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A Writer's Dilemma

Col. (Retd.) Bijay Sinha Of late, there has been some criticism on my writings ( Shahidor Sharaddha baro Kotohan Yaari - a compilation of short stories) by a few readers, which has set a disturbing trend in the society. These readers seem to interpret my work as defamatory to a certain section of the society (particularly the brahmins of Guwahati). This accusation I find interesting and amusing although baseless. Here I want to clarify one thing, that is, what I have written is nothing but a work of fiction and imagination that serve as a representation of the society and the environment. The views expressed in my works are not necessarily my own but have been put in to support the stories keeping in mind the need of the plots of the stories. Writing, I believe, is an art which may directly or indirectly impress upon the society. Henry James said, " Art lives upon discussion, upon experiment, upon curiosity, upon variety of attempt, upon the exchange of views and the compariso

Sukhajyoti Sinha: A tribute

Ramlal Sinha Guwahati, Dec 23 Educationist and writer Sukhajyoti Sinha breathed her last on December 13, 2011 in her Guwahati residence. Born on October 21, 1925 in Sylhet district in undivided India (now Bangladesh), she had joined the Assam education department after completion of master’s degree in English and political science, L.L.B and BT. She was the daughter of Late Rai Saheb Choudhury Singha and late Rani Basanta Kumari Devi. In 1979, she got British fellowship that enabled her to study in Edinburg University and Manchester University. After returning from England, she had authored a travelogue, Mor Bilat Bhraman . The outspoken and extrovert writer and educationist had been involved in some social organizations, including the Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahila Samiti, Guwahati.  Her largesse, when it comes for the cause of the society, is exemplary. The Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers’ Forum (BMWF) was on the lookout for an office accommodation a few years back. It was late Sukhojyo

Wintry Nostalgia

Personal Jottings! RK Rishikesh Sinha Like many people, I also like winter season. With temperature 5 degree Celsius and cloudy weather here in Delhi, I felt like writing a ‘winter’ write-up. As my keyboard started writing words, I delve deep into the unforgettable memories of the past.  Good Morning Delhi My neighbours are saying it is “too cold”. Toeing their conversation, I also say, “Yeah! It is too cold.” I see in the tea stalls, people sipping hot tea seem to be merrier than they were in the Dilli ki garmi . People collecting dry wood, leaves, papers to make fire and sitting around it to make themselves warm is one of the common scene in every nook and corner. I also noticed that the always open doors of my neighbours are tightly closed this season. Wrapping myself in a woolen blanket, I am wishing to have hot-hot tea with some spicy hot pokoras. This Delhi cold has reminded me the days of bone-chilling, snow-capped winter season in Kashmir. Though here, I don't do

Gitiswami Remembered At Shillong

In a simple and solemn ceremony, the Bishnupriya Manipuris of Shillong celebrated the 115th Birth Anniversary of the National Icon of the Bishnupriya Manipuris, Gokulananda Gitiswami (26th November, 1896 – 10th July, 1962) on 27 November 2011 at Bivar Road, Shillong. The ceremony was organised by the Gitiswami Jayanti Udjapan Samitty (GIJUS), Shillong. President Sri L.K. Sinha offering tributes, Adviser, Guru Haricharan Sinha, General Secretary Sri Rajesh Sinha speaking on the occasion The function started at about 11.30 a.m. and concluded at about 3 p.m. The inaugural and welcome speech was delivered by Rajesh Sinha, General Secretary of the Samity. Guru Haricharan Sinha, President, North-Eastern Dance Academy, Shillong, Adviser, spoke on the occasion and highlighted the life and works of Gitiswami. Lakshmikanta Sinha (Bashi), ICAS, (Retd.), President, discussed the sacrifice and contribution of Gitiswami in detail for the development of the community. Birojit Sinha, Vice-Presi

A befitting tribute continues to elude Gokulananda

Ramlal Sinha Do the messages of alternative media mogul Gokulananda, fondly called as Gitiswami, have their right impact on the present Bishnupriya Manipuri community that is witnessing a rat race almost on all fronts? The commoners in the community are a baffled lot, a large number of which are mere puppets at the hands of the few influential ones. Not to speak of the commoners, even the so-called conscious lot in the community is treading a path that will lead the community nowhere. Had the bard been alive today, the Bishnupriya Manipuri community would have seen him in different avatar – a mediator. Since nothing was more precious to him than the well-being of the community that he was born, the minstrel would have been ready to play any role in order to keep unity and integrity in the community intact. The need of the hour in the community is another Gokulanda who ensure a grand rapprochement in the community. Is it the cutthroat competition that is being witnessed on all fronts

