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Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council: Few Pertinent Questions (Part I)

By Rebati Mohan Sinha

On last 25th March 2010 there was an announcement in the floor of the House that the Government of Assam has agreed on principle to form three separate Social Economic Development Councils for Bishnupriya Manipuri, Nath Yugi and Maimal. And now the Cabinet Committee has given its nod. It will be placed in the House (not yet placed) and once it is passed, then a Ministerial Committee would consult the stake holders i.e. these three communities, regarding their aspirations and would send its recommendation accordingly to the Central Government for further action within the next two months. The two months time since been elapsed, even then the bill is yet to show its face in the House. The Ministerial consultation is quite far away.

Why am I repeating the same thing now is because of a section of Bishnupriya Manipuri started quarreling for the share of so-called power, from now on, without knowing the outcome of the development which is taking place in the State capital. In the meantime a meeting held in Silchar, where an adhoc committee of Development Council was said to be formed.

Let us discuss: How many of us know the definition of Development Council? And what its purpose? We will not be able to answer. The meaning of development council is Unnayan Parishad and its duty is to give mantrana, nothing else. Some people may think that money would be disbursed area-wise and utilized accordingly; but the council is not meant for that.

Let us, therefore, address ourselves to some of the main question that will confront us while preparing the blue prints.

#1. What are the major handicaps in Bishnupriya Manipuris’ all round economic development?
#2. What are the possibilities of the basic needs multiplying in the course of at least in next 10 years?
#3. What are the resources available at our disposal and how best we can utilize them?
#4. How can we decentralize the production of the essential commodities and the distribution there of?
#5. How can we check the tendency of the educated unemployed youth for running after salaried jobs and instead engage them in real productive ventures?
#6. What are the small scale industries that can be set up in the rural areas and how the finished product would be marketed ?
#7. Where the capital investment for the aforesaid purposes will come from?

Apart from mentioned above, a “Family oriented income generating scheme” should be provided to the poor families as subsidy. The scheme covers agricultural, fisheries, rearing of milch cows, small enterprises such as Paan shop, grocery shop, veg. shop, vendor, cloth shop, tailoring and embroidery, push cart, rickshaw etc

There are more schemes such as grant to NGOs, whose objective is to create educational environment among the members of the Bishnupriya Manipuri students who are pursuing studies in Non Govt educational institutions by providing financial assistance to the Non Govt educational institutions for purchasing of teaching aids, books, furniture and major repairs and extension of school building etc. The grant will be available to the institutions predominantly attended by Bishnupriya Manipuri students more than 50%.

Another scheme, the grant for Cultural Activities including educational tour. Under this scheme financial assistance is provided to the cultural heritage, which includes purchasing of musical instruments, holding of cultural functions and exchange of cultural troups.

Grant to non-official Organisations: The objective of this scheme is to assist the non official organisations such as Mahila Samiti, Clubs, Libraries of Bishnupriya Manipuri community which are rendering voluntary service for all round developments of this community.


  1. Reboti Uncle, Thanks for this important article published by you and I was waiting for such an article to read since long. You have put very very important and genuine questions for people to think over and react on that.

    Also thanks for briefing the functions of the Development Council which is very important for people to be aware of so that needy section of the society can claim and avail the benefit out of it.

    Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati

  2. questions and views are fr wrong perception and forget about the ground realities and arts to achieve the Dev.Council for our community and how it can be come into functions and is Mr Rebati have any that idea to assist or have ever?Please keep away to make any dilema position of our poor community.

  3. Pratibha,paying respects in our community affairs is execellent step,but immatured perceptions are there.While u want to get knowledge of Dev.Council for Bishnupriya Manipuri community,atleast one more thing u should think about how within few moments the great historic achievements is possible and who is the person for his great sacrifices leads the community in perfect recognisation position and also should have the attitudes to convey the gratefullness towards the present Govt. as well as with our only Representative MLA.But regretted about yr eagerness for post era matters.

  4. Thanks for your immature article. Dear Rebati uncle YOU mentioned about
    three dev councils actually there are FOUR dev council, declared on the same day.

    Everybody (except some of selfish, ego feelings person) knows that a great and respectable person who has sacrificed his career only for Bishnupriya Manipuri and there dev. council, but that some people were celebrating with colors that the government has fulfilled there demand which they had JUST written to government and imagined.





