arti, Harinam Kirtan, Puspanjali, Gita Path by Hari Kumar Sinha, Prasad Bitoron, Boishnav Bhojan. This was

Does Gitiswami fit Gokul like a glove?

Ramlal Sinha Gokulananda  Gitiswami Born into a penurystricken family and having to trot across towns and villages for education, he  groomed himself as a minstrel with a cause: going to every sleepy Bishnupriya Manipuri village with his “dawn chorus”  for social reforms. And he traversed Bishnupriya Manipuri-inhabited regions in Assam, Tripura and Purbobango (now Bangladesh) with the message of light till he breathed his last in 1962. The word ‘rest’ was quite alien to him as he would work round the clock with the goal of bringing his fellow beings on a par with other communities in all respects. The irony is that the very community he had served all through his life, gave him little in return – ‘Gitiswami’. Strange as it may sound, the adjective ‘Gitiswami’, when used to honour bard Gokulananda, doesn’t sound melodious to me. Doesn’t the term ‘Gitiswami’, a title conferred on the balladeer, reek of his image being dwarfed? The title of ‘Gitiswami’ for the alternative media

The necessity of the Brand “Sadhu Thakur”

By BN Sinha The time of celebration has arrived again; we all are geared up for the event. This time also it is expected to have an euphoric time with fun, food, music and dance.  Yes the Sadhu Thakur Utsav is round the corner. Today in every part of the country, wherever Bishnupriya Manipuri people reside, there is a presence of Sri Sri Sadhuthakur, likewise if there are Bengalis there must be a Kalibari.  This particular phenomenon is not very old and started only in last five six years back.  However there were only five persons from the villages Bhakatpur and Singari who were instrumental to get a land of six bigha for Saduthakur Ashram in Silchar in the year 1965 from the then Revenue minister of Assam Mohendra Mohan Choudhury. The group were headed by Late Shri  Setobahon  Rajkumar (Kalasena eiga) with  Late Pt Matilal sinha (Bhakatpur), Sh Mani Kanta Sinha (Bhakatpur), Sh Ramani Mohan Sinha (W Singari) and Late Abanti Sinha (W Singari). Despite many obstacles from

Sree Sree Bhubaneshwar Sadhuthakur

By Shila Sinha Sree Sree  Bhubaneshwar Sadhubaba is the one and only enlightened soul of Bishnupriya Manipuri. His gracious appearance has bestowed a lot of blessings  on Bishnupriya Manipuri. Moreover, he is not only a spiritual leader but a social reformer too. His life history inspires everybody poor and rich, young and old, it is so simple and meaningful. His devotion and dedication towards Govindji has made  the mark in spiritual transcendental field, also helped our Bishnupriya Manipuri  community to get the recognition. His life was really amazing which is beyond our comprehension. Many miracles  happened in His life, so many deceased persons with leprosy and other diseases  got cured just by His touch or by His blessings. These unique incidences  transcend reasoning. Those wonderful occurrences are not apprehensible if they are not perceived. He was born in a small Bishnupriya Manipuri village of  Cachar district named Baropoya on 26th October in the year 1870.

Bishnupriya Manipuri Welfare and Cultural Association, Bangalore, celebrates Shri Sadhu Thakur Utsav on 18 Nov 2012

Giri Githani, Bishnupriya Manipuri Welfare and Cultural Association, Bangalore invites one and all to join us in celebrating the 143rd Abirbhab Tithi of Shri Sadhu Thakur Utsav. We would like to welcome all to witness the grand celebration in the form of our Pujas and Arotis, dance and dramas, ritualistic and contemporary Bishnupriya songs and dances, prasad and the grandest of all, BANDARA. We also have Hrishikesh Sinha (Bau) of Mringal album fame) to entertain us with his melodious voice this time around. BMWCA, Bangalore would like to spread the word and extend to all, on this wonderful platform, on the upcoming event so we could reach out to all. All the readers are requested to make their gracious presence and importantly spread the word to anyone who you think could make it to the event, we'd be more than happy to have him/her around. Looking forward to your participation. Venue Details: Shri Krishna Temple 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala,  Near