Celebration Of Birth Anniversary Of Geetiswami At Guwahati

By Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati It was for the first time in Guwahati, the birth anniversary of Geetiswami Gokulananda was celebrated in a historic manner by the Bishnupriya Manipuris on 26th and 27th November, 2011 to reminisce the contributions of the revolutionary and cultural doyen. The occasion was organised at different parts of the city. On 26th November, a programme was organised at Dakhingaon(Kahilipara), Sudarshanpur(Maligaon), Chalihanagar, Saalbari and Bijulinagar(Noonmati) and on 27th November, another programme was held at Silpagram(Panjabari), Khanapara, Satgaon, Christian Basti, TV Tower and Jorabat. The Bishnupriya Manipuri people have showered their love and respect on these two days by organizing different programs at different localities with a call to build cultural bridges, break barriers of language and strengthen the humanity bond. Intellectuals from different places of Assam and Tripura arrived at Guwahati to recall the versatile genius Geetiswami Gokulananda. G

Global Warming: A serious threat to earth and its life forms

By Asmita Sinha In recent years, Global warming has been a hot topic of discussion. It is considered by the scientists as a serious threat to the existence of our Planet Earth and its climate. The changing climate and the increasing instability in its pattern is an evidence of Global warming though most of us have little knowledge and awareness about its causes and grave consequences. What Is Global Warming? In general terms, global warming can be described as the increase in the temperature of earth’s atmosphere, and the consequent increase in the temperature of oceans and land masses. This increase in the temperature is due to the concentration and building-up of Green House Gases (commonly known as GHG) in the earth’s atmosphere. Green House Gases include carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour and nitrous oxide. However, these gases are naturally present in the earth’s atmosphere and do important function in the natural process of green house effect by retaining the heat and pr

Geetiswami Gokulananda — a visionary

Going down the history lane By RK Rishikesh Sinha Every year we Bishnupriya Manipuries celebrate the birth anniversary of Geetiswami Gokulananda with great enthusiasm and gusto. He is being remembered with many shades. He is being referred as a social reformer, intellectual, minstrel, writer, politician and also communicator. But the present generation due to the lack of work on him finds itself hard to associate with the great Bishnupriya Manipuri soul. One probable reason that we fail to comprehend is the context of ‘time’ that made Gokulananda, the “Geetiswami”. Because it is with the time and the period we associate a person, his or her deeds and activities. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi became “Mahatma” in our freedom struggle. Here we are very well-acquainted with his role in the pre-Independence India. But, this is not the case with Gokulananda Geetiswami. We don’t have extensive work on him. This article is an attempt to recreate the time he lived, the phases that our society

A dream for a better society

By Rebati Mohan Sinha , Mumbai Every year, on 26th November, we the Bishnuprya Manipuris celebrate the birth anniversary of Geetiswami Gokulananda, the social reformer, by holding various cultural and literary programs. The event is scheduled to be organized under the aegis of Geetiswami Gokulananda Jayanti Utyapan Committee, Guwahati. As Bishnupriya Manipuris, we must take pride in celebrating 115th birth anniversary of a man who has been one of the major sources of inspiration from whom our present generation can draw their sustenance. During his eventful life he traversed the regions of Bishnupriya Manipuri, singing with a missionary fervor of the ills of our society and their remedies. His songs were simple in lyrics and quite sharp in tone as he had a definite purpose to express himself. The impact of this great wandering minstrel of Bishnupriya Manipuri had been manifold. His dramatic performances were mainly for awakening of our social conscience. His measure of success can

Skill Development & Capacity Building

— A DEMAND OF BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI YOUTHS & WOMEN  — By Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati Geetiswami Gokulananda, a thinker, social reformer and philosopher always thought seriously for the deplorable conditions of the Bishnupriya Manipuri people and the society at his time and said to his dear community fellows - “ Aar aar jaator majhe shilpa bidya aache, aami koti hinpasilang amartat nei buliya ”, it means - “we feel very sad seeing our fellow people do not have any art of skills while the other community people posses a classified art of skill”. It’s a dream of every human to live in a peaceful, healthy, balanced and developed society and the same was also a dream of Geetiswami Gokulananda. A dream of a developed society can only be a reality and possible when the key elements of the society are harnessed properly. People have realized that if the key members of the society are kept paralyzed, then, dreaming for a healthy and developed society is of no avail. Youth power is one of t

Homage paid

Guwahati, Nov 26 – On the occasion of the 115th birth centenary celebration of Shri Shri Gokulananda Geetiswami, the members of Gokulananda Geetiswami Kala Kristi Kendra paid homage and respect to the social reformer, social activist and humanitarian poet, at a function held here today, stated a press release. The function was presided over by Santanu Sinha of GGKK and organised by general secretary Ramsena Sinha of GGKK. Published in The Assam Tribune on November 27, 2011