  5. Dear Truth,it is proud to find yr views against those persons doing nothing practically towards our poor community and dictate seating in home with like minded worthless colleagues and never apply mind to accept atleast the real facts to achieved various Historic Developments like 48nos Bishnupriya Manipuri Language Teachers[which is long pending demand of community] Separate Sl. No.for our community at Sl.No.30 of Assam State and for our Economic Liberation i.e.,Development Council for Bishnupriya Manipuri Community of Assam State.All such great recognisation is achieved due to Political decission taken by our only Representative MLA Shri Kartik Sena Sinha,who has sacrifices self political interest for the sake of the Community as whole and in particularly for greater development of backward Constituency Patherkandi.Wishing yr more initiatives to raise genuine views in coming days too.

  6. Rabatiji,would like to ask u and also aspect for right reply fr u after considering genuine facts ; 1. Do u know,how within few moments development Council for Bishnupriya Manipuri was declared by the Govt.on 25th March'10? Being the social worker of our community,what should yr first step? All irrelevants questions u try to put is nothing but only creating wrong things in wrong time for the sake of the whole Community,do u believe or u have some noble thoughts to strengthen the Community.

  7. Samirda,Tor kotha hamesha ammar jaathanorka hobha,uhanlo torey thanks janaowri.Ritu

  8. Go To HELL. You are spineless person.

  9. The Truth -- You are a Moron.Your comment gives stingy smell.

  10. hi Riturajsinha! I don't know how foolish you are. it seems u are damn against Rebati Mohan and damn supporter of Kartik Sinha. I read the article my little brain didn't see anything wrong. dear. Can you please elaborate what are the practical steps neccessary for the developmet of the community. And please explain the what are the genuine views? Are you going to dictate what is wrong and what is right to a person.

  11. Te-nen-te-nen....Bring James Bond to find out the person SOME ONE BEHIND IT.

  12. why, u have been observing since 80s, and what u r observing.
    Please come forward to solve it practically for the benefit of society.

  13. hey Bossviveksinha,
    hav u done anything for the benefit of society m not asking for ur and ur family b-cos u r also a part of our society, m asking for other people. If yes, thanks for that.
    Please try to help the people of our society in which way u can support them.

    Please don't compare bet"n Rebati and Kartik.

    I think u don't hav ur practical wrking experience and u belive wat someone anounced and written. So try to come in practical field then u can wat ir right n wrong.

  14. hahaha Bossviveksinha,

    My comment gives stingy smell B-cos its already expired.

    So please try to update ur knowledge otherwise u will get all smelly news.

  15. Hi Pratibha,
    Ur Reboti Uncle just knws to ask questions but who will give the answer. If he knws the answer (sol"n) then why he doesn't come forward.

    Hope u r awaiting for his next important and genuine questions.
    But u will never get the answer (sol'n) frm him.

  16. No I havnt done anything. And I don't wish to help anybody. I believe our people are capable enough and confident enough to chart their future. They are masters of their future. They don't even need ur help.

    I dont understand what do u mean by practical field. plz elaborate

  17. I think you have some problem with any body who is appreciating this article. It has come from a common person asking common questions. what is wrong with this. and Pratibha has just acknowledge her lack of information. How someone asking question will give u the answers. I even don't know what the hell is Dev Council.

  18. i think boss u are not from this planet. :)

  19. If somebody has written something asking some queries to update his lack of information staying from a distant place, there is nothing wrong in it, every person in India has right to ask question and the U & Yr behind persons are responsible to answer to his questions which r still a common people questions and no-one are still not able to answer - what will u do with the dev council. People already have acknowledged and grateful to Hon'ble MLA & other persons for their achievement & celebration of happiness on this achievement is over. Now, they are trying for future course of actions but they are not counting on hands what they have done in the past. But what are u speaking Mr Truth is totally meaningless had no link what the person had written. Without quarrelling on the net, try to give the appropriate replies but not like your silly comments. Never expect answers from a person asking question to u.

  20. I agree Mr Sudeep what you are saying -- how could a person staying far could come to know the all this development. Mr The Truth had some other issues and truth that he only know. Thanks a ton.

  21. Good and valuable suggestions. Those who are at the helm of affair may take these points for having a serious discussion. Regarding wrangling over power sharing in our community, I would like to say, it is not a new phenomenon, it is always there in some extent. I had also observed it during 80s.