Mahasabha, Sahitya Sabha demand daily telecast of Bishnupriya Manipuri programmes

Bishnupriya Manipuri delegation with Manish Tewari in New Delhi on 06 Nov 2012 (From left: Debontina Sinha,  Lalit Mohan Suklabaidya,  Dr DK Sinha,  Manish Tewari,  Sashi Kant Sinha,  Manikanta Sinha)   In a memorandum submitted to Centre, Bishnupriya Manipuri organizations demanded daily telecast of Bishnupriya Manipuri programmes from All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan Kendra of Silchar and Guwahati centres. The memorandum was jointly submitted to Manish Tewari, Independent charge, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, by Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha and Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Sabha in a meeting held in New Delhi on 06 November 2012. LM Suklabaidya The delegation consisted of Dr DK Sinha (President, Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha), Manikanta Sinha (President, Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Sabha), Lalit Mohan Suklabaidya (Member of Parliament Karimganj), Sashi Kant Sinha (Vice President, Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik

Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur portrait unveiled at Assam Bhavan

In a meeting held on 27th October 2012 at Assam Bhavan, Mumbai, the Deputy Resident Commissioner, had accepted a proposal of placing a portrait of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur in Assam Bhavan, along with other portraits of freedom fighters, political and religious heads of Assam. On 4th November, Deputy Resident Commissioner, Sri Devasish Sharma as a chief guest garlanded the portrait of Sadhu Thakur in a simple ceremony, organised by Bishnupriya Manipuri Kalyan Samittee, Mumbai. While addressing the small gathering, Sharma talked about the purpose of having the Assam Bhavan in Mumbai. He emphasised the need of volunteers to come forward and guide the cancer patients at Tata Memorial Hospital for smooth formalities i.e., registration, appointments, tests etc. He stressed that the money is not a problem, but there is dire shortage of manpower. The Bishnupriya Manipuri Kalyan Samittee (BMKS) President, Sri Rebati Mohan Sinha in his thanks giving speech, assured the Co

The muse of a modern genre poet

Smriti Kumar Sinha Translated by Ramlal Sinha Clad in a talaphuti[1], you look like a zebra.” “What!?” Kalpana questioned Amol, while unhooking her earrings in front of the dressing table. “An African zebra, a jazzy talaphuti-clad Kalpana,” said Amol in his lilting voice of recitation. Wham! Right on the target! Kalpana sat on the bed in a huff. She felt terribly jaded hearing only poems for three hours at a stretch in the soirée organised by the Tirash group of poets in the town. As though to cap it all, the simile he used left her nerves jangling. She couldn’t even change her dresses to breathe freely again, there’s yet another poem. “It’s the plight in store for the wives of poets. What a simile he has chosen! African zebra! It’s the height of degradation,” a sulking Kalpana was thinking. Her blood was boiling . “What has made your blood boil?” Amol fired another salvo. “Psychoanalysis of any sort isn’t warranted,” Kalpana shot back, banged the door and entered t

Raas Monjuri, a Bishnupriya Manipuri audio CD

Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati  Raas Monjuri Bishnupriya Manipuri Audio CD Raas Monjuri , an audio CD on the traditional songs on Sri Krishna Maha Raas Leela in the voice of sutradhari Arati Sinha, is going to be released on the occasion of 143rd Abirbhav tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur to be held at various locations this month. The audio CD will be released at Guwahati, Silchar and Patharkandi on 15th November, 2012; at Bangalore on 16th November, 2012; and at Delhi & Mumbai on 18th November, 2012.  Arati Sinha is a popular singer ( sutradhari ) on the Bishnupriya Manipuri traditional songs. She belongs from Pratapgarh of Patharkandi, Karimganj district of Assam. Mrinalendu Sinha is the producer of the CD and Janmi Das is the music arranger. The CD contains total 11 songs.  Interested people may get the audio CD on the occasion of the 143rd Abirbhav tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur on the above mentioned dates and locations. Contact No.98641065