Chess tourney concludes

Participants at the Guwahati Chess Open Championship GUWAHATI, Nov 13: The Guwahati Chess Open Championship organised by Guwahati Chess Association concluded here today with Bipin Singha bagging the first prize followed with Chiraranjan Bhuyan and Pradip Bhuyan, stated a press release. Other results: (U-15) 1st Debanga K Bhattacharyya, 2nd Trinabh Chokhani; (U-13) 1st Simran Ahmed, 2nd Nitish Das, (U-11) 1st Bidisha Sarma, 2nd Prasurjya Das; (U-9) 1st Prithwis Das, 2nd Kunal Kalita; (U-7) 1st Manthan Kashyap Datta, 2nd Rishita Sinha; (Best Female 1st Shivangini Bhattacharrya, 2nd Shivani Deb. Published in The Assam Tribune on November 14, 2011. ================================================== Chess tourney held GUWAHATI, Oct 30: PC Borooah Chess Academy organised a chess tournament among the students of the academy in its premises in U-13 and U-9 age groups, stated a release. The results: (U-9 boys) 1st-Dhritiman Bez (Assam jatiya Vidyalaya), 2nd-Manthan Kashyap Datta (Axe

Uttam Singha

By RK Rishikesh Sinha Uttam Singha’s activities to the Bishnupriya Manipuri-specific Internet world are awe-inspiring and encouraging. His contribution to the Bishnupriya Manipuri world in the webosphere would give an enriching experience to anyone who loves to understand the history and relevance of the (Bishnupriya Manipuri) development in the Internet medium. Hundreds of Bishnupriya Manipuri newbies who have plugged themselves in the cyberworld in the recent past might not know him as a person and his contribution to the present enriched Bishnupriya Manipuri world that he has been associated with. It is due to his singular effort that in the fluid Internet world his work still stands like steel. And on this steel, it could be said that the present blocks of Bishnupriya Manipuri internet buildings are firmly based.  Bishnupriya Manipuri Wikipedia Internet minus Wikipedia is stale and insipid. Uttam Singha has been associated with the presence of Bishnupriya Manipuri language in

Homage paid to Bhupenda

Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika GUWAHATI, Nov 16 – The Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers’ Forum paid tributes to the legendary bard of Assam, Sudhakantha Dr Bhupen Hazarika, yesterday evening at Bishnumandir, Bishnunagar, Dakhingaon, stated a press release. As part of the programme, earthen lamps were lit at every household and a Bishnupriya Manipuri naamsankirtan was arranged as a prayer to the Almighty for eternal peace of ‘Biswa Ratna’ Bhupen Hazarika. The naamsankirtan was lead by Senago Sinha, Sudebi Sinha and Sarojini Sinha. Earlier, a condolence meeting was held under the presidentship of Akhil Kumar Sinha. Dils Lakshmindra Sinha, the president of writers’ forum, highlighted the invaluable contribution made by Sudhakantha to the world literature and culture. His demise is an irreparable loss to the humanity in general and to different ethnic groups of the North-east in particular. Among others, Pratap Sinha, Gopal Sinha, Amiyo Sinha, Arun Sinha, Kusumbabu Sinha and others spoke on th

Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Sketch

Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika sketch by Ritwick Sinha

Oja Kunjo Singha and team performance

Oja Kunjo Singha and team thrilled the audience in the Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur birth anniversary programme held in New Delhi on October 30, 2011. Through their brilliant performance of dakula chollon, they took the audience into a different world of enjoyment.   The team members were: Oja Kunjo Singha, AK Sinha, HM Sinha, Th Brojen Singha and Konkona Singha. Watch  Oja Kunjo Singha and the team performance in New Delhi Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Oja Kunjo Singha and the team Related article: Konkona Singha mesmerises Delhiites with her performance

People continue to mourn legend’s death

Staff Reporter GUWAHATI, Nov 7 – People continued to mourn the demise of Dr Bhupen Hazarika. On Monday, the Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuba Chatra Parishad (AJYCP) paid homage to the departed soul through different programmes held across the State. The student body offered floral tribute to the legend and lighted lamps. The United Manipuri Association, Assam described Dr Hazarika’s death as an irreparable loss to the people of Assam and North East in particular and India in general and recollected the unparalleled contributions of the music maestro in the field of music, literature and film. The Manipuri Development Council too has condoled the demise of the legend and said that his patriotic songs will continue to inspire unity and integrity in the region. The members of Assam Roller Flour Mills Association have deeply mourned the loss of the legendary singer, poet, lyricist, and above all a great human being. The Guwahati Baptist Church and the St Joseph’s Church have condoled the demise

Konkona Singha mesmerises Delhiites with her performance

It was her debut performance in New Delhi. Scintillating performance by Konkona Singha But 'first' didn't deter her to mesmerise the Bishnupriya Manipuri audience congregated at the Bipin Chandra Pal Memorial Hall, CR Park, New Delhi on October 30 to observe the birth anniversary of Shri Shri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur. With her awe-inspiring finesse dance, Konkona Singha left the audience to take notice of her talent. Konkana is the daughter of Kolkata-based Bishnupriya Manipuri dancer and teacher Kunjo Singha. (Read about Kunjo Singha ) The programme was organised by Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti (BMNS), Delhi and NCR. Watch in Slideshow Konkona Singha performance