  22. Yes.... this person might be an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) from any one of the other planets.... no no.... he may be an UFP (Unidentified Fake Person) trying to fool people..... commenting here and there searching his original homeland..

  23. Some fake persons whose interests are hampered, get no regard and importance from the society who are kept aloof from the society bcoz of their misdeeds and betraying the society bcoz of their self interest can only spread such foul & smelly message. When the society feels pity on such people and try to include them in the society at a end stage of their life showing some honour & respect for atleast whatever they did for benefit of the society in the past, then such persons start dancing on the head of the people who r giving honour to them. Shame on such people, their intelligence and their thoughts

  24. Dear, Sudip atleast should have an idea of giving such kind of reply bcoz these r matter related to social issues not an individual issues where one can debate or condemnd for the greater interest of the society not particular self image or else anything.It is clearly indicate the matter to hamper someone personal matter.In our society yet not found any FIR regarding identifying a fake man or we donot have any survey regarding identifying UFP.Mr.Rebati was trying to expose himself in media instead of quering the complicated issues of BMDC which not finalised by the infrastructure and many more things.He knows very well there is no one answer his questions except the chairman of the council.The council cheif is well renowned in our society and besides he is a multi millionare and he might have all kinds of present technology communication system to communicate anyone.So living in mumbai he would have enquire directly matter to mr. KS Sinha rather matter confused to the people of our community which is nothing but cunningness policy.

  25. Common. You look stupid. Even if i consider Rebati knows the answer what is wrong to write an article here - that he does npt know. Why he should enquire personally to X,Y, Z. Not everyone can call this person. PLease stop since you write something, your intent is something.

  26. Thanks,
    I believe in practical and its no matter if someone live near or distant place.

  27. I am not getting what u are commenting. Talk direct, write direct. don't create confusion and escape.

  28. Oh gr8,
    So why u r not coming forwrd to escape that people. I think nw our society Sun is going to rise fully and within few years the persons of our society who had made gr8 mistakes against our society and still trying to capture the heroic position, they will be paralyzed then they will realize, wat they had done otherwise we will lost our unique identity and go to hell .
    Hope u knw wats m trying to mean if u will reply its gr8full for me.


    Please watch with audio.

  30. hi Bossviveksinha,

    What are the major handicaps in Bishnupriya Manipuris’ all round economic development?

    Ans pliz according to ur view.

    First education and then try to give the knowledge about the schemes, facilities and there benefits which our government has given to both educated, uneducated.

    So there must be a big rule frm established persons to help the common people in which way they can support and they hav also to support the child of poor people for there educational development.

    But I don't think there is no need to marry with other society girls and guys for economic development.

  31. I am fed up with ur unbridled questions which dont have head or tail. Boss I don't know economics I was just pass in graduation. OK. Please spare me:) and the fellow readers of this site for God sake! Read or leave

  32. Dear Rebati, It is very unlucky that some pseudo social worker like you have a hectic tendency to distrube the real and enthusiastic social worker like Mr. KS Sinha hon"ble MLA who for the sake of economically downtroden community the Bishnupriya manipuri is ready even to sacrifice his political carreer and has already got the BMDC . Mr.rebatiji plz note that this Hon"ble MLA does not belive in false faming like so called social workers like you desire. We, his supporters, hate this sort of false faming, false publicity and fasle egoes what you people gives maximum importace in the guise of social work.

  33. Mr.Bossji,pl cool in mind and co-op with sweets suggestions,ok.

  34. if comments are followed one thing that is coming certain for us who are staying far away is that Development Council was made in hurry. Hurry should not make curry:) So, lets us know -- what are the modalities and functioning, objectives of the Council. Since I was thinking the news of Dev Council a mere eyewash, drama that are carried here in the stinking 'pocha' blog. At least u great people with all on-hand experience and enlightened knowledge do let us know. Dear site owner -- please upload some information background. @Rash...I am happy that there are people are supporters of Kartik Sena. Lest we don't know him. let me humble i think ur proint that guise of social work is not approprte. we all aer working someway or the other. Some visible some unvisible,some write,some listen.

  35. Dear Ritusingha, i come from office when i open this one and only acceptable pocha site to hear some good comments and articles. when i see some comments which are baseless, not in tune with the presented article. and there is an hidden base....i go berserk. thanks again dear. LOng live!


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